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CO | Maroon Bells with the Costas | Family Hike with YouTube Friends!

The other day we met the Costa family, fellow YouTubers who quickly became friends. And they invited us out for a weekend in Aspen where we hiked the beautiful Maroon Bells. [cheerful ukelele music] C: Are you guys holding hands? C: She loves it. She really likes me. C: So we ended up bringing all of Mike’s kids in the car with us! Except Sam! C: Except for Sam, because he can’t talk. [kids singing “Down by the Bay”] [lyrics and logic disintegrate as kids think up rhymes] HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A BAT–WHO–A RAT–HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A RAKE…down by the bay. C: Do you love Naomi? Hand! C: She loves it. She’s kicking her feet. Nathan: Where are we going? I forgot already. [soothing ukelele music continues] C: Can you smile? C: Hi! The hike to Crater Lake turned out to be a bit strenuous for four children and two babies. So we split up and continued on with Bubs, Rosebud, and Mike’s son, Ammon. We made it to an amazing lookout point before even our most intrepid travelers decided to call it a day. C: This is who made it! C: we lost some comrades on the way. Oh look it! A little screwdriver… C: What’d you think, Bubs? C: You ready to go back down? Ammon: I am! Nathan to Rosebud: Are you ready to go back down? Nuh-uh. Ammon: What?! Not gonna lie, I am pretty disappointed that we didn’t make it to Crater Lake. But I don’t think we had enough time, and we weren’t quite prepared. Next time we’ll definitely bring Rosebud’s carrier. That you see Bub’s wearing in some of our Southeast Asia videos. Because that thing’s got a frame…it’s got a seat…it’s the best to hike with. We could have used that today. For sure. C: What is that? A rock. C: A rock? Oh! Wow! C: That’s a special rock, huh? Rosebud: Me see? C: You wanna see? Here, look. R: I see. C: No, you can’t hold it. Sorry, you can’t hold it. [Pouting] Eventually, everyone was a hot mess. So we found a shady spot by the river for some R&R. Thankfully, Mike had thought ahead and packed us all lunch. Hello everybody! C: Hi! It was a wonderful day. [kids making goofy noises] C: Bubs is totally asleep.

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3 thoughts on “CO | Maroon Bells with the Costas | Family Hike with YouTube Friends!

  1. New subscriber here. Came over from Ashly & Mike. I look forward to "getting to know" your family through your channel. If you are interested in checking out our channel as well, we would be honoured. All the best!

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