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Deuter ACT Trail 30 Day Pack

Lightweight and streamlined, but full of features,
the Deuter ACT Trail 30 is a great op-tion for those long days on the trail or commuting
through the city. Let’s take a look at some its features. The first thing I want to talk about with
this backpack is its suspension system. You have got a fairly simple suspension system,
but there are some nice features to go along with it. You have got the Deuter Air Contact
Suspension System and it is a very simple and lightweight one at that. You have got
some 3D air mesh here that is going to provid-ed some stability and support as well as some
cushion. And you have got this nice kind of recessed channel in the middle. We have got
kind of a frame sheet behind there. it is nice and flexible, so you get good movement
out of the backpack and we have also got some nice lightweight 3D air mesh in the contoured
shoulder straps, not nearly as beefy as some of the other Deuter packs available, but it
is meant to be a lightweight and streamlined system and it certainly achieves that. Down in the hip belt we have actually got
a tuck away hip belt, which is a really nice sys-tem for those going climbing, doing any
types of alpine approaches where they may be wearing a harness and can’t have a hip
belt getting in the way. This is a really nice system that tucks away when you don’t
need it and you can certainly use it if you wanted to. But got a really neat system there.
You can just pull those hip belts out and you have got all kinds of straps to adjust
that accordingly. So it is a full hip belt, just mesh there, so it is very breathable.
But it does offer a little bit of support should you need that, so I really like that
hip belt. It really gives it a lot of different versatility. Pack is hydration compatible, so we do have
a hydration route in the back of the back-pack here. On the inside there is a sleeve that
you can slide your bladder into and you can route the hose out of the back there. So another
enhancement to the suspension system up the bag. We do have some load lifters for stability
and ensuring the proper fit and a sliding ster-num strap as well. So a nice back panel,
nice back system with the ACT Trail 30. Turning the pack back around we will take
a look at some of the access features. So this is a top loading pack, traditional top
loading pack, so just got one buckle to the hood. And if we throw that back we have got
just a simple little spin drift collar here, nothing too fancy, nothing too crazy, but
it gives you really wide access to the top of the pack. So you have got a nice spin drift
collar up there, easily accesses all of the gear in the back-pack. Another nice feature about this particular
bag is that should you not want to open that bag and get to the items on top, say you want
to get to something that is lower down on the bag, we can access this kind of like a
luggage style. So you have got two clips at the bottom. You can undo those and you have
got a zipper. It is like a U shaped zipper that extends all the way up and around the
bag. So you can undo that and easily access any gear you may have in the backpack. So
without ever having to go in the top, you can still access all of your gear. So a nice bonus there. I really like that
feature. It makes it a lot more easy to access your items. Some other pockets we have on
the bag include a couple of pockets on the front and the face of the bag. So we have
got a nice little stream lined pocket here. It is very thin. It is not super deep. So
it will be a great place to put maps or a book of some sort, something really lightweight
and low profile to access quickly. We have got zippered pockets on the sides
as well. So one side no water bottle pocket here, but you have got a nice kind of small
pocket there. Again, small items whether it be a lightweight filter, maybe a lightweight
stove or something along those lines you can eas-ily store on that side. On the other side we do have a stretchy water
bottle pocket or a gear pocket, should you choose to use it that way, a nice small pocket
on the other side. We do have a couple of pockets on the hood. So on the inside of the
hood we have got a small pocket, just a zip-pered pocket for valuables so you can easily stow
some valuables up in the hood section of the bag. Another cool feature is that Deuter has
this SOS label. So you have actually got some emergency instructions should you need to
flag somebody down or, you know, alert someone while you are in the backcountry that you
need help. On the back side of the hood we do have a
zipper. So there is another pocket on the top of the hood, a very small pocket. I have
just got a super lightweight hammock in there right now, but you can easily throw in some
items up there, whether it be snacks, food, you know, you have got a key clip there so
your keys never get lost. Very easy to use sys-tem, very simple pocket on the top of
the bag. Some of the other features on the bag include
trekking pole loops at the bottom with a bungee tie off so you can easily stow your poles
when you are not using them, so easy attachment there. You have also got an ice tool or a
mountaineering tool loop here with another bungee tie off on the other side. So you can
really lash all your tools to the out-side of this bag. We do have these kind of lash
points here, some loops there. It is good for an accessory helmet holder should you
choose to use it that way. Or you can just use that to lash more gear to the pack. So
it makes it nice and versatile. Again, you can really do a lot with this bag being as
light and as streamlined as it is. Another bonus to the backpack is that it does
come with its own accessory rain cover. So at the bottom we have got this kind of tab
that says: rain cover. And to access that, on the back side you have got this little
blue zipper tab at the bottom. All you have to do is open that up and you have got a removable,
detachable rain cover that comes with the pack. So that adds a lot of value to the backpack.
You don’t have to go searching for an accessory rain cover separately. It is included with
the ACT Trail 30. So there you have it. Streamlined and simple
with a plethora of features, the Deuter ACT Trail 30 is a great option for days on the
trail, alpine climbing, approaches or toting around the city.

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9 thoughts on “Deuter ACT Trail 30 Day Pack

  1. Hi, can you give me the size of the back (the hard part that cant be folded)? I really want this backpack but i need to know if i'll be able to take it as a carry on, its a big deal to me. Thanks a lot!

  2. Thoughts on this working for a summer overnight bag? Would be bringing along hammock + straps, quilt, some food, a change of clothes, hatchet, and a camera. Maybe 5 miles of hiking round trip.

  3. very nicely made backpack. i don't regret buying one and on sale at that 🙂 btw, i had no problems thus far using it as a carry-on on airplanes

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