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Hey guys! Welcome to vlog number 2 of Bob’s World! Right now I’m in Bucaramanga. Two days ago I left Santa Marta to Aguachica. I was actually on the way to Bucaramanga, but as it was a bus ride of more than twelve hours, I decided to stay in Aguachica. It’s a smaller city. My plan is to stay one day in Bucaramanga and then go to the next city that is on the way to Cali. I will try to make some videos in Bucaramanga that I can show you in this vlog. Right now I’m in el Girón. It’s a small ci… town next to Bucaramanga. And I’m eating this ?chocolo?. It has basically, like maize with cheese on it. I just arrived on this mountain near Bucaramanga. Look at the view… over the city. This is Bucaramanga. It’s really cool from here. And I arrived here with this teleferica. Here you have this big statue of Jesus. It looks a bit like the one in Rio de Janeiro. Hey guys! I wanted to show you my room in Bucaramanga. It’s quite good! This room is actually in a hotel. Normally I always go to hostels. But… in this town I couldn’t really find a nice hostel. And the price is actually not that expensive. If you remembered where I was the last time… in Minca. The hostel costs around 50.000 Colombian Pesos. Which is like more or less 14 Euro. And this room costs actually the same, but now I have a whole room for myself and in Minca I had to share it with six people. I will show you the room. So… this is the bathroom. It’s quite nice! Not so big, but enough. And this is the bed… and yeah… it has a television. A big mirror! It’s at the streetside. But it’s quite nice, because this one is also like 14 Euro. So… here you can see the difference. Maybe you’re wondering, if like… 50.000 Colombian Pesos, so 14 Euro is expensive for a room here in Colombia. Veertien Euro… fourteen Euro it’s actually quite… quite expensive. But it depends. For a hotel it might be okay. But for a hostel, you can find hostels for 5 Euro per night. And there’s also like… then you have more the cheapest ones, but if you have a better one, or a good hostel costs maybe like 8 or 9 Euro. Hey guys! Yesterday I arrived with the bus in… in Cali. It was a busy week, because I had to take more than 4 buses to get from Santa Marta to Cali. Yesterday the bus ride was even more than 12 hours. In total I have travelled I think more than I think 1.500 kilometers. So I’m finally in Cali. Right now I’m going to a walking tour in the city. And in the afternoon I will go on a hike to a mountain. I will show you that later. Hey guys! Right now I’m going to climb the mountain. Yesterday I couldn’t go on the mountain, because they told me it’s not so safe during the afternoon. After the morning the police leaves the path that goes to the top of the mountain. It’s a bit more chance to get robbed. Here you can see how hard the path is. It goes, it’s only like stairs and… It’s really hard! I’m now a professional hiker. I brought the water. And the hiking shoes. So I’m happy that I didn’t wear flip-flops today. I’m now walking for half an hour and I thought actually that I was almost there. But look I still have to do this part. It’s… the crosses are right here. So, I think it will take half an hour more. Look how the path is. There’s only rocks and you have to climb everywhere. I’m now half way of the second path, so I’m almost there, I think maybe 15 minutes more. But look how cool it already looks. So, this is Cali. They say even that the city is as big or bigger than Bogotá, but I’m not really sure if that’s true. I just reached the top of the mountain, and I’m now going back down. Cali is also known for like… for the salsa capital of the world. In the next video I will go to a big party in Cali. It’s called the feria. It’s… I think one of the biggest salsa parties in the city. And it’s like… everywhere in the whole city. So it’s the salsa capital of the world they call it. And I will explain you also where the word salsa comes from. Salsa actually means sauce in Spanish. And that is because of the dance salsa exists of like… different dances together from different countries. So that’s why they call it actually a mix. I’m still walking back… to the hostel. But look at the difference between the city. So here you have like kind of city center. And look at these houses here in the mountains. The difference is very big. This was the end of this weeks vlog. I hope you liked the video, and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.

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