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Dalmacija Ultra Trail : mon premier ultra trail !

Well Guys, I think I have just done the hardest 5 kilometers of my life. Such a technical ground… I think I’ve walked at 2 km/h on flat. It was awful! Hi everybody ! I am in Omis, Croatia, I am going to do the Dalmacija Ultra Trail, 100 kilometers for 4000 height difference. It’s 10pm and I’m waiting for the bus which will drive us to the starting line. Start is expected at midnight. It is going to be a difficult run for me because of my back ache, my preparation was complicated. Last week, I was confined to bed for 3 days. I am feeling fine today, so let’s take as much fun as possible and… of course finish this race… We are in a fortress… starting line is just there. We are going to go down. And look, just in front of me, there is the city of Split. Until the sun will rise in 7 hours from now, I won’t use the GoPro too much, it’s going be too dark… We arrived here one hour before start… Why so early? We have nothing to do here. Start in five minutes, no crowd here, maybe 120 attendees. I can’t wait to see the sun shining: landscape should be amazing. Dramatic music for the countdown, they try to scare us to the max. Let’s look at the track, I’ve done 16km and 900 meters height difference so far. I ‘ve run uphill very slowly, as my back hurts a bit. It’s going to be complicated, but I’ll do my best Right now, we are running through a burned wood. We are on a downhill track… Have a look as you can see we can accelerate a lot here! [ironic] It’s 3am and what am I doing? Trying to run on a construction ground… 😀 Guys! It’s 4 am… … it’s not a joke! It’s perfect time to cross a cemetery! It’s kind of seedy! It’s going to be an epic trail! It’s 7 am, I left the food supply of the 40th kilometer with the daylight. We have done 1600m height difference. The night went well, regardless of the awful first 10 kilometers… I think I didn’t manage correctly my alimentation before the start: I eat to early and didn’t drink enough. Now, thanks to good food supply and some beverage, I’m fine. I’m in a good mood and all is going to change with the shinning sun! Kilometer 46, normally we should have a food supply here! Did you see it? I did not! To replace it, what do we get? This very hard Croatian uphill! Not easy! I’ve been running for 9h30, 55 kilometers… …and the idea… Now, we have to cross this mountain, somehow… I think I should slow down, spare my efforts and stop to run for now. I’ve done it! The uphill is now behind me… It was very hard, my muscles were stiff as a poker! Now landscapes will change! In a little less than 2 kilometers, I should reach the base camp… I’m wondering what I’m going to do… … I’m feeling good, and I’m afraid to have difficulties to start again if I rest too much and eat there… Well, let’s make a good break anyway! Yeah! Base Camp, kilometer 65! Pasta party will be good! Well Guys, I think I have just done the hardest 5 kilometers of my life. Such a technical ground… I think I’ve walked at 2 km/h on flat. It was awful! I did it, kilometer 73! 4 more to go and it should become theoretically simpler. But I will still have 8 kilometers of flat path where I should accelerate, let’s see if I can do it after all I’ve been through. For the moment, just happy to have overcome this “martyrdom”. 80 kilometers, 3300 height difference and now I’m on this flat seaside path at 8km/h. I didn’t think I could manage that speed after what I’ve done before! What an adventure! I was so enthusiast! Nothing could happen to me! But I’ve got a sudden knee ache. It’s now very light but I still have pain when I’m running on flat path. So, I’m going to walk on flat, and run when I can. Only 17 kilometers left… Right now, it’s really, really hard. My face must be awful! I’m so tired… Just left the last food supply, only 8 kilometers to go! I did it! Fuck! Sorry, but… What a day, what an incredible day! That’s finish! But I’m pissed off as my watch has ran out of battery! The last meters… Where is it? Yes, it is, the end… Yeah! Fuck! No word to describe it, I’m so exhausted! I’m so happy! 100km!

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9 thoughts on “Dalmacija Ultra Trail : mon premier ultra trail !

  1. Bravo!! Je ne sais pas quel problĂšme tu as au dos mais j'avais mal aussi quand je courais et depuis que je fais 2h00 d'escalade par semaine cela va mieux..

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