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Corned Beef Kimchi Fried Rice – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with corned beef and kimchi fried rice
that’s right besides beef wellington i’d say kimchi fried rice is probably
the most popular food wish i get which I guess makes sense since for a while it
was an extremely trendy recipe which is kind of amusing because a dish like
fried rice to me is like the opposite of trendy okay for me this is just one of
those comforting homey go-to meals you make on a weeknight when you can’t
figure out what else to eat but nevertheless I’m very excited to show
you my take on this and we’ll start with the MVP of this recipe and that’s the
kimchi and when we pour that from the jar or container it came in we’ll want
to do that over some kind of strainer because besides the kimchi we’re also
going to want to use some of this kimchi juice that comes packed with it and
hopefully we’ll end up with about 1/4 cup of that stuff but if it’s a little
less no problem we’ll just use whatever we get and what we’ll do is let that
finish draining while we head to the stove to review the next couple
ingredients which would be a couple tablespoons of vegetable oil or in my
case olive oil which I think works nicely and then if we are gonna use meat
we’ll go ahead and toss that in and what you see here is some diced up corned
beef which was leftover from a certain fabulous video we did recently so we’ll
go ahead and add that to our oil pan which by the way is cold alright don’t
turn on heat yet let’s just leave that as is while we head back to what is
hopefully our now drain kimchi and we’ll transfer that to our cutting board and
whack that up as small as we want all right some people like big chunks
some people like tiny chunks and since I have no way of knowing how big you want
your chunks we’ll just go ahead and leave that up to you but I do like to
chop mine up fairly small and then once that’s at we will add that to our pan
and finally turn on the heat which I’ll set to medium-high and what we’ll do is
cook this terrine for I don’t know maybe about five or six minutes that’s gonna
sort of depend on exactly what you’re into alright so you can do this anywhere
from where it just warms through all the way until it’s like well brown and
caramelized and for the record I’ve done it both ways and both are great so
sometimes it just comes down to simply how hungry you are and by the way if
you’re not into corned beef go ahead and use some notes
I mean you are after all the Heidi Fleiss of your kimchi fried rice so if
you’d rather add ham like a madam or some other meet feel free or don’t
put any meat and have a vegetarian style which is how it’s supposed to be in the
first place but having said that the corned beef was amazing
it comes highly recommended so we’ll go ahead and cook that for as long as we
want and then what we’ll do once we think that set is go ahead and add our
cook rice which for me is almost always the cold leftover stuff but if you want
you can certainly cook it fresh and we’ll go ahead and add like three
generous cups and then besides our rice at this point we will also add our
kimchi juice which I would consider sort of the secret ingredient here it’s just
so intensely flavorful and the complete opposite of the next ingredient which is
a splash of water and then we’ll also at this stage put in a couple spoons of
Korean chili paste which is called gochujang or as I prefer to pronounce it
gochujang and if that look kind of sticky and hard to get off the spoon it
was since it’s basically a paste made from hot chili powder and rice flour but
this stuff is amazing and one of the keys to this dish and not that hard to
find in the stores these days but anyway we’ll go ahead and mix all that together
at which point we’ll sort of even it out and then we’re gonna let that cook still
on medium high for about three or four minutes and we’ll go ahead and give it
another mix and what’s gonna happen is the grains rice at the bottom that are
getting all nice and browned and crusty are gonna be mixed back in and a whole
bunch of new grains of rice are gonna be on the bottom getting crusty and that is
basically the method we’re gonna follow until we think it’s done
and after each stirring and patting down I’ll let it go for a few minutes longer
than the last time so as to ensure a very thorough crust a’f occation okay
right here you can hopefully see what I’m talking about
okay that rice that was pressed against the bottom of the pan is getting
beautifully browned and basically we’re gonna keep doing that until this has the
exact texture we want meaning the ratio between that softer sticky rice and that
brown crispy crust off’ eyed rice so generally I like to let this crust over
about three or four times and by the way I highly recommend a nonstick pan here I
know all the wok people just rolled their eyes but anyway I think by using a
nonstick we help ensure that all that crispy crustiness is happening on the
rice and not on the pan so like I said I repeated that three or four times until
I decided it was plenty crusty enough and also I was really hungry and what
we’ll do when we do reach that point is turn off the heat and add our last few
ingredients which will include a half full of sliced green onions as well as
some lightly toasted sesame seeds I know they don’t look toasted but they were
and last but not least a nice drizzling of sesame oil which as you can see I’m
measuring very carefully but all kidding aside be careful with that because it is
a fairly strong flavor and you can overpower everything else and we will go
ahead and mix all that in and it’s possible we may be done but we don’t
know because we haven’t tasted yet right depending on how much salt was in
your meat and in your kimchi you may or may not have to add some here so we’ll
give it a taste and mine definitely needed a little bit of salt but instead
of actual solid I’m gonna put in a little bit of soy sauce
although either would work or a combination and that’s it once that
stirred in and we are absolutely thrilled with how this tastes we’ll go
ahead and serve that up and please believe me when I tell you this would be
absolutely fantastic eating like this but what would be even more so would be
if we top this with an egg either fried or poached and I do prefer poached since
I think it’s a better contrast with those bits of crusty rice and then what
we’ll do is garnish that with some Korean chili flakes or something similar
and then for a final touch we’re supposed to top this with some finely
sliced seaweed but I didn’t have any seaweed so I went with some thinly
sliced LAN weed no not that land weed I sliced up some nasturtium leaves that
grow wild in my garden which have a beautiful subtle sort of watercress like
flavor and I figured they sort of serve the same purpose here plus I get to use
the term LAN weed hashtag LAN weed but anyway that’s it my version of kimchi
fried rice with corn beef is done so I’m going to go ahead and grab a spoon and
bust that egg right in the yolk we’ll go ahead and dig in and get a taste to see
how we did and you know what we did real good
I mean to say this stuff is savory is like the understatement of the year
it is just so deeply and profoundly flavorful it’s hard to describe and I’m
not sure exactly what it is scientifically but there’s just
something about cooking and caramelizing fermented foods that produces flavors
you just don’t get any other way I mean I almost said it doesn’t need the corned
beef but then I caught myself because things always need the corned beef but
the point is if you didn’t put it it would still be amazingly delicious oh
and in case you’re wondering how the land we’d worked out very very nicely
but have you said that if you can try with the seaweeds sometime since that is
also very very good but anyway that’s it corned beef and kimchi fried rice
whether you’re trying to use up some st. Patrick’s Day leftovers or some leftover
rice from a takeout order or both I really do hope you give this a try soon
so head over to food wishes calm for all the ingredient amounts of more info as
usual and as always enjoy you

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100 thoughts on “Corned Beef Kimchi Fried Rice – Food Wishes

  1. Ive never seen you before, but your corn beef and cabbage video from 9 years ago popped up in my recommend and I watched it wow 😂

  2. For those that don't like kimchi, try multiple kinds. There is a lot of bad kimchi and great kimchi. Go to an H Mart for it if you can, not your local grocery store.

  3. Cheese and kimchi go well, too. You can add a slice of Mozzarella on top when the fried rice is still hot.

    Another tip for rice – if you don’t have a rice cooker, you can buy individually packed cups of cooked rice from an Asian supermarket or Trader Joe’s. Don’t heat up – it is better to use cooked rice that is cooled down. That way, the rice grains can be coated with oil first.

  4. Chef John I'd love to hear about the time you sold your soul to the devil and the brand to All Recipe. It'd better be a sweet deal to now work as employer for the company you used to own.

  5. PSA traditional kimchi has fermented shrimp so if you're vegetarian, read the label. I work at a Korean restaurant and if you find that when you substitute another meat in, you lack salt, adding soy sauce to an area of the pan that has no meat or kimchi in it and allowing it to cook a few seconds will add in some salt without giving you a raw soy sauce flavor. Also adding a little bit of sugar to this will help with the caramelization and will cut some of the tang of the kimchi if you find it overwhelming. Also as weird as it sounds, mayo goes great on kimchi fried rice for the same reason egg yolk is amazing.

  6. Oh yeah, you haven't done Beef Wellington yet. Hopefully you have that in mind for a holiday recipe at the end of the year. 🙂

  7. Chef John, I think you're the only person who could convince me to try this. You have magical chef powers!

    Question: What csn be done with Veal Breast? There's such a nice large square on sale at the grocer, but I'm afraid I would ruin it.

  8. You're recipe for kimchi corned beef was fantastic and a hit at the St Patricks Day shindig I went to, but I have a problem now. I don't have any meat leftover but I have most of the litchi in the pot. What can I do with it? I don't want to throw it away.

  9. Made gyro meat this week and used that instead of corned beef. And added a bunch of chopped up kale. Rice so good it made me cry. Thanks, Chef John!

  10. Chef John what is it with you and Stewed beef + cabbage. Wasn't that long ago you were making that polish beef cabbage stew.

  11. Be careful not to overcook the rice when you are toasting it at the bottom of the pan. If you leave it for too long or the heat is too high, the rice will get burnt and taste like shit.

  12. is American corned beef the same as the English one? as the one on here looked more like spam or luncheon meat

  13. Chef John CHALLENGE- You have shown us many types of omelettes. How about the most difficult omelette to make. JAPANESE! The full split on top over rice. I know you can do it!

  14. We made this last night and it was incredible! We used a little less Gochujang, but had fairly spicy kimchi, so it was still great. Thanks, Chef John! We’ve made 10-15 of your recipes in the last month or so and every single one has been something we will repeat. 🙂

  15. I always hear people going on about how great Kimchi is so I bought some from Costco a couple of months ago and couldn't stand it. Tried it by itself, almost threw up, and gave the giant jar of it to my Dad when he was visiting the next weekend because he loves the stuff but I can't figure out why for the love of God…

  16. When I first saw your videos I was like what’s with the voice. Then it became strangely catchy, great sense of humor and even better recipes. Thanks for the laughs and the teaching throughly enjoy your videos!!

  17. Hi, I’m a huge fan of your channel and I’ve been a subscriber for a couple years now. This is my first comment! I’m Korean (hello from Seoul!) and your version looks awesome. Try frying your kimchi in some butter. It will take it to a whole new level. Cheers.

  18. My easiest and yummiest recipe is Bacon-Kimchi Fried rice. You don’t need any oil.

    First cut your bacon in half inch. Fry your bacon in a pan. Once you have enough bacon grease, put in the chopped kimchi. Fry it for 5-10 min more. Put in rice, stir fry for 2-3 min. Add half spoon of Oyster sauce. If you don’t have the sauce skip it. Put your fried rice in a bowl or a plate, and add 2-3 Table spoons of any type of Cheese you have.

    Only need 4 ingredients and its so easy and good. My favorite!!

  19. Can you do a recipe with Amaranth? Specifically, the pigweed plant. Farmers of other crops are trying to exterminate it, and failing, but they're wasting that potential food resource. Can you do a recipe with it to help the farmers and other people see how useful that plant can be, so we don't waste any potential resources? Thanks!

  20. Word to the wise: even without the corned beef this is not a “vegetarian” recipe.

    The vast majority of kimchi is not vegetarian. Like not even kinda. Fish sauce notwithstanding – There’s shrimp in them thar cabbage leaves!

  21. Adding chilli powder instead of gochujang will give a cleaner taste and brighter red color. My suggestion is to add both of them, reducing the amount of gochujang. This looks amazing!!

  22. This recipe is rockin'…which explains why Chef John is the Alan Freed of his #landweed.

    GO ahead. Look it up, kids. 🙂

  23. Made this tonight and it was amazing!!! Vegan-ized it by using veggie hot dogs and kimchi without fish sauce. Definitely a repeater 🙂

  24. Add more oil to make rice little crunch but the kimchi is tender by not draining the Kimchi juice. Kimchi is very healthy food because it's fermented. Also you can mix 50/50 butter and veg oil for flavor. This is a fantastic, special meal at a picnic. You can cook right there to make more space for your guys. The people around you may leave you alone so your team can enjoy the entire park!😁😎😀

  25. Try using butter instead of oil. Kimchibokumbap uses this. Kimchi juice + butter = liquid gold but spicy

  26. looks great…. though, I would totally sneak in a bit of fermented shrimp paste in this if I were having it for myself..

  27. I love this Chef John!…Here's my quick version.

  28. Food Wishes I was hoping you had a Kimchi recipe on here. Great videos though chef John. I'm attempting kimchi this weekend

  29. skip the water. add some korean chilli pepper if you have it. you can swap out the protein to anything you want including spam or skip protein entirely. sesame oil and nicely fermented kimchi are key ingredients. Don't use some gay ass Japanese msg kimuchi.

  30. What can I say, Chef John's recipe is always right!
    We just uploaded a video of Kimchi Fried Rice with AVOCADOS instead of corned beef and it was soooo good. 😆

  31. Oh, yeah, the carmelized crunchies at the bottom of the pan! The only thing that I would top this with is more kimchi!

  32. Actually traditional kimchi isn't vegetarian. Usually fish sauce and salted shrimp are added when making kimchi. Also, cold rice works better when cooking fried rice 🙂

  33. Dear Chef John,

    I just made this and I have to say a few things.

    One: You were right. Pan > Wok. Though the wok did help boil off a bit of the excess kimchi juices that didn't drain off so it left it just right. But the pan worked a ton better for…I love your wording….crispification.

    Two: I was 110% genuinely surprised how well the corned beef and kimchi mixed together. Really great taste.

    Three: I was out of gochujang so I had to use Tobanjan which really kicked it up a notch.

    Two of your recipes so far have turned out incredibly well. Loco Moco and this. Sir, from the bottom of my very pleased stomach and from a fellow chef. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

  34. Could I use salt beef for this recipe? I haven't seen corned beef that looks like Chef John's, it usually comes in cans for me

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