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Deer Fly Trail Run | Xpedition Outdoors | WPBS Short Flix

Hi I’m Devon Gillan, host of Xpedition Outdoors
we’re at the Winona State Forest near Sandy Creek, New York for the annual Deer Fly Trail
Race 5k and 10k run. This is trail running at it’s finest, whether
you’re serious runner or just like to go off to beaten path, this is truly a northern New
York experience. The Park offer some of the best courses that
have some of the most beautiful landscapes to either run or walk along. Th e deer fly trail race is a family friendly
event and also just a great way to spend the time. Another great hobb y for people to enjoy at
Winona forest is mountain biking, whether you’re beginner or experienced, these trails
offer something for everyone, here just a group of riders that come out once a week
to get some exercise and plain old have a good time. We love riding here. It’s 50 miles of recreational trails here,
multi used for running biking hiking skiing snowmobile and atv. We enjoy right in our bikes here. It’s peaceful the camaraderie with the cyclists
here, we all enjoy being on our bikes it’s not about going fast. – But why do we ride up here? We ride up here because of the people. Um. We love the people that live around this area
and ride here. We also ride here because they have a lot
of miles of great riding off road, so it’s a great place to come with our fat bikes and/or
mountain biking, but winter has come so we’re all riding a fat bikes today, it’s a great
place to ride because it’s very beginner friendly and you can go off of the beginner friendly
trails if you’re more experience. If you’re an elite athlete it’s also a great
place to come out because there’s a lot of different strains that you can jump on and
off which is kind of exciting as well as some gravel roads jump on to, single track. ski trails that’s kind of exciting as well. It’s a really nice growing community for people
come out and socialize and have some really good biking. To learn about these and more adventures go
to or for more information.

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2 thoughts on “Deer Fly Trail Run | Xpedition Outdoors | WPBS Short Flix

  1. I think it is worth mentioning none of this would be possible without
    snowmobiles. First problem to recognize is there is 22.3 miles of ski
    trails and 8.7 miles of snowmobile trails all the while snowmobiles
    financially support all trail operations. Seems a little lopsided that
    the ones footing the bill have a third the trails .

  2. WFRA maintains more than 40 miles of snowmobile trails!! And Roger is correct….snowmobiles support trail maintenance . Your info needs corrected

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