Dole Plantation and Jollibee | Hawaii Day 2

It is our second day here in Hawaii and we are going to Dole. Our intended schedule didn’t happen because where we were going was fully booked. So we changed our schedule for now. That’s that. So now we are at a shop at Dole. But now they have a pineapple demonstration. Would could that possibly be? So we ordered some food and Bryce got some Kalua pork and mine is loco moco. We are at the maze. What did the lady say? There are 8 stations you need to find. So you can draw an outline. And when you have the marks you can leave. Lets go in. Apparently, it says here, in 2008 world’s largest maze. But that was 2008. so It probably isn’t anymore. But it is really big. Okay. Bryce and I We didn’t know where to go. So we went back to the pineapple map and I traced where we would go still don’t know where to go and got lost We entered and were lost after a few feet. We have the first stamp, a warrior. Bryce is just now stamping. It is like a turkey. Okay. 1 down. Going to the next station. So we saw it. The kids are the ones to follow. We weren’t the first to see it but But someone said they saw it so we just followed. The rain is starting to pick up. We need to find the last one. I don’t know how long that took us. The entire maze. but it seems pretty quick right babe? We are going to feed them. We spent fifty cents to feed the fishes. In the Philippines you know the lagoon? If you have been you know what they feed them? Popcorn. Popcorn. But here they are “social” We are done with the plantation. That was our first time talking to a Filipino here. She said most here are Ilocano. And most people working here are Filipino. So that is nice. I found this different. because if you buy chicken in the Philippines of course that comes with rice but not here. You choose rice or fries. The world is so different now. I missed him. I miss his chubby cheeks. Bryce ordered his chicken. And mine are these chicken dippers. Are there chicken dippers in the Philippines? There aren’t. It is your first time eating this? First time. So today before we came here we went to the hotel we switched rooms our DSLR was in my bag and my bag fell I checked inside the bag if anything was broken or not I checked the DSLR Our DSLR broke. The screen. Sad. I lost my enthusiasm. That is why we are eating Jollibee.

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