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Day off – some of the crew members go for a hike in Tahiti [Ep. 8]

We’re 600 metres above sea level right now and we’re going for 2000 meters So we’ve got quite a trip ahead of us. It’s going to be great! There’s 10 kilometres to the top
– That’s a long way The terrain got too rough for my sandals Right now we’re at 1200 metres and the first shelter is at 1400 metres So we’re soon at a place where we can possibly stay the night But we’re trying to reach the second shelter instead, which is at 1800 metres And then we’ll try to reach the top tomorrow After we’ve eaten our chocolate biscuits We’re getting closer to the first shelter But I really don’t hope it’s this one It looks kind of small – Is it a toilet?
– I think so It’s something like that This is going to be great It looks really cozy
– I’m just happy it’s warm If it gets any colder, it’s going to be rough night We did it! We’re 1800 metres up. The last part was way harder than I thought it would be – The last part was a bitch – Yeah, it was difficult finding the road and it was really tough My boots and clothes are completely wet. Everything is just soaking – Yea. Let’s get something to eat
– And see if we can get some sleep But maybe that is pretty optimistic It’s not really the greatest place, but we’ve got a roof above our heads Wow, this is amazing! – This is absolutely incredible – So incredible! – Look at that. How amazingly beautiful it is – It’s so pretty – Amazing! – How do you like sleeping in a shelter? – It’s quite chilly. I think none of us really got any sleep But it was nice – So this is the reason we walked all this way That’s how it is. Luckily we had an amazing sunset It was definitely worth it though Even though the sleep was really bad We’ll try to run straight for the top Just to see what the last part looks like We got this far, we might as well give a try. It’s going to be exciting Let’s do it It was incredible! I just need to get rid of these wet shoes At first when we got up there, we had no vision at all. But fifteen minutes later the clouds vanished That wasn’t too bad! We got this trick for when our shoes are going to get really wet. We place our feet in plastic bags We thought it would be dry enough to have a fireplace. It would’ve been great to get a fire going But that wasn’t possible! So the entire night was pretty wet Now we’re heading home. All the clouds have vanished, so we will have some sights on the way back Probably something we didn’t see on the way up The ascension wasn’t too bad. We all had a great mood and thought how hard could it be But at the first shelter at 1400 metres it was kind of tough but doable We kept going and then realised there was two hours of walking from the first to the second shelter which is only a difference of 400 height metres But that was a hard trip, so we all got tired Next morning we woke up at 4 A.M to watch the sunrise and then started descending Which was way harder than we thought! But now we’re enjoying our well deserved Cola with a view like this. That’s not too bad

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