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Discovering Slovenia – Thru-hike Europe LOG#19

Hello everyone and welcome for this logbook
number 19! Today we are in Croatia, after crossing Slovenia
quite fast. From the Sella Prevala, we reached the village of Bovec. There we met with Anja and quickly became friends. We hiked from the source of the Soča river, you’re gonna see, this river is very very particular and beautiful. In Bovec, we welcomed our thirteenth guest. Paul has already left but he left you a small
message: Hello everyone, my name is Paul, I live in
Paris, I’m 32. I’m Marie’s friend for some time and I was really eager to join this project. After a serious car accident, I had a head
trauma. I am not in possession of all my means, I
have several handicaps. At the hospital, they told my parents: “your
son will never walk again”. Today, I cannot run but I can walk! I took my courage with both hands, I said to myself: come on, I’m going to join 2PVA and it’s gonna be spectacular, fabulous. And so here I am, in Slovenia with them! I’m surpassing myself, I love it! I’m doing something I could never have done
and never thought of doing. And here I am, at the other end of the world,
almost, at the other end of Europe. I’m in Slovenia! I’m having a whale of a time with them! They support me moraly and physically. This is awesome! The second evening in Slovenia, we were hiking and we met some kind of “hippie” people gardening, we gave them a hand and they offered us to stay for the night. It was really nice and the adventure Two Steps
Towards Others took on its full meaning. The day before yesterday, I walked quite good,
a nice ascent… Up there, we set the camp at 1,300m high,
it was awesome! I feel normal, I feel alive! If you see this video, realize that it’s possible. You and you, you can do it! I followed Marie’s advice, the eleventh guest, she said “maybe you’ll be the next, join them!” I can tell you from here, yes it’s amazing! Join them! It’s fantastic! Ciao Paul has been doing really really good on the trail and we could see his motivation,
his passion and his will to go everyday stronger, everyday
further! Sometimes we would stop and Paul would ask us: “ok but we can go further you know!” It was actually fantastic! We arrived in Kobarid at the Slap Boka. Yes, maybe the tallest waterfall of all Slovenia. It was actually really massive as a lot of water came those days. The next day, one more waterfall. On our way to Tolmin, we stopped by the Slap Kozjak. A very known and Insta-famous waterfall. Which is like in a gorge… You will see some pictures and videos, we really enjoyed this place too. And Paul actually took a nice cold bath there! Seeing that Paul was doing very well, we decided to change a bit the itinerary and to head to the mountains. That day we climb 700m, had our first night in the tent the three of us and the next day, headed down to the lake of Bled. Maybe you know Bled, it is one of the most touristic place of Slovenia. This beautiful and bucolic lake, with this small island in the middle hosting a church. For us it was also the occasion to rest a bit Paul’s feet were covered with blisters! Paul had not row for maybe more than 10 years So we were not sure he could do it. Synchronization you know isn’t that easy for him. But he took us back to the port without any issue. As you know, crossing big cities is not really our cup of tea. Slovenia is only populated with a bit more than 2 millions people. Ljubljana itself is only 280,000 people. Quite of a human-sized capital. We really enjoyed those little pedestrian streets, people seems to know each other everywhere and it was quite nice actually as a stop. Just before arriving to the lake of Cerknica, we stopped by this little natural park where we actually discovered our first caves. Yes you know Slovenia is known for the karst caves, those rivers have been digging landscapes on several floors. We were alone there, it was a bit of rain and we really liked it. Cerknica is the biggest intermittent lake of Europe. What do I mean with intermittent? I mean that this lake empties itself and fulfills itself upon rain and other conditions. Around the lake Cerknica, we met with Bem who hosted us at his place. We also met with Ivana and her son Bernard We didn’t have the chance to have the perfect sunny weather to cross the lake but this foggy and rainy day created actually a very special atmosphere. We arrived in a very special place to us. The town of Podcerkev. Where we stopped by Ars Viva, an association created by amazing people. Beno is the founder but he is working on this with Urša and a few people. We tell you more with the interview we did with Beno where he tells you about the association but also about what he does the best: mouth painting! Beno gave a quick call to the national television in Slovenia. Believe it or not, the next day at 8:30AM, it was a TV crew coming to interview us for the national news on the main channel. For two minutes, with Barbara Renčof, we talked about 1KG FOR THE PLANET and everything. We left Beno and Ars Viva with tears in our eyes… We had to leave anyway and we headed to the border. Today we are in Croatia after walking already a day and a half here. Our arrival through the forest was quite intense. We understood that we passed pretty much like migrants and should not have skipped the border. In the first bar we crossed, we got invited for a coffee, Marie started the dancing lessons with some locals and on the way we met with a new friend! What’s his name? I don’t know! We still need to know where he needs to go, if he’s staying with us or not! Guys, be sure to stay tuned! Cheers!

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2 thoughts on “Discovering Slovenia – Thru-hike Europe LOG#19

  1. so many good things in this one! Paul (a legend), Czrna (what a beaut!), you two looking strong and a great change of scenery after the Alps.

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