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Cooper Lodge on Killington, Vermont

Well this is what a shelter looks like This one’s special because it actually has
a front to it Amazing Usually it’s just completely open These are sleeping platforms You might be able to fit as many three people
along the bottom Two on the top It’s actually got a picnic table inside Usually they have that outside And tonight I’m having dinner of spicy tuna
and bread Peanut butter Umm, some flavoured water, and Pop Tarts Very nutritious, I know Most of the shelters are built out of wood,
this one’s a stone one Hikers tend to congregrate in these things,
but there’s only me here I don’t know where, where everyone else will
be I guess because the shelter’s only a few miles
from a town People either stop before it or push – push
on That’s a – something to hang you backpack
up Or you foodbag from To stop mice getting at it I think I can see a mouse nest up in the corner
there But they’ll come crawl all over at night Usually they don’t have a floor in a shelter In fact usually this thing just goes straight
across And then there’s a drop off the end and that’s
the shelter floor You sleep where you stand So this is a shelter I’ll get back to my dinner

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