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Climbing Three Mountains in One Day!

All right back at it again. I’m here at the mailbox peak trailhead mountain number one for the day Already got a little bit of light, so I thought I would stop for a second and explain to you. What the North Bend Triple is all about it’s climbing three mountains Mailbox peak Mount Teneriffe and Mount Si all in one day Unsupported and solo, so I’m not gonna drive. I’m gonna walk from place to place pretty excited about it. It’s gonna Probably waste me. The total mileage is gonna be around 40 and The total elevation gain is gonna be over 11,000 feet yikes I’m presently on the final summit ridge of Mailbox Peak So that’s the first one I have to do Right there is Mt Teneriffe That’s number 2 This one right there Is Si and that’s number 3 and my last one Feeling strong This is what’s not so glamorous about this part of the day I guess Just being here in the valley on this trail At least it’s not cement so 2 more to go Final push before we get this summit of Teneriffe Little snowy It’s not bad Summit number 2, Mt Teneriffe Made it summit number three. I’m on the top of Mt Si The North Bend triple is a killer I’m exhausted I feel like pins and needles all over my body. I’m shaking But I did it, and I’m so unbelievably Excited and I’m so u nbelievably tired I might take my time on the way down, but I did it. I’m elated I’m absolutely So excited so excited I’m gonna cap this one here at the summit. I’m just gonna concentrate on getting myself down Safely, and it’s gonna get dark so the camera is gonna have a hard time focusing Give this one a thumbs up for me and hit that subscribe button it really does help Thank you for watching Sincerely, thank you for watching, and I’ll catch you on the next one In The Wild

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2 thoughts on “Climbing Three Mountains in One Day!

  1. Dude, this is so epic! Thanks for documenting this. I am pondering doing it. Awesome job and great video!

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