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Dangerous & Terrific Drive from Phobjikha Valley to Trongsa, INB Trip EP #31

My Tshirt is full green in colour and the background is also green. Wow! What a coincidence. Awesome. Our car is so dirty. Have to wash it. Washing is a problem. I have a doubt the back tyre has less air. Emil, a doubt if air is less. Its ok. Nothing will happen. We can fill after some time We are on the way to Bhutans valley. This place is known as Bhutans Switzerland. Nischal photographer, what are you doing? Thats strawberry. Wow! It is strawberry. Strawberries on the road. So Saleeshetta, the cultivation down there would surely be strawberries. How is it? Its sour. Somebody would have come and peed here. Its ok Since its Bhutan, nobody will litter the public place. So what we see down there will surely be strawberries. Wow! Whats this brother? Look at this. We have reached the valley. I thought this was a yak when I saw from behind. But its a cow. The face is in one colour and the body in another. And its hairy too. Here the animals are hairy to overcome the cold weather Photographer Nischal taking the photo of a cow. The cow correctly posed fo him too. Got it right? Wow! Nischal The cows here are so cooperate. They stood for a photo. It was walking and stood for a photo. We have droven down and reached Phobjikha valley. These names are so difficult to say. Lets see what all are there to see down here. We shall go and see whats being cultivated there. If its strawberries, we shall buy some. I love it. OMG! Now this is a valley. What a beautiful place. This was actually not planned. Met some drivers and they asked why are you not going that side. Its superb. You can build an airport here. Such a big area. Seeing a place without mountains now Here its full of cow dung. Saleeshetta be careful Saleeshettan knows that.. Look, how pretty this is. Something that you dont get to see much. We are just simply exploring Bhutan Its just awesome. Look at the valley there. Lots of animals seen. A beautiful house here I guess these wooden logs are theirs. This road goes through the middle of the valley. Look what a beautiful place this is. I am just in love with this place. You should visit here Do come and see the place. Best to take photos too. ‘ Lets see a 360 degree view of this place. The valley, house, road, logs, car, another taxi here Back to the valley. See how nicely they have arranged the logs. Take a photo of me. You get a class pic when you stand as Saleeshettan says You can take awesome photos from here. Somebodys house here. Might be the poor farmers. I liked the way they kept the logs. They must have got it from somewhere. Can see smoke coming out of the chimney. Must be cooking. All the houses are made of rocks and wood. Its a poor persons house. So no designs or paints. Its a typical olden time Bhutan house. Done completely in wood. They have lots of wood here, so its ok They have done it so well. Its windy here. So it may sound disturbed. There is a stream flowing here. Nice to hear that sound Animals are having its food from the road itself. It doesnt have any nosering or rope. The cows here are a variety. They are seen in different designs. Look at this plant. The flowers on it look so beautiful Its looks like plant we have in our place. Leaves and flowers look pretty. All good looking. Here there are small flowers that we saw from far off. Its these blue flowers It looked beautiful when seen from far School children are brought here for picnic. There are 3 buses coming. They are from Phobjikha school. They are making sound and coming. They are going with lots of prizes. See how happy they are Bhutan is a happy land. All here are happy. We too become happy after coming here. To become happy, come to Bhutan for a week. We see more families here than bachelors so come like that. Where ever we go we meet families. I will surely come with my family. Wont you come with your family? I will surely come. We will surely come to Bhutan with our families. We wont take videos then, its just to enjoy. Strawberry found here. Seeing strawberries on the sides I guessed it would be cultivated here. But it wasnt Those were potatoes. This is anyway strawberry. Can go back home and tell all that strawberries were found on the road side Potatoes are cultivated and strawberries are found simply on the grass lands. Wooden fecing on one side and rock boundary on the other side. Both sides have cultivation. We got this from the shop we had breakfast. Its in a plastic pack. Its written its a Bhutanese product Potato chips produced from natural ingredients. Just potato, vegetable oil and salt I liked whats written on this. They say when you give this packet to any shop, you will get 1/- discount. 25/- for the pack of chips. They are supporting the farmers. 50g of chips for 25/- The climate suddenly changed and now its sunny. Now the beauty of the valley has gone. Looked nice when it was cloudy. Shall go little more forward and see whats ther.e All these that you see here are home stays. All the rooms here are at the average cost of 2500/- Thats the normal rate here. Full cultivations here and home stays too with a view of the valley. This is lodge Lavasa Cafe. Look at what a beautiful place it stand in. Wow! How nice it would be to stay here. Please keep the valley as you found it. Take litter home with you They meant not to litter the place Its an old building. I dont know what it is. Might be some plant or so If the roads were good, it would have been overall awesome. But when we see the beautiful nature we just become happy. How pretty this is. The boundary walls are done in rocks here. This valley doesnt finish here. Lots of homestays and resorts are there. People are not seen out much. How pretty the blue sky and the surroundings look. Can see some restaurants here. This is some resort I think, it has flags. Nice flowers and so nice to hear the birds chirping. Looks like they are growing horses like we grow cows. All of them are just left like that. Thats an awesome frame. So pretty. What a place. Why didnt we come here earlier? Bhutan is a beautiful place. Its not so expensive here. Its just like how we spend at our place. What I have understood is that they will say 2500/- as room rent. You will get cheaper than that. But will have to find out I think to come by flight it will be 12000-15000/- If you have an Innova or a big vehicle, coming by that is more saving. Its a best place for people coming driving and for bikers. Stand here in this frame. Oh, its so good. Hows it? Its a nice place. When we came here, the shoes became neat. All the dirt has gone. Now we just have to clean our car. Dont know when. Phobjikha valley is an open wide place. Look at its beauty. Its a valley between the mountains. Some people have stopped their car here and are flying kite. Wow! If this was a rubberised road, would have been nice. Emil likes to drive fast So pretty. Crows are flying like eagles. They are that big This is the best place in Bhutan I have seen so far. Now we are at Trongsa. Its in Eastern Bhutan and its a less visited place. Its because its nearly 200kms from Thimphu. I think these roads were just widened. We experienced a dangerous drive to come here. We saw Phobjikha valley and came to Trongsa. I was driving while coming. Thats why we didnt take any visuals. We will be seeing this area, Bhumthang valley and explore more this side. Our aim is to know the culture of Eastern Bhutan. What you see there is the Dzong here. There are lots of hotels here. The climate is 10-12 degrees We will be taking a room here today and see the rest of the places. Its so deep here If you fall from here then you are finished. Thats the Trongsa Dzong like how we saw at other places How pretty it looks. There are lots of hotels and resorts here. Not much of tourists come here. Right Emil? Its far and maybe because the roads are dangerous Why is the route like this? You have to go through here and reach there They have broken the moutains and increased the width of the roads. Its a part of the development. Japan fund. Its muddy. Its skiding, drifting and a dangerrous drive to Trongsa Suku is driving the car dear friends.. Everybody has a name. Suku, Nischal.. Sujith yet to have one. Look at the roads made. You can understand. There is no roads here. Its just being made. After Trongsa we dont know how it is going to be further If it rains, it will be very difficult. The work is just going on. That side you can see how the mud is flowing down after its being demolished That will become green later. But they have to widen the roads too. The Dzong we saw earlier is 12kms from here. We have to go down this mountain and climb the other When you see a place it looked like you could walk down to reach there. Have to go around this place. A waterfall! Stop! Stop! Look at the way the water is flowing down. How beautifully the water is flowing down Where is Saleeshettan going? This is Trongsa waterfalls. We have named it. Didnt see any name here. How beautiful it looks. I think it would be cold water Lets go and see. Saleeshettan already went. Seeing the stones, I think water flows well here Wow! Water is swashing to us. Whats it? Slow motion Got it? Thats superb. You can see it flowing correctly down It falls here and flows to the sides and go. I liked it. If its in our place, we could take a bath. Here its very cold. You feel cold when you get out of the car. Wont know much in the car. Its very cold here Thats because of the spraying of water and the wind. Very cold Play it. Lets see. Wow! Its ultra slow motion. Saleesh rocks You can understand seeing this that the water has flown through here in full strength. Not standing here much. We took photos and videos. Now lets go. This water goes through here and then goes out this side as waterfall again I think The whole route is halfway broken. I feel scared seeing all this. Now we have to go down this mountain, climb that mountain and reach Trongsa Another 10kms more. If you are coming with your family here, dont come to Trongsa for another 1 year You can come after that. Now its dangerous. A landslide just took place and they made the way clear. These rocks can break down any moment. Its not at all safe coming here. Very little vehicles come here. But the place is just awesome. Risky and adventurous people can come Its so dangerous. It gives you a ferocious feel. Dont come here once its dark. You dont know how it is and where. Now itself its 5.30pm. We have to settle somewhere by 6pm Else we will be stuck. Look at our waterfall. This is so dangerous. Drive to one side. Look at the rock in the middle of the road. Cant call it a road Roads are just being made. How is it Emil? Its scary. Feeling scared to drive here. What will be the situation when we go to Ladakh? Might be like this only Look at the way its flowing. Strong flow Its flowing in full force. Its between these 2 mountains There will be a river between all the mountains and they will be flowing in full force Bhutan sim has range everywhere. That too 4G. With good speed and can upload videos very fast I took B Mobile, Bhutan mobile. Bhutan Telecom sim. Then there is some Ashish too. If you are coming take this one. 4G connection with good speed too. It isnt expensive too. Please dont ask to stop. Look at the rocks. Go fast. I am feeling scared seeing this. Everybody should know the situation of the roads. OMG! Give me the camera. I shall show you one thing. Look where our car is and the river is flowing just below Hey Emil come lets go. This is how it is here. Where is he going? I think he has become mad about photography Look at this. Its so scary Like that we are going to go from one mountain to the other mountain. Here they have built the bridge. The river is flowing strong Once the snow season is over and rain starts, it will be like this I think. Here after the bridge there is a check post. You have to show your permit here. You have to do your entry and exit at all the check posts. They will verify both. The roads and bridges are all built by the Japanese official development project. We are now going from Wangdue district to Trongsa district. Another 7kms to Trongsa town We shall stay there today A joke. He said there is a big difference between both the mountains. He is asking how about putting a bridge from here to there. The distance here is just 200m. From there we would have to put a bridge for 3kms. I was just simply… If it was done, then we would get… Here thats not there. Thats the problem This is drifting. Its so muddy. We are drifting here. A small miss and we will be down there No stopping at all. Only Emil knows how he is driving. Will you get this? Its highly dangerous. Adventurous. Some places its ok. But here its horrible We had seen the Dzong from there 15kms earlier. Now we have come all the way around and reached the Dzongs side. This is Trongsa Dzong. Its a variety building. We saw the real view from the other side. We found a room to stay at Thashi Ninjai Guest house. I think the owner has given us space for parking our car 2500/- for the room and 700/- for the extra bed. We bargained and brought it to 2700/- total. We dont have any other way because there are no hotels this side now We saw a small room downstairs. There wasnt a plug point in there also Bathroom wasnt attached. Thats why we didnt take it. We will adjust if we dont have any othe choice. But we have one owner with us. We are not supposed to stay in a small room when we have owners with us. So lets go to our room. Just give a 2500/- without any fuss. Now we shall go to our room, have dinner and sleep. No more programmes for today Rest all tomorrow. Trongsa market, Dzong, and more to see tomorrow. So we are temporarily pausing this video. Rest tomorrow

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