Diamond Head Crater Full Hike – Honolulu, Hawaii

Hi you guys, so we taped our hike
along Diamond Head Crater in Oahu Hawaii Diamond Head Crater Hike is something that
you have to do if you go to Oahu we actually didn’t have time to go earlier
so we went on the last day before we left and Bruce actually said that he
wished that we had gone earlier so that we could go again he’s like let’s go
hiking every morning here and I’m like oh my gosh this is like a really
difficult hike I don’t know if I can do this every morning it’s so worth it I
just wish that mentally I had been prepared because I read all these Yelp
reviews and they said that the hike was super easy and not to mention I saw some
grannies you know so I thought that it was gonna be really easy but I can
definitely see this is something that just really opens you up it’s really good exercise I saw this other woman going huff huff and I was thinking oh lady I like
I’m with you there you know like I’m feeling the same way because there are
certain I mean you basically have to go up a crater you definitely feel like wow
like that was a hike and you feel that sense of accomplishment when you get to
the top and you just feel really connected with nature and there are so
many other people doing this hike and then so you just feel a sense of
community you just appreciate all of Hawaii’s beauty and it was so nice so I
hope you guys enjoy it Hope you guys enjoyed taking a hike with us, see you guys next time

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