100 thoughts on “Do You Even Lift? | Walters & Shieff (ep. 5)

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  2. pussys i could lift all 3 of these on bench you go to the gym to lift and gymnastics to do this shit if these boys did this in my gym  id throw them out 

  3. you guys should do the game of "flips" its like horse or skate or anything like that just copy the flip or flip sequence

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  5. very nice moves, yet I didnt get the jumping bits arounds the machines! it's dangerous and could easily cause injuries without having good purpose methinks! 

  6. I really want to get in calisthetics or however it is spelt. My dream is to do the human flag one day. Anyone reccommend somewhere to start for like workouts etc?

  7. You guys are awesome! Keep going and show people that sports is supposed to be FUN! You are all a big inspiration for me!

  8. Yeah they are strong and fit and all, but why don't they just calm down and keep it regular when making a lifting video? Powerlifters aren't going to like this. I want to see how much they can lift. Maybe it'll shut up the haters. Just because they are athletes of a different sport doesn't mean they aren't as athletic. Each should try what each other does. Maybe then they'll learn to respect each other. There are SOME lifters who can lift more than these guys but are they really more ATHLETIC? I guarantee you they can't do a lot of the things these guys do

  9. This is what crossfitters aspire to, except this is the work of talented stunt men and not meant as an everyday workout.

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