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Day Hike Through Mt Rainier National Park | Nomadic Weekenders Hiking Vlog

Rich: good morning how are you doing
Park ranger: good and how are you? Lena: good morning! Rich: can we get a National Parks pass? Park ranger: yes you sure can! It’s the $80 pass for every National Park in the country Rich: and it’s for a year right? Calendar? Park ranger: yeah, it will last you until the end of August of next year Rich: okay cool! Can we do that?
Park ranger: yeah! Park ranger: you want to sign the left side of that pass Park ranger: there is room on there for a second signature so if you ever wanted a second person to have access to the pass, have them sign that one as well Lena: oh yeah look at that badboy Lena: alright guys waking up bright and early this morning to be at Mt Rainier National Park. And we’re official official now because we got our annual park pass! But yeah we have a full morning ahead of us. What are we doing today babe? Rich: so we are goung to do a couple of hikes today at Mt. Rainier National Park We’re going to start off with a loop that is going to have us walk by Narada Falls and Reflection Lakes Umm we’re also going to do another hike that we’re gonna see to Eden Halls as well That’s the plan so far but we will see how much time we have at the end of this! Lena: yeah we’ll see! And say hi to our friends Rich: we are hiking with our friends. We got Jake & Neil
Jake and Neil: hey hey! Rich: so we’re out here at Reflection Lake for stop 1 of this hike And you know… as you can see… if you look down at the water… *Rich laughs* I got a team over here. Of videographers. Helping me get the angles right. Lena: everyone now by Rich… Okay? Rich: we decided to stop at Reflection Lakes first. Just because it’s morning and we are here bright and early And we wanted to get the best shots of the lake reflecting the peak of Mount Rainier Lena: and it’s really cool we got some of the mist coming off the clouds, over the mountain… It was the perfect time of day to catch it! Lena: we are at Mt. Rainier Nation Park on the lakes trail We passed Reflection Lakes, absolutely gorgeous, and now we are on our way to Narada Falls which is that way Rich: Lichen – Alice Algae mixed with Freddy Fungus *laughs* that’s how you remember. Algae and fungus. Cause the algae photosynthesizes to provide food and the fungus provides structure Lena: that’s those children nature hikes coming back *laughs* Lena: KISS ATTACK! *smooch* Lena: okay so what you just saw right there was Ruby Falls on the lake trail. And now we are on our way to Narada Falls, which is that way and I heard it’s just a little bit bigger Rich: right now we are walking along Narada Falls Trail Which is right next to the Paradise River The Paradise River is actually home to 2 pretty cool sights along this trail One is Washington Cascades. Glaciers melting on this side of the mountain makes for such clean, clear water Just rushing down the mountain Rich: we’re at Narada Falls as we speak. It’s a 176 foot horsetail waterfall Created during melt of these glaiciers Umm… And I don’t know what else I know about this waterfall Lena: it’s sick!
Rich: *laughs* it looks freaking sick! Lena: oh my gosh you look so good in this lighting babe Damn! Oh work it. Oh yeah.
I am marrying that! Rich: Okay. So we’re really going to have to hike up this thing again… Fuck. Lena: because someone didn’t do their research on the elevation gain. Rich: I didn’t look… I didn’t look how much elevation gain this was gonna be. Or loss. I just looked at how long it was going to be. We have already gained like 600 feet and we are losing 600 again And we have to get back to the point where we already gained 600… Or lost it. Jake: there’s a bear that way. Lena: what? Neil: I thought at first it said beer
*everyone laughs* Lena: I see read Rich: you don’t want to go down the trail with the bear? Lena: I would have done it but y’all weren’t down! Rich: we are on the Wonderland Trail right now Conquered the switchbacks on top. Barely. Lena: praying there is no more elevation gain left.
Rich: praying that there is no more Rich: on our way back to Reflection Lake, but this Wonderland Trail if you stayed on it is one of the most popular backpacking trails around Mt Rainier It actually goes around Mt Rainier and if you are an advanced hiker you can do it in what? 4-5 days? Rich: normal people the suggest you map out about 7-8 days to do this entire trail I’m just thankful we’re not doing it right now cause I am already tired *laughs* Rich: so, what are some of your key takeaways from the hike? Lena: i’d have to say, I mean I love National Parks because the trails are so well maintained there is great signage for every direction you can go. there’s not one point where we felt lost or confused where we were at And as always, go in the morning, get the beautiful shots of the golden hour And then Reflection Lake which is one of the most popular points here at Mt Rainier You get the perfect reflection in the lake of the mountain and you don’t really get that around noon Which is about when we wrapped up our hike But besides that I mean as always wear good shoes but it is so gorgeous out here And we would definitely recommend any time you are up in the pacific northwest

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