Deaf Hiker Tumbles 300 Ft Down Mtn Only When Chopper Finds Her Rescuers Learn She’s Not Alone

death hiker tumbles 300 feet down
mountain and learned she’s not alone like most people willing to climb
several hundred feet up a mountain amelia milling is a pretty fearless
adventurer at 21 years of age this hearing-impaired Tennessee native
already had a solid appetite for climbing and hiking in remote areas but
what happened to her on one such adventure was something she would never
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take a moment to leave us a like let’s get started Amelia milling was hiking
while on vacation in Chrome as trail in Chugach State Park over 20 miles outside
of Anchorage Alaska when the unthinkable happened one of millings hiking poles
suddenly snapped causing her to lose her balance near the edge of a steep drop
what followed was nothing short of a catastrophe she plunged nearly 300 feet
below colliding with a large boulder and being propelled in the air while sliding
300 more feet before coming to arrest as she lay at the base bloodied and bruised
she feared the worst but after some time she was able to sit up and get a
perspective on her injuries though shaken and beat up she had actually
managed to avoid major injury however her sense of relief was short-lived as
she quickly caught sight of what she believed to be a large wolf
luckily for milling the dog was not wild at all but rather the beloved pet of
Scott swift millings realized that the dog was domesticated when she saw his
collar though it did little to distract her from initial fright when the dog
named Nanook or nookie for short got close enough she read his tag and
realized that he was a crow past guide dog who definitely had a superior
knowledge of the area setting up camp for a day and a half milling and nookie
shared her beef jerky rations and kept each other company
inspired by the pooch millings thought that she would be capable of hiking the
seven miles that remained for her to escape the park as she hiked on Nikki
refused to leave her side if he didn’t show up I probably wouldn’t have gotten
back up and kept walking that much she said after hiking quite some distance
the pair came to Eagle River a freezing fast-moving glacier-fed River after a
failed attempt to cross it she decided to try once more this time weak from the
effects of the freezing water she lost her footing and was pulled into the
current the hearing-impaired milling fought for fifteen minutes against the
raging waters and that’s when Anouk saw his opportunity the courageous pup
latched on to her backpack and pulled a team effort between the duo allowed her
to be pulled from the water a short time later as millings lay on the riverbank
severely dazed and hypothermic she realized she was no longer capable of
getting herself back to safety it was then that she finally enabled the SOS
button on her spot device a life-saving tool designed to send out a GPS distress
signal on behalf of injured or lost hikers upon pressing the button a signal
was sent to Alaskan state troopers as well as her mother and sister back in
Tennessee it would take several hours for troopers to reach her by helicopter
a testament to the distance traveled by her canine Saviour
during the weights milling stayed warm by curling up in a red sleeping bag with
Nanook as soon as she had been rescued she was promptly taken to an Anchorage
Medical Center for examination meanwhile Nanook got to be reunited with his owner
and wasn’t surprised to hear that he had escaped with a free spirit like that I
feel like I’d be keeping him in jail if I kept him tied up Swizz said he is
known to disappear for days on end and return with skiers or local hikers he
has befriended along the way but have no fear no key is now equipped with his
very own GPS beacon attached to his collar just in case he needs a little
backup next time but even though this adventurous pup had a habit of wandering
off Swift was still a bit shocked just how far away from home he had made it
it should probably be noted that this isn’t the first time nookie has saved
the day he had previously pulled a young woman
from the same river millings is not shy about giving credit where credit is due
and she fully believes that she would not be among the living today had nookie
not been with her Nanook wouldn’t leave her side and she has proven her loyalty
to him in return opting to stay near him and his owners during her recovery and
to this day the two still meet to reminisce on their adventure over
plentiful helpings of beef jerky

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