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Crews Searching for Missing Hiker in Exeter

(PL) FIRST BREAKING NEWS THIS NOONTIME — STATE POLICE HEADING UP A SEARCH AT THIS HOUR… …FOR A WOMAN WHO SET OFF HIKING IN THE WOODS IN EXETER MONDAY — AND HAS NOT BEEN SEEN SINCE. “PATTI PENDLETON” WAS WALKING HER DOGS — WHEN SHE SET OUT ON A HIKING TRAIL SOUTH OF ROUTE 165 IN THE ARCADIA MANAGEMENT AREA — WHERE CREWS AND VOLUNTEERS ARE LOOKING FOR HER. LET’S GO TO EYEWITNESS NEWS REPORTER JARED PLINER LIVE WITH THE MOBILE NEWSROOM. A beautiful area here – but there’s a lot of it. Searchers out – trying to find a woman family tells us is an experienced hiker. Eyewitness News in the Arcadia Management Area as searchers in fluorescent vests along with Environmental, State and Coventry Police — fanned out… To look for 59 year old Patti Pendleton of Coventry. Authorities say Pendleton was last heard from Monday morning. She went for a hike on a trail near Beach Pond in Exeter with her two dogs — a black toy poodle and a black fox terrier. Family reported Pendleton missing early Tuesday afternoon, when she didn’t show up for work. Patti Pendleton is described as 5’2, about 230 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a purple sweater over a flower print shirt, blue jeans, and hiking boots. She may have been wearing an orange vest and an orange hat. Police say Pendleton’s two dogs had a harness system on – and were themselves wearing orange vests. Anyone with information is asked to call Coventry Police. Jared Pliner, EWN.

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