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Deception Creek Waterfalls, Easy Trail Hike, Refreshing Swim

The Deception Creek Trail in Washington State
is an easy hike through impressive old-growth forest along a cascading mountain creek, really more of a river, with wonderful places to swim. It’s a great place to cool off when the weather
is hot, or an easy hike in the spring or fall, when
the high country is snowed in. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel HartzHomestead
for more reviews of easy hikes in Washington. The Creek Trail is located about halfway between
the Stevens Pass Ski Area and the town of Skykomish. You’ll see the parking lot for Deception Falls
picnic area – there’s a restroom there, and a nature trail,
and if you look across the highway, up a few hundred feet, there’s a dirt road
that goes about a quarter mile to the trailhead which says on it “Deception Creek.” That trail eventually leads to Deception Pass,
Deception Lakes, and a number of other hikes, but those are easier to get to up the Tonga
Ridge Road, which has a short little trail heading down
to them to connect to that. But today we’re going to look at the Deception Creek, beginning at the trailhead and just about
the first half mile, which is a really nice easy hike. So here we are at the trailhead, heading down
into the forest. It’s a hot day out today in August, but actually it’s pretty cool and rather pleasant here in the woods. It’s a nice easy forest trail, it’s kind of soft, not too rocky or anything most of the way, It’s really a nice quiet forest. You hear the river all along the way there
for that first half mile because the trail pretty much follows the
edge of Deception Creek. So it’s easy to get down to the river any
place you want to. You might find a few blueberries there in
August, some people call them huckleberries, but they’re
blue so I usually just call them blueberries. The creek is a little bit low this time of
year, being August, I’m sure that it would be much higher water
earlier around May and June. After about a half a mile, or a little bit
less, you enter the Alpine Lakes Wilderness and shortly after that there’s an impressive
bridge that goes across the creek. The bridge is actually pretty high up, my
dog was afraid to walk across it. When you’re on the bridge looking down, it
looks like a ways down. The view from the bridge is awesome – a nice
waterfall up above, a big pool there, huge rocks Hmm, that looks like a good place to go swimming, nice and deep it’s actually about 10’ deep
there. I think I’ll do that. Pretty cold water, not too bad. Water in the Cascade Mountains is always really
clean and refreshing. There’s no bugs today, but if there were that’s
a good way to cool your skin off so they don’t find you. I noticed there was a nice little campsite
there right next to that pool. Heading back down the trail we can’t help
but to be impressed with the trees, how tall and straight they are. This is one of the remaining old-growth forests
in Washington, elevation here is about 2000’. Mostly Douglas fir with a few cedar trees. I wouldn’t have wanted to be here when this
one came down. It’s hard to imagine the wind that must have
been blowing to take down this group of trees. Fortunately, the Forest Service has cleared
the trail for us. And this swimming hole here is just right
near the beginning of the trail, I think maybe we’ll try swimming here next
time. There’s a big rock in the middle you could
wade out on and jump into the deep spot. Well, I hope you enjoyed our trip up Deception
Creek. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more
videos to come.

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