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Dogs Eating Dog Prank!

[THEME MUSIC] -Hey, guys. Jack Vale here. And today, I’m with JoeySalads. Would you ever, ever think about
letting your kids take food from a stranger? Probably not. But what about your dogs? We thought it would be
interesting to find out what dog owners do
when they find out the dog treats we gave their
dog was made out of dog meat. We even created a
fake news article. Here it is with my
picture on it to make people believe
that I in fact have been guilty of doing
such a horrendous thing. Is it OK? -Of course. -Oh, good. -Are you kidding? -Oh, there you go. You like that? No, I’m not kidding. Dogs love dog. -You know that guy? He feeds dog treats made out
of dog to other random dogs. -Yeah, there’s a giant
article in the news about it. -Oh, fuck. Is our food OK? -Did your dog– -Yes. -Dogs have been
getting sick from that. -Are you serious? Hey. -Hey buddy. -So they want another treat? -He must have
sensed his ancestors in there or something. -She’s a dog? -We saw another dog right there. -I’ll be darned. What’s that? -Oh yeah, right. Yeah. -You know who that guy is? -I know, he looks familiar. -Dogs eating dogs,
local man arrested. -That’s how you recognize him. -Yeah. -Yeah. -Hey. So you’re the guy
on the news on bail? -Oh, you guys are the people
I just talked to over here. -Huh? -Yeah. No, just a minute
ago we were talking. What’s that? What do you mean? -Oh you guys recognize me? -Oh why? -Oh dog treats, yeah. Here you go, little fella. -What’s that? -No, these are jerky
treats, little dog treats. -Let me just see. -Whoa. -No. You don’t go around
feedings dogs this. -Excuse me, those are
Sasha’s dog treats. You’re taking– -You’re feeding your dog
this, and I’m the– dogs away from dogs. -No, I mean treats. I meant treats. I meant treats. -Dogs away from dogs,
what does that mean? -I don’t understand what
the problem is here. -What are they? -What are you going
to do with your dog– -Give one to your dog right now. Give one to your dog
right now, buddy. -Yeah, here. Come heree, baby. Eat this. -That’s fucked. You can do that, I don’t care. Because dogs love the
scent of other dogs. -Scent of dogs? -Yeah. -Then why is that thing that
you’re feeding them actual dog? -So? Yeah. -You’re fucking yourself. -You’re feeding them actual dog? -It’s not a big– -Do you feed people humans? Do you eat humans? Are you a cannibal? -No– -Is that what you’re trying
to do to these other dogs? -There’s no restaurants
available to us. -Sicko. -Leave. -Yeah, buddy. -Calling the cops. -That’s sick. -No, no pork at all. -OK. I -My friend just sent me this
thing from the newspaper. -Can I read the article? -Yeah. -Should we do something? -Well, what’d you give my dog? -Yeah. No, just one of
these dog treats. Did he want another one? Is that why she– -No, absolutely not. Hell no. -Oh, what is it? –come from a local
Chinese restaurant? -It’s just chicken. No pork like you said. You said he didn’t like pork. There’s no pork in it. -Well, I don’t her
eating other dog either, and that’s what it said it’s
made out of, is other dog. -I’m sorry. If I would’ve known– -You eat another human? -Oh, no. No, no. It’s only after the
dogs are deceased. -Yup. Uh oh. -So what is this going
to do to my dog, man? -Nothing. Nothing. I just don’t want to
upset you guys anymore. Look, right there, and there’s
my buddy Cody right there. Got another camera
guy, Bosco, over there. There’s also one right there. -I saw you. I thought you were
going to take him down. -Yeah, I was about to. -Thank you for
being good sports. You guys have an
awesome day, OK? -You too. -Hey, guys, you would not take
candy or food from a stranger. So why the heck should your dog? Don’t forget to share this
video and spread the awareness. There are some
dangers out there. And subscribe to
this guy, JoeySalads, on his YouTube channel. Yeah, he’s a Viner. But he’s got a YouTube too. So subscribe to this right here. -And you said I could
give the dog a treat. -You’re absolutely right, I did. But you didn’t tell me
you’re a [BLEEP] freak that’s feeding us dog meat. That’s [BLEEP] up. -I said that it was good
for the dog, and it is.

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98 thoughts on “Dogs Eating Dog Prank!

  1. You can tell that girl was a fake dog owner she just wanted to impress her friends…After she found out its dog she fed Jacks dig the meat now thats sick

  2. Forgive my ignorance but why do women walk around half naked in the street.? The whole "American Culture" is new to me.

  3. I love how if a black person said that comment at "3:18" everyone person would be going ape shit calling him/her a racist, but since the woman was white all we get is "oh that's dumb because they do eat dog" really? And I'm white and I found that offensive, racism and it's double standards are disgusting.

  4. Wtf he has a cat or a dog the dog his owner can be killed afront of him and the dog don't even care a real dog is who protect and care about his owner wtf

  5. I love how people complain about a dog eating a dog, but what is really different from a human eating another animal? That's why everyone should be vegan! ✊✌️

  6. People do eat people…U guys haven't heard of mcdonalds??? There's human meat in there burgers but people dnt care or just want to believe the unbelievable…

  7. whats the difference between a dog cow chicken or pig? wish people would spread the passion they have for dogs to other animals….

  8. The girl in the bikini and glasses is an IDIOT it's not the dogs fault it's the owners if he was actually feeding dogs dog

  9. I don't really understand why you are raising awareness for this, most of the time a random stranger won't come up to you and offer to feed your dog. The small percentage of the time that happens, persons don't intentionally feed your dog bad food, I mean if you were raising awareness for persons eating food from strangers fine, because persons intentionally try to hurt other people that way. Persons hardly try to hurt other persons dog's that way.

  10. Idk what these people are so bawling about. You all eat pork and I feel that's close to a cannibalism considering how close pig meat is to a human flesh.

  11. Also wanted to point out that dog-meat IS mixed into dog food right here in the US. Look up "meat meal" the mystery ingredient in dog/cat food.

  12. hey guys im chinese and i eat dog with special sauce only on fridays we run out of stray dogs really fast around here cause we love them fried doggy penis and balls

  13. They all love animals… but they are going to markets buy meat and cows,pigs are not animal…. Only our dogs…. Peoples are crazy!64 miliard of animals are killed per year for our taste!

  14. I know who you are so that wouldn't work on me lol. But I didn't watch your.videos and u tried pulling.that prank on me, I would have punched you right in the face. Anyway great work jack! Keep it up

  15. Why did the girl in the blue swim suit and glasses take it out on the dog like it wouldn't have been its fault if its owner was a nutcase she was like "Come here baby eat this" would if it actually did make them sick she would have caused another puppy to have to go to the vet.

  16. That girl was so sly,she would feed another dog the meat that will hurt it just because she was angry the owner

  17. I remember this day!!!!! I am the little girl in the pink and black suit and i was with my cousins Makenzie and Rider, my mom and dad and my uncle. i now look back and laugh on this day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. The joke is on them, Jack and ALL of you….Some (many) dog food IS actually made from dog and other road kill….heated to 1600 degrees to kill germs, virus, etc. It is perfectly legal, unless the law was changed. Recently.

  19. Hello people. He really isn't far from the truth. All of them were fine until someone said it had dog meat right? Well this is how ignorant you are that don't think your dog is already eating euthanized animals including dogs.

  20. Lol i did this for real once the dog lived up to 11 years old

    Its a lie dogs dont get sick out of that

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