Didn’t expect this!?! – Weird hostel adventures at The Mountain Inn in Santa Teresa, Peru 🇵🇪

Alright. We’re in San something up in the mountains far away from the sand right next to the rocks and the rivers and we’re staying in the Mountain Hotel or mountain something rather I don’t know. The Mountain Inn lets just call it the Mountain Inn. That sounds nice So let’s take a look at some of the things around this Mountain Inn These stairs are really nice… …if you have a death wish Definitely don’t rush down those and here’s our room, room number… Well it’s pretty much just the third floor and the door on the right We’ll start off with the bathroom. The bathroom is kind of Okay, got a nice charger there too bad I couldn’t pack my shaver in my little itty bitty day bag it would have shaved everything here is actually pretty good obviously, they don’t have a Curtain for the shower and the shower had hot water most the time, although there are some people said it didn’t, we did so that worked out and right here is where the mirror normally goes, but as Fil has indicated there are actually are about four or five mirrors and there they are right there Yep Just big enough to stare at your eyelashes That’s a nice pot charge a phone. Moving along to the rest of the room as you can see, we’ve got my bed there We’ve got Gillis over here And then we’ve got Robbie right there. Besides the fact that it’s got you know wall sockets all over the place, like here, like there down there One over there, or and a hole in the wall there I haven’t seen until now single light bulb system once again Overall I gotta say though the room is pretty bleached, there’s not a lot to look at. Everything is just like white and shit, however I’d say the best thing that this room really has to offer is this right here Yep, no screens. They don’t believe in screens Very interesting stuff going on there ( We are ) a little short on sleep but I’m sure zip lining will wake us up and if it doesn’t Robbie’s got some Peruvian coffee that’ll spice our life Ain’t that right Robbie? Fo Sho

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