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DLNR Revealed: Episode 1 Wildland Fires

aloha and welcome to DLNR
revealed in this series we hope to share information about the department of land and natural resources and our partners about the work that we can to protect
your aina and our natural and cultural
resources here in hawaii we have entered hawaii’s dry season throughout today’s session we will share some footage with you about wildfire and tips you can use to malama hawaii and malama our aina we have with us today wild land
firefighters from the division of forestry and wildlife honolulu fire department and the federal fire department a partner to protect our natural resources
and hawaii’s people from wildfire i’m michelle jones information education
coordinator with the department of land and natural resources division of forestry and wildlife and this is also known as dofaw dofaw is one of twelve division underneath the department of land and natural resources and here today and have with me fire management officer wanye ching and
also our friend and oahu fire and forestry program manager ryan peralta thanks for joining us today so and we can get started to look
introduction a little background on who guys are and how you got to be in the position that you are in today so ryan tell me a little bit about
yourself and were you went to school at just how you got into this job well ah was born in hilo i grew up in mililani home in high school my mom thought it
wasn’t a whole lot like in terms of job wise ah so she volunteered me for the division of forestry and wildlife and
spent two summers clearing trails i was a free volunteer weed whacker kinda guy we just went in the mountains in the weed whack for every day for the whole summer weed whack or chainsaw four wheel drive outdoor mountain kind stuff we did camping from that point on i was hooked then became kind of something that kinda of want to see myself doing for the
rest of my life and they want to be did not want to be behind a desk when it came too late college trying
harm no i heard for she’s a great degree to
get into if you want to get into this kind of few words after high school to college canada the green dispute came back you know the details from usa bussed
tables for awhile surf dvd got that out of my system nine in the mail job opportunity opened up and i’ve been
here since excellent world look like to have you
with us in inspecting all the work that you do it fell when you got and forestry did you know that you be fighting
wildfires that your initials intention making later yeah i i think uh… and you that there was at the moment you
know you see it it happens and and you know there was an
element but it wasn’t me either reason why i got into the field was
really my love for twelve dollars the home of the agreement was cute cadmium itself seeing here symphony so main i was hoping you could tell us a
little bit about yourself as well and he held here career progress into being the prime minister not pacifico
kinda like in our and um… i grew up on molly hughes molly audited
each coach and i and when i was in a fifth grade forgery jitendra school that it is it
possible for st and i never thought much about it after
that in high school until it or against it would have to
make a decision without being on a the a lot of volunteers or forced and
aside for she was it and uh… so i graduated from argosy
university the school forestry commute really been instrumental in a
growing the fire program under the division of fresh air mile by
police that’s my perspective because you’ve
been with delphi for how long now parsons twenty seven and some thirty two
years beatty and when i first started i was a survey foresters so basically
being outdoors uh… meeting some of our forest
plantations and then if you fast-forward after
nineteen ninety four my predecessor president style as was
the uh… fire management offices at that time and
he got promoted and so i just three months stepped into
the shoes in and character profile come down i had a great leader then yes indeed via as for the weekend share with me and our audience a little
bit more about how all of the division of forestry laplace fire program works where there’s three
parts in could you share those and maybe a little
information about well i thought that the fire trying
though we ask uh… three uh… uh… points uh… the first on is prevention
program and the prevention is pretty much ground two screws the communities talk about off our prevention efforts a lot of it
is all reach uh… the other one is cervical pre
suppression and basically what it is is our training program our readiness program so we not only
train our personnel and fire fighting and do a refresher training every year but we also uh… radio equipment five vehicles uh… equipments on it so forth then the third one three-point is
suppression so naturally getting on the ground being
fired eating smoked at covered so prevention the outreach opry suppression the training and organising that prevention is
actually putting the fire and that’s the way i slip knot to doom
issues and he made the lead were intimately connected with are uh…
khwaja are watersheds and eyes obviously have gotten impacts on the
water standards come with me so banking calistoga about how fires impact uh… behind we can get help well uh… employees we have few other
native forests and whatnot and of fire is still not really apart of thatcher processes in holy mcmillan com
there are some you know uh… ecosystems there that
actually depended on fire for regeneration and what not but in and hallway it’s it’s actually quite the
opposite so you have a native ecosystem that is not adapted or or use to you
know this this allen week how far is a natural you know and when you have a fire in the native
ecosystem you know come through to kill the native
plants it’ll wipe out entire areas in the could bear and barren and what will happen is you have all
these dreams coming in and the weeds are that a bit more
aggressive fear their marcom prolific inept reproduction standpoint and the news cannot compete so we’ve had fires immuno really
pristine native forests and where there is you know maybe nine nine percent
native and it would just run everything barren and then what comes back would actually
rejuvenate is eighty percent needs and it starts that way and on whom you just can’t keep popping start
to sleep you people go of of weeds and from their kind of expands outward so
suffers is devastating to to the navy eco-system of the water should stand point i mean
that that vegetation hinted taxes as spongy only
brings in in omg captures the watergate presents even
the runoff in on the mind and what not from going into rivers and streams it helps to absorb that water
transferred down into the aquifer is which we use for drinking water so from
a watershed perspective one of the fires removed that that’s
plunged you know that capturing mary it allows unit this devastation allows in in the morning of the rivers and
streams in erosion and taking away our top story and some cases you take away the topsoil and then
nothing will grow on top of that and you can look at some of our you know you jerry brown xh tree for
example a_b_c_’s peter scars and nothing is growing their m utica we got tough so it’s hard for
vegetation to come back or something does come back it’s again it’s it’s
weeds again yeah uh… also it’s bad for the watershed
and from the rare plants you know prospective you native plants plans that
we have in hallway that we don’t have anywhere
else in the world you know you have these fires through and it did basically white sauce wakes up the last remaining on plants
that we have for example on but not without gardenia brick and yet
there’s only one plant one single individual out uh…
individual left on the height um… and this plant there’s less than
fifty left hand indo dupont unknown universally and on there’s only one left on the wall and
and the reason why the other lands were taken his most likely fired and stuff supplier has a negative impact or career plans not good for needless he and petrified not sell anything surfer pretty good impact health of our options
them the syndication on return my not this is that true yeah i think they also are you the with the marine biologists are stuff ek hi watch discourage adelaide you
knowing that the sedimentation here from the runoff in the erosion addictive
covers the core researcher doesn’t have a positive impact it is not so good
right in this section well african lean and i’m just a little
bit early air uh… last week actually about the honolulu
fire department and the great project that we have with them and today we have another guest for that we have guests captain terry sea link with the honolulu
fire department i’d like to introduce him today and myself i’m hoping that you can share
a little information with us about your partnership and how you are to help protect against
violent crime buyers technique first uh… thank you folks were invited us and we
have a a really deep in uh… for farmers dealer does and protecting the forest uh… most the time our response is not
to the higher elevations uh… that uh… bill for well will go to we are large minnesota love fire department but we cover the whole island uh…
there are agreements with the parts bienen that are protected by speed their ports or federal the federal fire
department and wild fires can happen anywhere others land that shared
throughout uh… violin where um… merges response plans are in place
and we will respond to pretty much almost the fires on the island either
first in north called in depending on where it is and wildfires
on their season all in the sense that they
get greater when it’s hotter but they’re not seasonal in the sense that we have
on year-round and um… move manage them along with all the
other emergencies that you see a sad thing that happened thus a big island
it’s a big city we have over a million people here and
we have all the problems of having million people with other types of emergencies other types of
fires medical emergencies has your smith terial surgeon rescues in the ocean and
mountains so we do all that and we’ve really all
the credit that uh… debt of gratitude to the uh… go far and their expertise and and wildfire
management well recommends that you guys are first responders for most of the fires
and once of the really appreciate your support as well how many wildfires were there on a lot different since last
year the last year we comment about five hundred fifty
rollover and uh… if it fluctuates from year
year it has a lot to do with the weather at the few alone we’ve had some years so we’ve had close
to a thousand in in the year and these range from very very small com
events such as uh… just up at a grouse week still
categorize that in the same category of fire uh… to several hundred acres uh… of
fire so i think that’s that’s from january
through me and could you tell us that a pick up
those men what you’re thinking like so far you know well this year january until may we have about seventy
seven wildfire calls uh… so far in june and were up to
about the twenty seconds when i stopped the uh… we’ve had um… included sab sixty yes i believe the sixty s domino from me
but it’s it’s a big increase spending reason is is that the weather station he’s getting a little dryer now uh… you know it rained today we’re
still seeing uh… less rain and the fuel the started to dry out uh…
grasses and brushes that ur commonly the areas have burned and also um… winds are changing a little bit where we haven’t yet had um… uh… what are wildfire that spread
rapidly traditionally what will happen during
the summer is it will be drier uh… apple or lower buschur content in
the fuel and the winds will uh… push the fire faster and then we’ll start to
get unfortunately some big fire spreads well one big fights but that we wanna
share with our audience today and thanks for joining us ordeal in our field is of video of a fire world captured the
nation’s attention and beyond so but i think ryan for joining us and
share a little information about this fire world via video and then when we
get back we’re gonna have another caspian enjoy the video they’re called fire tornadoes for fire worlds a fire devils there are rarely seen phenomenon that
can be catastrophic this fire tornado was reported in late
august by a firefighter with the why department land and natural
resources fire tornadoes occur when intense heat
causes fear to rise to combine between eddie’s appear it consists of a quarrel and invisible pocket proceeding here because of the intense heat builtin here
mixed with gases from burning vegetation can increase dramatically in intensity lifting smoke degree and embers high
into the air fire tornadoes can spew members
thousands of feet in the air allowing wildfires to spread quickly the hawaii firefighters are battling a
fourteen hundred acre blaze on the seven slope of mauna kea volcano this world is too dangerous to try and
fight in the video this fire world started
with the mural column of fire in the center of a small best tornado then the tornado gets bigger and the fire grows in the end of the video the fire sort of explodes to be much larger and more
dangerous as the fire truck drives away you can see the enormity of the fire now we have with us battalion chief
victor went from the federal fire department thanks
for joining us today distributor thank you begin thanks for all of your working
your partner stick to the decision of question mildly deal in
our in our work to prevent wildfires for the people of aloft statewide right predominantly the island of along okay well as something that you could share a little information
about the role of at firing fire prevention well the federal for department in hawaii is the largest federal fight
part man in the world we have over three hundred men and women fifteen stations and headquartered here here on this island and we respond to every type of
emergency structure fires car accidents and uh… respond to fires aboard ships and substance we deal with the full gamut to include
medical emergencies but wildfires is the issue and yes we do respond to a
number of them and of course we want to strive to prevent as nanny
while prize as possible and that’s one of those three points in the far
triangle and he could share a little bit about
the fire prevention programs that we have
here that we all are tied together as partners against wild sure yes we do partner with state forestry and uh… wolf our
department and other emerged to responding agencies to set up an
aggressive and progressive wildfire prevention program our chief uh… says all the time the
best way to fight a fighters to prevent the fight and that’s why we have the campaign
going out and tried to focus on the children killing says the very thing incorrect
that are within that by by banks to prevent happening in the first place prevention program you know is focused on uninsured and on the list as well so
it’s important that we did in this and honey well you know we go a week at community
meetings we’ve gone to school is in done some exhibits and course for for forestry students more to
be has been aragon and we’re trying to push that that program prisons in this very successful everything come a lot last year alone
wit ryan coming reached almost five thousand
school students headset mock acl elementary school with a all of you guys
here are the areas it was the adam’s a really wonderful
experience i think it really stalker some of the students and some of the
adults to touched our hearts but the canceling now we’re gonna show a little clip abouts a wildfire that happened here on
a waffle just a couple years ago and unfortunately a number of the fires
that are set actually set intentionally and i’m hoping that you guys can cher little information about school seventy that day on how those intentional wildfires
impact your units near bility to respond to emergencies well thank you michelle yes uh… when these fires are are set it takes a valuable resources away from emergencies such as uh… structure
fires car accidents medical emergencies things like that to fight a fire that
was a uh… that didn’t need to to happen in
the in the first place and uh… the destruction like was a good rhianna when he was talking about
earlier exits that’s hardly it burns are vegetation
and it kills in and dangerous p_c_s and and uh… the silt runoff runs into our
stream which ultimately runs into quotient and uh… it’s a horrible scar the other thing is reusing tens of
thousands of gallons of water to fight this unnecessary five water that we can afford to to lose
especially during a our summer months are dry periods preventing the fires of are the ultimate
goal and with a strong public awareness and prevention program
like like what we’re doing now we feel is the key thank you think yachts as hoping maybe terry it
showed up at about that too high-impact sorry sources and also
financially i mean down to that bottom dollar so how do you
fires impact the public in terms of financial resources as well as that the impact it has in years response to a wildfire sizzle uh… dick was saying is aid big uh… use of resources uh… the resources are pretty much already
paid for in the whole fire department in terms of uh… salary and and equipment however the more you zip code and the
more wears out so we will have uh… a greater rate of
uh… square and terror um… but the most uh… significant
impact is that the resources are committed then other resources on the highland are
going to be shifted around in our department so that we can cover the
areas that we protect which is the whole island eventually div that continues to cascade wool not be able to get to an emergency
as quick as we want to end as we could have if the resources were in their
facility uh… so that’s the most significant
impact is the risk that it presents to the rest of the citizens you might think
that what we have a while for all of the west side uh… is no impact except on the west
side while that’s really not true his wall uh… companies and from the windward
side from the east side from central side and will be adjust our um… coverage and that will be less units available if there’s another
big event such as a structure fire or something personally significant like your friend or family having a medical
emergency they can make a difference maybe you and and rainbow content little
bit about how well planned kaise wildfires impact structures to because you know when i’ll addicts very small community and we have a lot of land in fact about
corner of the land is managed by the department women actually faces just
over a million acres but that million incase statewide we have a lot of houses interspersed so
howdy wildfires impact structures people help too protect their homes against wildfire especially uh… homes in the rare is no
there is may recall in terminator face criminal
and interacts or interfaces with and does communities of this whole mess home owners need to be aware that into keeping it here’s around their
houses free from you know tall grass is or uh… here are some good garters from
from any needs and really um… try to protect your
myspace as possible so that there are two five does come true there’s enough room set of on a fighter
pilot in command there and do their job without also enough not injuring anybody
away best which is really important for forty
sixty to protect homes is really is a really
important thing so if we can look it but we have call a national fire weiss
program and that they can get on that their
website name there’s lots of kids about to contribute and we have fire wise representatives
here and islands as well main escrow and it’s important for you all to know that
you want to make sure that you do not have to create thirty feet from your
house fred wayne yes i have a nice clear area and anyone
in each of those guys are clear and also one common stamina get this frog and i
about nine one one t buddy saying dissolves all to all of all hell i’ll
call don’t start call nine one one if you ever have any problems with uh…
r_t_c_ a wildfire you may be the very first percent
accurate wildfire seller and oftentimes people think of somebody
else got back biotech quick they spread fast when i make sure that
people are vigilant not just are firefighters could better support them so wanna make sure that everyone is
visual and we all work to protect against wildland firefighters two guys have any tips that you might share with our
audience wages being finalized farsi i wasn’t there say at the be careful with your use of fire
whether it’s recreational or if you’re working you know uh… torturer tools all those can accidentally start fires but also please help the community and getting uh… information to law
enforcement if you know of anybody setting fires intentionally at sea only
way that we’re going to make a difference in that problem is how people share information with uh… police officers well thanks again for joining us i’m
gail and i revealed monotonous chants n_p_f_ do you think you now that were
developed i think that a connection aloha and until next time it shear dozens of life as a static
safely distress homes family lives and causes
health problems libraries dickens late-night including
needed for a tax cut exchequer max but very strict everywhere remember lamictal and com each other and
dunstan rights distasteful guys fight careful and star eyes family that what you told me that fire why yes i think it and that’s it could affect your finances next a second so fighting will lead to another and it’s
hopeless who burned out but are much action i all day long gone for anybody comes thanks for the heads up though

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