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Dovrefjell Backpacker Classic II Gapahuk

Hello, welcome to Skogfar, I am Thor, and today we are going to set up a shelter. Put your boots on, we are stepping on some dirt lighting a campfire with some wood and some bark Hiking in the forest, one day, two days. Come along on a hike! Join Skogfar! What we are going to do today is to try to set up a Dovrefjell Backpacker Classic II Shelter We will see how it is after I have erected it. It is a stand alone shelter that doesn’t need any trees to tie it to so I will use this if I hike above the treeline where a hammock is a hassle. This is the shelter and this is the sticks. The shelter is light but the sticks are heavy. Didn’t cost me an arm, I bought it at Magasinet With freight it was under NOK 500,- but I think it is golden. Yes, let us push this in here. We need to find the hole on the side. There we have gotten the longest stick so now there are two small sticks left. We have to put the small sticks in place. They have this knob Knob on the tip. We will penetrate it from the bottom. And then they go over here, and inside this pocket. There the shelter is up, time to move in. Let us see how it looks inside. I don’t think it is important, but you can tie it here. If you see inside there are pockets here? I just don’t get it, two pockets on the ground. So, well, dunno… Why have pockets on the ground, I don’t know. It is cold on the ground so I need a sleeping pad. We got plenty of space here. Just right. I am 184 cm long, and I can almost lie flat without touching anything. If my toes touch the shelter then my toes will be wet because the water punches through. Let’t see with the backpack. Good space for backpack here. I believe so. There! I think this will be very good! So if there are mosquitos we have the option to do this. It is bugnet up in here! As you see bugnet on top. And ok space inside. And there is Marco!
Hi! So if we open the door.
I want to do that! We see that it is a edge a small roof over there from where the zipper is, and to that edge. It is a good overhang outside the space inside. I have now shown you how the shelter works. It is a Dovrefjell backpacker classic gapahuk Green One size. If you are longer than I am you won’t fit into it but I usually lay in a fetal position, crying myself to sleep so I got plenty of room. It is nice to have the opportunity when Hege and Marco have the Hubba Hubba tent to not have to sleep in the rain. That will be alright! So until next time, have a nice day! and please get out and be better than me to get out! We will see eachother soon!

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6 thoughts on “Dovrefjell Backpacker Classic II Gapahuk

  1. Genial gapahuk så lenge det er fint vær.
    Billig og enkel.
    I regn blir den fort veldig fuktig inni.

  2. Ground pockets? that is a bit weird! well at least your crying yourself to sleep at night, so no problems there then. Again the scenery is just fantastic what a place to live, Cheers Thor and a pat on the back for your camera man too. regards matt

  3. Har du sett gjennomgang av selvstående gapahuker jeg la ut den 24 desember i julekalenderen på fjellforum? Tatt bilder på rampa på kleiva😀 lurt å ta og impringere den i sømmene.

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