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well the first time from a distance
mount kilimanjaro doesn’t look real how can such a massive layer-cake a volcanic
rock shoot up from the Tanzanian Plains and touch the cloud so high that its
peak is snow-capped on the equator in this video I set out to climb the
largest freestanding mountain on earth but first we need to flashback two days
ago to Arusha where we are prepping for the nine-day Trek to the summit of Mount
Kilimanjaro abadi Tanzania Eric Conover here from the streets of Arusha I’m
actually in a market right now or getting all of our supplies for the hike
of Chile tomorrow and we’re with some local guys are showing us around for the
trek up Kilimanjaro we got lots of veggies fruits and enough grains to last
the nine-day adventure you know only the essentials the best coffee I’ve ever had
was from Costa Rica I just smelled this coffee the best smelling coffee I’ve
ever smelled million on bums and gear guys it’s good yeah yeah this is a
Maasai doctors and the one we’re using the Masai Mara see a lot of people that
used to come to buy the medicine see if you have the problem you tell the doctor
about them so this right here is the machete I got yesterday at the Maasai
market and it’s funny because we were walking around the market in Arusha and
every single person was kind of giving me like a head nod like when they saw my
machete because this is the traditional Masai machete so that’s kind of cool but
other than that we’ve stuck out like sore thumbs
like they say every day here but now we are at will bird’s house we just
unloaded all the food for the trek tomorrow this is all the food that you
need to go on a nine-day Trek of Kilimanjaro back at the hotel we laid out all of our
gear on the beds and divided the gear to be put either in our day packs or our
duffel bags prior to the trip kilee warriors sends out a very very thorough
gear list so you are a hundred percent prepared for the track as you can see it
all enough to show the new map of Mont Kilimanjaro there are so many routes to
the top of Kilimanjaro but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are all equal the
most popular route is the majjhima route which takes about six days and since
it’s the most popular it also has the most foot traffic so we are taking the
western breach route which is nine days long and has a much much higher summit
rate than the others the more time you spend at elevation the more time your
body has to acclimate to the conditions hence a higher rate of success only a
few Outfitters offer this route due to the expertise required of the head
guides and porters which means on our summit we aren’t climbing with any
crowds we’re gonna get a full night’s sleep and then tomorrow morning we set
off for day one of our Trek of Mount Kilimanjaro day number one of a nine day Trek to the
summit of Mount Kilimanjaro biggest tip Poulet Poland which means very very
slowly also drink three or four liters of water per day but this is it we are
starting in the jungle day number one we set off into some of the most lush and
dense vegetation I’ve ever seen the life in this place a sea of endless green all
around as soon as you start climbing you feel the altitude immediately I mean
even right now I’m talking not really short of breath but I’m feeling that
we’re at almost eight thousand five hundred feet little weather update
sunny skies no rain normally this is the rainiest part of the climb but look
behind me beautiful you don’t even feel like here on the mountain yet just
because it’s such a broad mountain you know it feels like we’re just kind of
through the backcountry yeah but the porters the porters are the real studs
of this trip before we set out every Porter’s bag was weighed at the National
Park gate any excess weight was taken out in accordance with Tanzanian law
what’s the maximum weight that the porters can carry compulsory with a
mission above so they’re only allowed to carry 20 kilos sanzenin law it’s a
government law and it’s the way of to support the local community
since like the mountain is an area the way to benefit apart from the fuck did
you get is to get a job yeah when the clans will come I think
for our Trek we have close to 20 Porter’s there’s five of us climbing up
it’s Pat and I a mother and her two sons the honest truth is without Porter’s
making it to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro would be nearly impossible
you’ll see as the trip goes on the crucial role that the porters play in
the summit we emerge from the rain forest nine thousand and two hundred
feet above sea level at big tree camp at the lower elevations the body can still
process most foods and we had an amazing dinner by chef Luis food the food will
dramatically change as we ascend the mountain big meals like this will become
very rare our drinking water we purified from the streams nearby and now we’re
going to bed after successful day one will see in the morning it was a good night got a good night’s
sleep the tent smelled like she’s a lot colder this morning then we thought it
was probably in the wood you said mid-40s yeah we’re going to Shiro one
camp today we are sending from just about 9,200 feet to a 11800 right we’ll
be reaching 11,800 but we’ll camp at eleven thousand five they’d like to say
hike high camp below so every morning the guys would sing like that when your
crew is fired up it’s contagious the rest of us we just got that energy from
them and it’s one of those sins were I know a lot of companies that do kilee
Heights have this singing but apparently Wilbert was saying that Kellie warriors
they were the first company to start singing on the mountain and you can tell
when they sing that they mean every single word that they’re saying and with
that we set back off into the rain forest at some point you have to say
goodbye to that canopy of shade and you emerge into the Heather zona I’ve read
about 10,000 feet rain forest stops in the heather zone the vegetation becomes
much much smaller and less dense there’s no more shade no more canopy the rainforest yeah and that was
critical and a lot of people especially my Instagram like Eric why do you need
that Indiana Jones hat for this you will fry yeah for the Heather zone sunscreen
wide brim hat glasses every hour every hour and Walter today is actually easier
than yesterday you know you get used to the altitude pretty quick but there’s
this guy I know his name is Cedric he’s a punk
he’s the biggest punk on Kilimanjaro on what’s the biggest punk as we’ll these
are the studs right here the best guide that can get you up killing jar we
arrived at Shira one camp around dusk kilimanjaro finally broke from the
clouds and showed us its raw power up until this point we hadn’t seen the
mountain yet we were absolutely blown away at the site and for the first time
we got to properly see what was ahead of us knowing that we were at an elevation
of over 11,000 feet grasping how high and enormous the mountain looked it was
truly hard to comprehend what was ahead of us this is the point in the trip
where it’s gonna start here pretty ugly at 6:30 in the morning we are both
feeling the altitude woke up at 11:30 with the worst stomach ache of my life
Pat over here I woke up at 11:30 – but I didn’t have the stomach ache
would you have Erik sleeping next to me the first night of actual labor
breathing last night kind of sucked so what Pat and I are experiencing is
called high altitude sickness and this is just the onset but two times daily we
check our pulse and our blood oxygen levels these will also drop
significantly as we ascend and the air becomes thin you set off the next day
around 7:00 a.m. through the flat moorlands trekking through the caldera
of an extinct volcano we made it past the climbing legend Scott Fischer’s
memorial camp so we’ve made our way through the moorlands which is basically
flat all day this is the first real incline see right behind in the distance
there she is we’re at 13,000 1,500 fit we out here
for sure I feel much better than this morning we’re pushing on at a good pace
or almost at the porter pace not quite yet we got a long way to go this is our
first point really feeling the altitude yeah that was a heavy climb at how it’s
like our day today it’s down because we are very close to the camera as you can
see we to take us like 10 or 15 minutes to the camp so we’ll knock down the day
let’s do it let’s keep pressing on whew
then the kids might breath for a second I have never felt the altitude this hard
as I feel it right now now Kilimanjaro has its own weather
weather systems formed when the air hits the mountain and uplifts and these
thunderstorms pop up I know where I had to put the camera down I had to focus on
climbing this is the end of the first Kilimanjaro video and the next one I
will be standing at the top no matter what happens with this storm I’m getting
to the top of that mountain it’s real go down yeah we go down no option we go
down just because of the way though let’s do it do we turn around because of
the altitude sickness did the storm lit up do we summit Mount Kilimanjaro you’re
gonna have to tune in to the final episode of the Kilimanjaro series to
find out the best is for last this next video is unlike anything I’ve ever seen
or anyone’s ever done on YouTube so make sure you subscribe and I’ll see you for
the final video

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  1. Wow its a amazing adventure to trekking Kilimajaro…how much dollars that must be prepared to travel to Tanzania and hike to the peak of Kilimanjaro ?…We also will do it.
    Please answer !
    From Indonesia in Southeast Asia.

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    It's refreshing to see in this era of shouty self absorbed YouTube 'personalities'.

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    Kenya yetu, hakuna matata. 😃

    So what did they say instead of Kenya?

  8. My Grandma got a Guinness world record for being one of the oldest people to climb to the top shes 85 years old

  9. Jaguars took out 22 climbers last year. A fact no one tells you before embarking on the adventure.

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  15. Our team took the Lemosho Route, too, but we went over the Barranco Wall. Did you go over the Wall? If you did and didn't film it, that would be too bad, as I think your viewers would have liked to see that challenge. Our route continued on to high camp at Barafu Hut, where we spend the evening before beginning our summit at 23:00 hours.

  16. This is Tanzania…not only mount Kilimanjaro… Also there are many other tourism place like ngorongoro crater, Serengeti national park, mikumi national park,mount meru national park and so so much more…trust me…u will never regret visit Tanzania

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