Discover the Wine Caves At Brasswood Estate Napa Valley

Napa Winery Inn – Affordable Comfort In The Napa Valley Brasswood Estate – Napa Valley Exploring the wine caves at Brasswood Estate Map on Highway 128 From Napa Winery Inn (in Napa, CA) to Brasswood Cellars (Saint Helena, CA). Walking into the wine caves at Brasswood Estate. so you just entered our wine cave it’s
17,000 square foot of caves built into the spring mountain in our cave we have our library which is very new we only are about three vintages in and very excited
about the beginning we have our 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon all hundred-percent
from our one estate in Coombs Ville in this library you can have full luncheons,
wine tastings, we do dinners in here it’s a really fun room to have in the cave Walking in the cave with lots of wine barrels. it keeps going yes We enter the winemaking facility Inside the caves at Brasswood. Napa Winery Inn – 1998 Trower Avenue Napa, CA 94558 – – (800) 522-8999

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