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Daddojanam Recipe (Curd Rice) Temple Style

Switch on the stove and heat a vessel  Pour 4 cups of water  cover the vessel with a plate and boil the water  take a bowl and add rice into it. Wash the rice 2-3 times in water  After 2 minutes open the plate and add washed rice into it  Stir it once  cook the rice evenly by mixing it frequently  Again cover and cook the rice  While boiling the rice remove the plate and cook it uniformly  Adjust the flame to medium  frequently stir it and cook the rice as shown in the video clipping, then adjust the flame to low  For Dadojanam rice must be soft compared to other rice items  Cook the rice till it becomes soft and mushy After 10 minutes check the rice for doneness  Now switch off the stove  Transfer the cooked rice into a wide plate  Allow it to cool and then add 2 cups of curd Add salt as per taste  Mix it well with hands  After mixing check the rice add extra curd if required  Add enough curd for tasty Daddojanam rice  Add another cup of curd to the rice and mix it well  Add curd when the rice is slightly warm  Now let’s prepare tempering  Now switch on the stove and heat a pan  Add 4 tablespoons of oil and heat it  Then adjust the flame to low  Always prepare the tempering process under low flame  Add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, and finely chopped ginger pieces. Mix it well  After mixing add Bengal Gram, and urad dal Add a tablespoon of black pepper  Mix it well  Add green chilies  Spiciness increases due to the addition of black pepper, green chilies and red chilies  You can add extra green chilies in order to increase the spiciness  Mix it well  Then add curry leaves to the tempering seeds and cover the pan  After few minutes remove the lid and mix it once  Add a pinch of hing  Mix it well  Hing is optional  Add red chilies to the tempering process  Mix it well  Fry it well until it turns to brown color  stir it once and fry them evenly  frequently stir it and fry them evenly  After frying for a minutes switch of the stove and transfer the tempering to the curd rice  mix it well  After mixing the tempering seeds to the rice add chopped coriander leaves  Mix it well  Coriander leaves are optional, it gives nice flavor to the curd rice  Tasty curd rice/ Daddojanam is ready now  Transfer the tasty curd rice to a serving bowl  For daddojanam preparation we require more quantity of curd  curd is a rich source of proteins  Curd rice is a simple tasty and healthy food  Serve curd rice as a morning break fast/ lunch

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  2. Explained it very nicely nd of course authentically made👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼😍 ……….But it is a Biggggg humble request is plz use spalullas 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 don't use necked hand for mixing any kind of recepies 😊😊😊

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