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CORONA ARCH | Best Hike in Moab?

(upbeat music) (giggling) – [Georg] Where are we going? – [Tara] Corona Arch. – Let’s go. (upbeat music) – All right, Tara, this is the road. – This cannot be right. Anywhere that you have to
bring your Hummer with you to be able to access the trailhead… – [Georg] Do it, do it. – Georg, there is no way that we are– – [Georg] This is where we have to go. – Georg (laughing) our car– – [Georg] I’m not making this up. – [Tara] Will literally
fall apart if we go on that. That cannot be right. – [Georg] Do it, yeah, come on. Yes, there, there, there. What’s wrong? – I’m not doing this. – [Georg] Why not?
– This is insane. – [Georg] You just have to turn left. No, this is absolute insanity. I feel like we’re in a
Subaru commercial. (laughing) – [Georg] Do you need me to get in? (tires crunching rocks) Easy as pie. That wasn’t so bad. ♪ I was trying to be as light, ♪ ♪ As light as a breeze. ♪ – [Tara] What’s that? – Seeing that car makes me think maybe we should turn around. – [Tara] Uh, yeah. – [Georg] Turning around,
how am I looking back there? – [Tara] You’re looking awful, I don’t think you should
go anywhere down here. – [Tara] Will we need a new
car by the time we’re done? – You might need a new… something. – [Tara] I don’t know if
insurance will cover that. – [Georg] It’s all right, bye. – Good luck. – [Tara] Thanks. (motor running) – [Tara] You’re, you’re looking great. This was a great idea. Whose idea was this? (upbeat music) – [Georg] So when Google tells you to go up Poison Spider Trail. – Don’t listen to them. – [Georg] Don’t listen to Google – No.
– [Georg] Just keep going. – Just keep going and going until you get to someplace
that makes sense. – [Georg] That actually says Corona Arch. – That doesn’t look like it’s about to break your car in half. – Go. – Go, okay. (laughing) (gentle music) – [Georg] What’s that say? Look and listen. – Get across the railroad tracks. – [Georg] You did it. Was that exciting? – That was very exciting,
especially because Liv kept saying a train was coming. (laughing) – [Georg] Oh, that’s unnerving. Like what they said
online, very kid-friendly. (laughing) – Besides the barbed wire and
the active railroad tracks. – [Georg] Teach them early. (gentle music) – Are you ready for this? – [Georg] What’s up? – They put up a fence to hold onto so you don’t slip down the hill. – [Georg] Seriously? – We’ve got it. – [Georg] Hey, kid-friendly. (lively music) Where are you going? Oh, is that what you’re following? – That’s what I was following. – [Georg] I’ve just been following you. – Can you say water? – [Liv] Wawa, bitte. (laughing) – [Georg] Are those
people abseiling there? What is going on, all the way up there? – I think that’s us next. Let’s go for it. – [Georg] All right, Nandi, are you ready for some abseiling? – Nandi forgot his thumbs
at home today, so… – [Georg] He’s got this. Look at this, this ain’t too bad. – Liv goes “bye bye.” I feel so hardcore right now. – [Georg] This is my wife mountaineering with a Lillebaby? – [Liv] Lala. – Ladder, yeah. – [Georg] This right
here is the doggy route. – You did it Nandi puppy,
what a brave doggy. You’re so brave and handsome. – [Georg] Hey Tara, here it is. – Yep, there it is, there’s the arch. – [Georg] Wow. – She goes “yeah, arch.” – [Georg] Now we just
need to walk around this. – Ready to go in the tunnel? – [Georg] Whole thing. – Okay, yeah, we’re almost there. (beaty music) – I’m winded. (laughing) – [Georg] How are you doing, Liv? – Peel. (laughing) – [Georg] Holding up? – Liv has her snack ready because she’s worked up such an appetite. (upbeat music) – [Georg] Don’t go too far. – It’s like, Nandi,
it’s like straight down. – [Georg] Is there? – Yeah, I’m like six feet away from it and I don’t want to get
any closer. (laughing) – [Georg] Okay, let’s not push our luck. All right, we’ve made it, pretty much. But let’s walk around this thing. – Liv wants to go in the tunnel. – Which tunnel? – Bowtie Arch. (laughing)
– Ohhh. – It does look like a tunnel.
– [Georg] It does. – [Georg] So we’re over
here, there’s Bowtie Arch. – [Liv] Bow-tah. – Arch. – And then there’s Corona Arch. – [Georg] Just the size of it. Nice climbing! Liv, where’s the arch? Wow. – Good boy. – Flower. – [Tara] Flowers. – Flower. (gentle music) – She has such a cute
little butt. (laughing) – [Georg] There’s a choo-choo train. – Let’s go find the choo-choo train. – Choo-choo. – [Georg] Choo-choo. – Clickety-clack, clickety-clack, what’s that coming down the track? – Caboose car! – A caboose car. There it goes. – [Georg] Hi, train. – There it goes, bye, choo-choo train. – More. (laughing) – [Tara] Hello. – All right, this place is surreal. This beats quite a few
of the arches hikes. I reckon, no? – This is epic, so epic. Liv, what did you think? Did you like this arch? – Mama. – Did you like the arch? (giggling) So there are two arches here, Bowtie Arch and Corona Arch. And if you get a move on,
if you don’t have a toddler who wants to walk as
well, it probably takes, I don’t know, maybe 40
minutes to walk there (giggling) each way. Totally worth it, it’s amazing. Bye bye, Arch. – Later. (laughing) (upbeat music) – [Liv] Like! (upbeat music)

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10 thoughts on “CORONA ARCH | Best Hike in Moab?

  1. Oh my goodness I would have been worried on that road as well! I really want to explore Utah. Your videos make me want to go even more

  2. Looks absolutely amazing! What a lucky wee girl and doggy to have such fun parents who take them to amazing places like this!! ❤️

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