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Climbing For Kids – Mt. Diablo Training Hike

[music] The Mount Diablo Climbing for Kids
training hike started with the passing out of some nice Leki
trekking poles to all the climbers. Then Gu and Clif bars were distributed.
BAWT always feeds us and supplies us well. Then we all had a look at the map
so we could know the way, and we got together for a pep talk. Thanks for coming today. So we’re going to head up to the summit
of Mount Diablo, up Mitchell Canyon. Has everybody got food and water?
Yep. Everybody’s got a rain shell even though
it’s probably pretty unlikely to rain? Yep. Alright, great. Well, thanks for coming
and let’s get on the trail. [music] The first half of the hike was on a dirt
road, and that gave us a chance to talk and socialize while we warmed up. [music] A couple hikers decided a little scrambling
was needed on beautiful rock formations. The view was perfect from the top of a
volcanic pinnacle near the summit. [music] The whole group reached the top,
where we enjoyed a panoramic view and had some lunch. We covered about 14 miles on the day, and
climbed over 3,500 feet – a good training day. [music]

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