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Desert Hike To Old Tucson

good morning from Tucson Arizona
December 18th 2017 looking at Golden Gate Mountain over there you’ve probably
seen it in a movie or two we’re here just leaving the Desert Trails RV park it’s
about ten o’clock we’re going on out into the desert
we are going to hike up towards the Old Tucson area today which is a movie studio
that is another thing you’ve probably seen in some western movies if you
watched any westerns I’m not sure if we’re going to get there or not because I
don’t even know how many miles away it is but that’s the direction we’re headed
so it’s kind of a cool area and it’s like a big cactus garden well let’s go
see what we find so it’s pretty cool cactus garden around
here like I said a lot of a variety of Saguaro different types of Cholla not sure which old outlaw lies here nah
I think it’s just a mock grave kind of cool though there’s a pretty big saguaro
well we left the BLM land that’s outside of the Desert Trail’s RV park and now
we’re into the Tucson Mountain park and then this goes right into the Saguaro
National Park we’re crossing a pretty big wash well we’ve passed a
couple of trail intersections they are not marked out here so you have to have a
little map that has these trails on it but anyway we’re still heading north
northeast and we’re looking right at Golden Gate Mountain so we’re crossing
Kinney Road we’re near Old Tucson it’s a movie studio that was built in
1939 and there were a few movies here Rio Bravo, Gunfight At The OK Corral and
El Dorado and also Little House On The Prairie had some work done here I
believe and now it’s also a theme park with tours and I think they do like
western demonstrations we’re on an old horse trail that goes around behind the
studio so here we’re around back of the movie studio let’s see if we get a
peek around the front so that’s pretty cool
can imagine the old westerns that have taken place here post-office there’s
the stage the old water tank and there’s the
Golden Gate Mountain again that’s where we were that’s looking
behind us at the movie studio this is the road we came in on this horse trail goes this way I found a lucky horseshoe not sure how
old it is but I don’t even know if it’s a lucky one I guess it wasn’t lucky
for the horse who lost it well here’s the ruin of something I don’t know if it was
part of a movie set well this part of it is down but this part isn’t maybe John
Wayne was knocking around here it looks like it was like a fake brick made to
look old like here this stuff it’s just this is fiberglass see once again this
isn’t this isn’t real stuff here this is you can see right through it’s fiberglass so definitely an old cabin from a movie or some sort of a set so that’s pretty cool I don’t know if
it’s got enough left of it to be recognizable from some movie but that
fake brick right there might be a clue look at all the saguaro’s out that way
so anyway we’ve come to the end of this little road we’ve been on the back lot
of this movie studio there’s a fence here and a little circle turn around there’s a
sign that probably says we’re not supposed to be here security
notice video surveillance in use in these premises should we go this way we’re going to
climb this mountain one of these days not today though I think we’ve got to drive
up to that Golden Gate pass and start from up there look at the prickly pear
yeah a lot of cacti out here and then I think a lot of the trees are Palo Verde
there are some mines in this area too we were following one of these roads the other
day to a mine so I don’t know if that’s what this does we’ll we’re coming up to a
parking lot and some signs here let’s see what we have this is the Ironwood
trail we’ve been on so that’s looking behind us we’re going this way we’re on
the Ironwood Trail this is going to go back towards our RV park that we’re
staying up so over this way is the Ironwood picnic area we’re just passing
to the west of that on this Ironwood Trail we’re crossing the wash again it just rained the last couple days but not a drop a lot of water going down this thing well here we are another trail
intersection I believe this is coming into the Prospector trail which goes
this way and it goes over towards there’s a couple mines over there I’m
not exactly sure what they were mining here’s looking back the way we came from
so here’s the fence and the gate opening that allows us to leave and enter the
Tucson mountain park just about back to the RV park we’ll
take a little tour through the park when we get there well the last little arroyo
or wash if you like to before we come up into the park so the hikes been about eight
and a half miles up to Old Tucson and we went in through the overflow parking on
a horse trail that wasn’t really marked to stay out or anything so I guess we
maybe were not supposed to be there but we didn’t bother anybody nobody bothered
us okay let’s take a little tour of the park here’s a nice one this guys from South Dakota here’s Brinks vehicle we’re going to play a
little guitar with him later there’s a pretty nice Journey there we’re
over in the little smaller section this way there’s what’s left of the old
waterslide I guess this used to be a water park at
one time pretty fun park though there’s a little bit of everything
some big rigs some little rigs I think you can even tent camp if you want to we’re down this street a little bit
further down on the right I think there are 200 and some spaces in here but
there is a lot to do also there’s a little travel trailer here’s my neighbor
who was a rocket scientist oh we got new neighbors here’s our rig and we’re right across
from the old like I said that was a water slide or a water park

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9 thoughts on “Desert Hike To Old Tucson

  1. Fascinating hike. This one wasn't as challenging as many you have shown us but the old movie set was cool to see. It would be fun to see some of the movies that were shot there and compare them with what you have seen. Seeing that little teardrop camper gives me hope that I can survive staying in my little Casita for a few months this winter. Happy Hiking.

  2. "Ghost Riders in the Sky" while you were at Old Tucson. πŸ‘ I've seen internal walls, and even decorative yard walls, constructed of compressed foam "brick". Looks real, until you knock on it. Not sure why it's used in construction, maybe cost saving?

  3. What an unusual hike. There is some sort of irony in seeing ruins of a movie set ment to look like an old western town. Maybe art imitates life and life imitates art. Do you know why do so many campers in the park have covers on their tires?

  4. Thanks for sharing guys… Great workout with beautiful scenery along the way… Watching and Supporting… Full View and Like 9. Hope you have a good weekend…

  5. What a unique hike, amazing surroundings with the cactus and mountains! Especially liked the movie set, thanks so much for taking us with you πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  6. Is it true that this park is no jews/ blacks allowed? I have been wanting to attend, but I wanted to bring my friend who is a Jew along With Me.

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