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Crossing from France to Italy in the snow of the Alps |Day 6 of TMB from Les Mottets to Plan de Veny

Good morning! It’s Angelina and Dima here. We had a quiet night with the cow’s bells. But they weren’t disturbing us at all, they
were kind of rocking us to sleep. So it was fine. Today we have a task to go over big mountain
of 2500m. And we’ll be crossing from France to Italy
today. It is actually the border cross on the top
of the mountain. So it’s very exciting! Now we won’t speak the language of the country,
because we don’t speak Italian, we speak French. So it will be a bit different for us. We will be just speaking English. So we are going to get over this big mountain
then we are going to descend down. And then we see that there is the same mountain
of the same height and we don’t know if we are going to do it today. If we’ll have powers still maybe we’ll do
it. And if not we’ll be just staying somewhere
lower between these two big mountains. So we’ll see, it depends on how hard the uphill
would be and the downhill. Let’s begin the day! We gotta wrap everything up today very quickly
because we see that on the weather forecast there is a possibility of thunderstorm later
in the day. We don’t want to be on top of the hill when
it happens, we want to be down already. So now we are going to have our breakfast
and get going. We can see that down here close to the path
the bushes are just starting to blossom and up there they are all green already and there
are leaves. So I guess there is not enough sunlight down
here. It’s like all the seasons are mixed here. Some rocks are very reminescent to marble
to us. If you see this white rock. We don’t know much about it but it looks very
similar. There is a snow again! How we missed you the snow! It’s been such a long time without seeing
you. Going with the wet shoes again. There is quite hard path. It wasn’t very hard pass through the waterfall
in the snow but it was quite dangerous because you could easily slide sideways right into
the water. You have to be really careful with that and
step your feet sideways in reverse direction so that you have some support to step on. We feel like every mountain is going to be
unique. On this one there is no snow but on the other
side there is probably more snow. Every mountain can be different depending
on the angle of sun it gets and how much sun it receives during the day. It will be very different. But we prefer to hike these kind of paths,
rocky paths are great. Even though they are steep, we don’t like
the snow so much. We are here on the top of the hill on the
French-Italian border. From now on we are going to be hiking in Italy,
so excited. And the uphill wasn’t too hard. It was very gentle but quite long – 4.4 kms. And now we are going downhill the same kind
of distance, maybe more. And we’ll be searching for the campspot. Because I think we won’t do another mountain
today. That’s enough for us. It’s so pretty here, check out the views. Sliding snow tunnel, very narrow. Now that we have crossed to Italy, we don’t
know how to greet people. There is a tendency to say “Bonjour”. But it’s not France anymore so we are saying
hello for now. But we guess we have to say “Buongiorno” or
similar. We don’t know Italian and we want to hear
people do it and then we’ll copy them. Very steep and snowy and slippery. Don’t know actually if the trekking poles
would help a lot. Because we are filming a lot we can’t carry
many trekking poles. So just going like that. But this technique helps of hardening the
path like this with the feet. So hot. Sometimes it’s better to go off the beaten
path and go just on the white snow because the footpath is too slippery. Sometimes it’s better to go just in the snow. When you’re hiking in the snow 1 kilometer
feels like 5 on a normal trail. Because it takes so much effort. The only difference we see for now after crossing
the border is the different sign. yellow indicators on the rocks and sign TMB. The snow caps are never ending here. One after another, so tiring. On this enormous flat space could be the huge
enourmous tent camp if it wasn’t for the wetlands and the waterfalls coming down from the mountains. Now we got the the refugee house Elisabeth
if I’m not mistaken and we continue to go down, we are not staying there. As always we are staying in our tent, we are
going to search for the campspot. Even though there is not much perspective
in there. Not enough trees and not enough forest and
too much water. But then if front of us there is another mountain,
we have to climb it and we didn’t want to do it today. Now Dima is going to check out the refugee
house whether they sell some kind of cookies or chocolate bars, something like that. That we can snack on and eat because we don’t
have any sweet things left or like protein stuff. So hopefully they sell it. I think he bought something, something small
but it’s fine. We’ll see what it is now. So this is all my husband could get just a
couple of waffles that were very expensive – 2.50 euros for one. It’s too commercialized, that’s so bad, we
don’t like it at all. And there is no choice of other snacks. Ok, will do for now. The most of the downhill is done for today,
the steepest one. Now we are going more or less flat paths. Finally the legs can rest a bit. Now we want to have a bit of lunch or brunch. And then search for the campspot. We may go futher 3 or 4 kms more. But if it’s gonna be easy – that’s fine we’ll
do that. It feels so easy to walk on a flat route – you
almost feel no weight. That’s crazy how easy is that. You are so used to the uphills and downhills
that it seems so easy. Unfortunately we think that it’s gonna rain
later in the day or maybe very soon. Because the dark clouds are coming out and
if they’re stormy or rainy clouds we don’t know. And there’s no place to camp here whatsoever
– the wetlands, no forest. And we just hope we get to some point until
the uphill. Every other day there is a storm here or a
rain. That’s the reality of these places. Where we got down from this deepening right
close to this high peak. And it looks like nothing compared to this
huge rock. But it actually was 2500m because this one
is 4000m. That’s why it looks like a lot of contrast. So we looked around here and we don’t see
any possible place to camp. And there are signs with the tent crossed. Maybe there is a protected area or something
like that. Not sure about that. Also we asked the people in the refugee house
and they say it’s not possible to camp here. So we made our mind to cheat this time. And to go down the easier way. So today we are not going to be doing an uphill
again and then downhill. It would be the same distance we did already
and we feel kind of sore in the muscles and tired. So we have no other option really just to
follow the easy car road for now. And then this path will cross with the Tour
de Mont Blanc again like in around 10 kms. So we’ll be skipping 10 kms and one mountain
probably. That’s the situation. If it was possible here to camp somewhere
at least the small place we would do that. It just the hardest place turned out to be. Normally we find places everywhere we go. So we gonna be going lower but still hope
for some good views. Now we see again these abrupt cliffs that
we saw on the first day in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc that amazed us a lot even more than Mont Blanc
itself. And Mont Blanc is in the clouds as always. On the first day it was all clear and we could
see it very easily. But the rest of the days were like that. It’s always in the clouds. Seeing this house right on top on the edge
of the cliff we are wandering if that’s the other refugee house. And that’s where we would go if we would follow
the Tour de Mont Blanc. It looks very unreachable. Feels so nice to walk on such quiet and easy
path, first in almost 3 days now. And there is no traffic actually, this is
also a bonus. And I think it would be great for the bikes,
the slope is very gentle. Now we are heading to the camping to check
the price, if it’s gonna be less than 20 euros we’ll stay there. If not we’ll search some wild camping spot. That’s a pity because we see lots of area
where it would be possible to camp. But it’s all picnic area and there are lots
of signs saying that the camping is not allowed and it’s prohibited with the tent crossed. And we are not sure if it’s this area only
or in the whole Italy it’s like that. But for us it’s too bad. And we’ll go with this rule that we saw on
the French side from 19pm till 7am it is still possible to wild camp at night time. The weather is so nice right now, very warm,
the most comfortable temperature for the body. And it feels like paradise walking in these
kind of conditions. I would love to hang out on a bar but I can’t
it’s too smal for me. Why they don’t do the bars for adults? Only for children. That’s ridiculous. That’s amazing we actually found some horizontal
bars for adults. It’s very rare to see in any place. But we already have to go, we found it late. That’s very nice. So we are happy we found the camping it’s
very nice. And the owners are very nice and welcoming. And they even made us a special present so
to say. They let us use this space. And view here. The view is the most important. Can you believe it? It’s just, oh my God, the most impressive
view ever from the campsite I think. He let us use the space close to this igloo
house or tent house. So just the chairs and the poofs, we don’t
need that really that much. But we have this secluded spot not around
people. Because all the people are over there. That’s so nice and the price wasn’t that expensive. It was like around 17 euros. So it is quite ok. So now we go to the minimarket if we’ll find
some fresh fruit or veggies we buy it. And we’ll go to the shower very quickly because
the sun is setting and we don’t want to be cold. So this is our plan for the rest of today. We’ll show you around the camping tomorrow
because it’s really huge. It’s enourmously big. So this is what we bought in the local supermarket
in the camping. There are 2 yougurts of the local produce
I think. As you know we like to try the local diary
products. And we gonna try this one if it tastes good. And it says this is from the goat milk. So it’s not from cow milk. And also the chocolate, we don’t expect anything
special from it, it’s just 72 percent. But it says it is also made in Italy so let’s
see if it’s not gonna be too sugary, it’s gonna be good. Let’s try it. As you can see it’s very liquid like, tastes
like a good yougurt. The texture is very smooth. This chocolate is not very sugary, it’s good. We forgot to tell you just how important it
is to bring the warm pants to the mountain trail like this one. Because it saves us every night almost when
it is cold, wet and humid. And it feels so convenient and so comfortable
to sleep in them. So it is a very important thing to bring on
the trail and we are very happy we bought it last minute. Thank you so much for watching! Don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up
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see you on our next video! Bye!

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