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CLIFF JUMPING(!) at South Point – Big Island, HAWAII

One… two… three Hi! I’m Karen Today we’re cliff jumping at the southern-most point of Hawaii Island on the Big
Island And the United States // AND the United States. South Point, or Ka Lae, is about an hour and 15
minutes from the town of Volcano and an hour and 40 minutes from Kona. the last 12 miles of the drive on South Point Road journeys through grassy ranch land
before coming to the famous cliffs. The cliffs are best known for being the
southern most point of the United States even farther south than the Florida Keys. We didn’t come on a windy day, but it typically gets so windy that a lot of the trees
have blown over and now just grow that way. Are you gonna do it? Jump off the
cliff? [heavy sigh] … I’m gonna take a look at it, and then maybe. On the 3% chance that I
actually do go cliff jumping, I want to be prepared so you don’t change my
mind. So, I’m in my swimsuit. It’s going to happen. Oh yeah, we like that. There’s a pretty good reason why you’re not supposed to go swimming here. Wooooah. … Oh man. The current is super strong and if you get swept away, there’s nothing between you
and Antarctica. Which makes it even more amazing that this is where the first
Polynesian explorers from Tahiti are thought to have landed between 400 to
800 AD. The significance of this event, along with the ancient ruins in the area, contributed to why the entire southern tip is classified as a National Historical Landmark. Just a little terrifying. Like really terrifying. Maybe? What is this maybe? So what’s the technique? You just jump out as far as possible? Keep your arms by your side. All right, here we go. My heart is going so fast right now. // Okay babe, I’m gonna drop this down! Do it! Wooo! [screams] Woo Hoo! [laughing] Good job guys! Look at that! // Oh wow! // You guys, that was awesome. Not as scary doing it as I thought. Definitely the scariest part was psyching myself out. You can do it! It’s not that scary, because there’s no
way you’re going to hit the bottom. It’s so deep, so clear. That was sick! Epic! That was the best jump I’ve seen all day. // Nice. I was so nervous. I’ve never jumped off of anything so high before. I know. That was pretty cool. Those signs totally tripped me out. “No jumping”. This current is crazy. Yeah, you can see how much it’s going up and down. A lot of people said that the ladder is the hardest part. Woo! Made it. We had planned to go to the Green Beach after cliff jumping, but we decided to stick around
and watch the sunset, because it really was the perfect day. I know that was so corny, but it was perfect. Two… three…!

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3 thoughts on “CLIFF JUMPING(!) at South Point – Big Island, HAWAII

  1. I saw a couple videos on this place, but this is the best one! I like that you even added some geography and history in there. I never knew where these cliffs were located until now. Thanks and keep making awesome videos! atb -KleshGuitars

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