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Creepy Hiker in California has Residents Scared

Hey now! This is The Hollywood Gossip, I’m
Brooke Burgstahler. Sometimes… men… you’re just…. stupid,
sleazy, and creepy? Like this dude who posted a supposed joke
video to LiveLeak but too it too far yo. It shows a young woman hiking alone in Pacificia,
California. What happens next will give you the chills. Check this out…. (vid) AHHH! I mean what the heck?
The guy wearing the mask, who uploaded the video, captioned the vid with
“Just the way I like to spend my time once i”m at the peak… I take in the view..
coincidental friend appears. LOL. I’ll upload the rest of the video later. Cheers!!” No. No cheers homie. You will NOT get cheersed. Area residents did not find this to be funny,
and the police ended up getting involved. Tracking down the guy who uploaded it, as
well as the women who has been indentified and is fine, so don’t worry. STILL, in a world where horrible, random acts
of violence are kind of nothing to joke about. Maybe you shouldn’t joke about them you weirdo!
UHHH… Thanks for watching The Hollywood Gossip.
I’m Brooke Burgstahler, and I’m gonna go buy a taser just to be safe.

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