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Creve Coeur Lake – Hike 365 Challenge – Park Travel Review

hi everyone welcome to happy trails
hiking. Kay and I our Creve Coeur Lake st. Louis County Park we’re gonna try to get
some miles in for our hike 365 challenge one of the neat features over here
at Creve Coeur Lake is dripping spring and the spring is pretty in the summer
but it’s really truly magnificent in the winter all right so we have been walking along
the path pet per mile or so and now to take up on the dirt trail and this leads
into about Mallard Lake trail so get it off the beaten path we are back to the pavement now and
we’re going to take off on Mallard Lake Trail so heading on to mallard
Lake well we just got 5.68 miles for the hike
365 Challenge thanks for joining us today
til next time this is Kay and Matt from happy trails hiking thanks for watching

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29 thoughts on “Creve Coeur Lake – Hike 365 Challenge – Park Travel Review

  1. Hi Matt, Hi Kay, Creve coure park is a beautiful place. When I first moved here I use to walk around that lake all the time.
    Once I parked on the upper part and walked the 5 mile loop in the woods then came down the steps and walked around the lake.
    I didn't think I was going to get back up the steps, lol
    I was dragging. It was just about 10 miles that day.
    I was wore out, lol

  2. Magnificent is right! Pretty! Mallard lake looks peaceful. I love the bridge. I always love bridges, lol! Great one for challenge guys! I’d like to see it myself.

  3. Wow that bird in the intro is so beautiful Omg thank God you two walked lots because it is sooo COLD🥶 I love looking at the view of nature in the snow👍🏽🤗

  4. Wonderful Channel with wonderful content. Looks like you're pretty busy over there with 1.7 K Subs. Still, would love if you would take a look at my channel and give me some advice or any input is invited.

  5. love that cardinal at the beginning. The dripping spring is quite a sight in the winter.. nice. Thanks for taking us along on your hike. Glenn & Maureen

  6. That make cardinal was very handsome. They are my mom's favorite animal. GEESE! Did you chase them? I would have. I love when things freeze in the winter, so much prettier in a different scenario. Going back in other seasons is probably really nice to. I'm shocked the lake wasn't a sheet of ice, guess not under 35 degrees for longer than a week.

  7. The cardinal at the beginning was beautiful. The frozen falls were stunning! Didn’t expect y’all to have snow. Nice hike! I felt so good to get miles in this week for the challenge. Michigan weather has gotten us behind but Tennessee weather helped us out lol cheers!!

  8. Love the cardinal ❤️ Interesting history on the name of the lake. Wow, the spring is A-MA-ZING! Never seen a frozen waterfall. Looks like a really cold day. Off the beaten path is fun 😊 Great job on the 5 mile hike Matt and Kay! 🙌💪

  9. Wow that frozen waterfall is awesome! Definitely magnificent! And such a serene lake. 🙂 Would be nice to set up camp in that area and enjoy nature. Thanks for sharing guys! – Shane

  10. The dripping spring is stunning in the Winter I love walking like that I really appreciate the beauty of nature. Love cardinals remind me of OH. 🐦

  11. The dripping spring is so beautiful! We just don’t see things like that here in SoCal. The hiking & scenery is so different – just beautiful!

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