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Climbing Mt Guiting Guiting Philippines most difficult mountain climb

So Toto, this is the last water source before the summit? hmm there’s another one there but only small. After Mayo’s Peak or before? After Hello sir, how are you? So hopefully the camera picks this up, but a lot of these holds they’re really quite juggy, quite easy to hold on to. I get the feeling it continues on like that all the way to the summit. At 2am that night our campsite
was becoming flooded, so I had to go out in the pouring rain and dig a deeper trench,
the trench follows down hill but further down about 3 metres from the tents there’s this
tree root that I had to cut with a saw. Once I cut the tree root it forced all the water
downhill and stopped our campsite from being completely flooded Alright people we’re moving out. Nine o’clock day two. Lunch break at 1700 metres. That’s the emergency shelter, cave. Blue worm 1822 metres. Ok, careful here.
This is the most dangerous part. Ok, lets go Grayson’s up, helping, going top of the summit. Oh it’s too hard. Mister careful, oh. Oh shit. Oh Shit. Dangerous oh my god Oh shit, oh god, mister
careful. Shelter sir, shelter? Shelter

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69 thoughts on “Climbing Mt Guiting Guiting Philippines most difficult mountain climb

  1. What a tough duo + guides. We were lucky to climb at only minor rainfall on day one. Carried 9 liters of water for me and the team to the top, and it was torture. It was one of my best climbs though!


  2. I last scaled Mt. Guiting-Guiting in 1990 in the same wet, miserable conditions leading bunch of mountaineers. In the Philippines, most of the mountains are watersheds and do catch a lot of rain. So it doesn't matter whether it's dry or rainy season. Pray for good weather! Just like any other mountain in the world the weather changes quickly-in minutes!

    The start of the climb from Mayo's Peak at Day 2 can be intimidating as you have to navigate a bit down a knife-edged ridge with the wind blowing up the ridge. Some of the difficult moves were shown here and lose rocks are every wear. I remember standing on one and the rock started sliding forward.

    There have been accidents here as well with the worst one in 1984 when 4 climbers from the UP mountaineers chose a different way down via the Olango River. They were caught in flash flood and drowned. Because of its bare rocky features it could rain up on the mountain and the water rushes down in seconds! I remember the pitcher plants, the jagged rocks and the guide as well. I'm glad the mountain is remote, hard to access and hasn't changed much.

    Thanks for posting this on video and congratulations for going up one of the most challenging and remote peaks in the Philippines. For the lady who was worried about his Kuya God bless your heart for your comments. Thank God you made it back safely!

  3. nice vid.. there are other breathtaking mountains in the Visayas(Mt. Kanlaon, Mt. Talinis) and Luzon Area(Kibungan, Sagada,Mt. Pulag-Akiki/Tawangan, Mt. Mingan). you should check it out. 

  4. good day sir, i would like to ask what month did you climb G2? we have planned to climb it together with my group, we just want to avoid the rain or the bad weather as much as possible,thank you sir 

  5. I can't believe even the Woolworths bag made it there! Awesome clip mate! G2 is definitely one of the toughest peaks to conquer in the Philippines…

  6. nerve wracking climb even for a viewer youtube like me. hehe back  in the 90's we used to call this jurassic park because of the landscape and the mystique behind the mountain hehe

  7. I loved the video. Some of the parts made me so nervous. I like that you're showcasing the other side of the Philippines. A lot of people dont know that we have enormous mountains like this. They think it's all beaches.

  8. Hey kyle & marlon, you guys are just one of the mainstream LNT worshippers that are prone to accidents because you guys have no idea of what the real native bushmen does in their everyday life in the mountains. Plz don't be too bookish and be practical whenever you are in a situation where your life is at stake. But ofcourse, we need to follow the Leave no Trace whenever its necessary and with a sense. I guess you guys never noticed that wearing Light-colored clothes can make you in trouble with the animals for it can distract their natural view of the environment, and specially when using strong perfumes could distract their sense of smell, and when using trekking poles are evidence enough that you guys are also not following your LNT mottos… we can trace your pole-holes and the shoe you are wearing either rain or heavy rains. What I'm telling you, is stop pretending to be a Nature-Lover when you are not. I know you guys are one of the many LNT people who strongly participated in Mass-Climbs but you have no idea what the effect you are contributing to the local folks as you ascend along the trails. You are just simply destroying their lines of livelihood and you guys always talk about caring mother-nature and helping the folks but most of you are leaving traces of liquior bottles and dirts on the summit. And Lastly, I guess most of you guys except some, knows what to do when SHTF comes. You should know how to improvise in times of emergency. Be knowlegable of the plants around you that might be of help to cure your illnesses. I trust you guys start converting to be a real bushman who knows the real meaning of LNT. Thank you and have a safe Journey along the trails.

  9. Hi Bush Channel my father lived in Sibuyan island and none of my relatives even him had been there in the top of mt. guiting2x you're lucky to be there… I heard a lot of folks story about mt. guiting2x that's why most of the people of Sibuyan hesitate to climb to the most top…I'm so inlove to sibuyan Island its such a spectacular place! love your video by the way although its blurry from the start I'm going to show this to my father

  10. cool to see my old stomping grounds. I was a peace corps volunteer there in the 90s. funny that you took four days to climb the mountain though…with helmets. I summited guiting guiting in 14 hours.

  11. That was a breath-taking climb especially the hardest part on the rock-ies. Hopefully be able to get there soon by this year! Great video!

  12. I'm sorry – but I find this hilarious. The white dude is all geared up – helmet, gaters, boots and the Filipino guide/helper is carrying 2 packs front and back and using a machete and hiking BAREFOOT and another one is wearing torn sandals that he patches up. White dude, wearing rain gear, and the Filipino dude a cheap poncho over his baseball cap, eating a snack under shelter of a bush. Clearly, it's the Filipino guide/helper that's a mountaineer. lol

  13. Interesting video!  Looks like the last section of scrambling could be very treacherous.  A rope, some chocks and biners would make it a lot safer.  I can imagine rescue from there would be almost impossible.  What were the temps?

  14. That was amazing trek and beautiful sights even in rain!! It looked very hard climbing tho and o m g that poor guy the one porter in shorts T-shirt and flip flop sandals I felt awful for him and scared he’d fall w those unsuitable sandels

  15. What a challenging and nerve wracking journey and climb. Glad you guys made it safe and in one piece! Thanks for sharing the vid. For more climbs! 🙌🙏🥂

  16. Good day you guys like this one very much , mangdiwang is where my gf is from , we are going their in may 2019 , her mom has a hotel their , how was your overall experience? And can you recommend and things that would draw more people like your selfs for adventure like the climbing and other things like that ? Really very interested in your feed back thanks

  17. We climed Mt. Pulag via akiki trail for our year ender climb. Hopefully by 2019 maakyat din namin tong G2. Ngayon palang magpeprep na ako haha sana maivlog ko din to ng maayos haha mahirap maghike habang nag vivideo eh haha

  18. So, we can climb the so-called most difficult mountain with only wearing flipflop 😂
    Come to Indonesia & experience our mountains.

  19. Kakaakyat ko lang dito nung January 7 2019 actually we are the first group (5 heads) na umakyat ngayung taon ang porter namin nka tsenilas lang din parang maliit pa sa kanya pag lagpas sa first river hinubad nya na at nka paa lng hangang camp 3 Sabi niya normal na sa kanila yun pero ang bilis nya padin

  20. Those who only whore flipflops, those people are locals being hired as porters. they are the local equivalent version of SHERPA in mount everest. they carry stuff for you when you hire them and sadly they wear little to none protection.

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