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Delicious Handmade Noodles! Maui’s Star Noodle Review

If there’s one place you’ve gotta eat
at in Maui, it’s Star Noodle in Lahaina. This place always has rave reviews and the
waiting list to get in is ridiculously long. The cuisine here is Asian fusion and they
serve a variety of Asian dishes, as well as, their specialty hand-made noodles. Let’s go in and check it out. Tyler what’d you get? I got watermelon soda. And what’s in it? Uh, watermelon, lemonade, and some soda water. Looks fantastic! I ordered the mango mojito which is not on the menu. It’s made with fresh mango and mint. That’s really good, really strong. You can definitely taste the rum in it and
there’s little bits of mango that’s floating on the bottom and the mint is very fresh and
when you sip it, definitely get a little bit of that mint flavor. To start we got the pahole salad and this
is made with Hana fiddleheads, some onion, some ebi (which is shrimp) some ika (which
is squid and you can see that right here) and then there’s some kombu which is hard
to see but they’re little bits of seaweed. Cute soy sauce here, hot mustard. Oh look how beautiful these look. These are pork buns, a take on the Taiwanese
traditional steamed gua bao. There’s slices of cucumbers in here, as
well as a slice of pork, and then scallions on top. It’s really good. I would say that, well, I think the hot mustard
is also like, really good, and it brings out all the flavor, and normally I don’t like
mustard, but this one is an exception. The pork is pretty tender. This is more fatty pork. This is the Star Noodle version of garlic
noodles that we ordered as a side. This is their own hand made noodles and it’s
cooked in a dashi broth, which is a Japanese fish stock, and they’ve kind of just lightly
dressed it with some freshly fried garlic which you can see there on the top and some
green onions. Very, very simple. These garlic noodles are quite tasty. Um, they’re using a very thin noodle that
is very similar to what they would use for chow fun, and then they’ve dried fried it
so it’s actually, um, there’s a little bit of oil but it’s, it’s, like I said,
it’s dried fried. And there’s definitely very, very strong
hints of the fried garlic flavor in this. This is very much unlike any other garlic
noodle I’ve had before so this is really, really tasty. Highly recommend getting this. Tyler got here the Hapa Ramen which comes
with a rich pork broth mixed with mayu, a black garlic oil, and an aka, or red, miso
paste. And it comes with a roast pork. It’s not like the traditional char siu sliced
pork, it looks more like a shredded pork. Then there’s the obligatory soft boiled
egg here, some kamboko or Japanese fried fish cakes here, some bamboo shoots, obviously
your green onions, and some other greens which look like bok choy, and then what looks like
nori here. Looks really good! Forgot to mention, these are hand pulled,
hand made noodles. It’s pretty good. And I, I really like all of the toppings. Um, I just think that the broth could be prepared
a little bit longer. The broth is a little too light for me. It really tastes like pork belly. I always like the soft egg. It’s cooked about right. Kayla got the Kimchee ramen, which is similar
to the Hapa ramen but with the addition of kimchee, and again you’ve got the pulled
pork right here, and this is kimchee here, and tomago which is a Japanese fried egg,
and it looks like the broth is potentially a bit spicier. I really like the noodles. They’re cooked just right, they’re a little
bit al dente. Um, and they’re definitely a bit spicy,
it’s not overly spicy, it’s got a really nice, again very clear broth flavor with a
little undertones of spiciness beneath it. For my entree I got the Pad Thai, it looks
delicious. There’s rice noodles in here, you can see
really juicy shrimp in here, they’ve got fresh bean sprouts, and fresh chives, and
there’s egg and peanuts in here. For condiments there’s a chili sauce and
some shoyu or soy sauce to liven up the dish a little bit. And also some lime wedges to spritz on top
of the Pad Thai. This is really good. These rice noodles are very soft and they
taste fantastic. I’ve mixed in some chili sauce in here and
that chili sauce is really, really spicy. So just be, uh, very, uh, judicious when you
do this. And I love, it’s a very sweet taste to it. I love how the sweet and the savory all mix
together and then I did some lime on top of it. So there’s a little bit of the sweet savory
and sour in it, as well. So it’s perfect Pad Thai flavor. Perfectly cooked shrimp. This is not seasoned so I put a little bit
of lime on it, the lime goes perfect with the shrimp. Of course we have to get dessert for the kids
here. So we got a trio of sorbets; this one here’s
mango, lychee, this one here is honey, and up here is a taro root chip. It looks really delicious. They also have malasadas or Portuguese donuts
and mango pudding if you don’t want to get the ice cream. That was a super fun evening last night at
Star Noodle. The atmosphere is very relaxed and upbeat. You can actually come in in your shorts and
flip flops, no problems. The food was great, loved all of the noodle
dishes, loved all of their appetizers and, you know, ti’s something that you can go
in and out really quickly, grab a quick meal and be on your way again. Hope you get a chance to come next time you
are on Maui. ’Til, next time, peace out Geeksters!

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  1. THANK YOU so much for posting this! My honey and I will be taking our first trip to Maui (Hawaii for that matter) in September for 10 days and we've been told Maui doesn't have the best variety of food the way Oahu does. This looks FANTASTIC!!

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