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Driving the Hana Highway in Maui Hawaii | Travel Vlog

Hi Dave,
Hey Driving the Hana Highway How’s it going?
It’s going great, I love the winding turny roads, the bridges, it is really a fun drive
I gotta say You know one of the the best things or most
thrilling things about driving the Hana highway here in Maui
Is that you really get to put your driving skills to the test.
You know there’s uh, like lanes are maybe like one lane sometimes, one and a half lanes
some other times. So, you gotta really not only watch out for
yourself, but watch out for other people especially when it gets later in the day like
it is now. Where you got a lot more cars on the road.
So we’re walking through the bamboo forest it’s absolutely beautiful.
It just goes on and on and the bamboo is just giant.
it’s like there’s all kinds of different maturities. Some are thin some are large, you get into
these different portions of the forest that seem to be older than each other
So it’s really beautiful we’re on a boardwalk through it
it’s a nice easy walk And hey, we’re in Maui, enjoying the scenery. Wow, that’s a lot of bamboo. Love the sound it makes when the wind blows. Got the shot, moving on. Now that’s a big tree right in the middle
of the trail, right? Holy! Wear grippy shoes! Absolutely stunning day here on the Hana Highway,
You know the ride back is just far more beautiful than the ride out.
My recommendation is get straight out to the waterfalls of the National Park and then work
your way back in the afternoon. It’s extraordinary.

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3 thoughts on “Driving the Hana Highway in Maui Hawaii | Travel Vlog

  1. Great video. I visit Maui regularly and in fact will be heading back there this year to do my own filming of the island with the GoPro. Well done.

  2. Maui looks great and happy to see you're making weekly videos; looking forward to more! – Safe travels.

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