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Client Story – The Tolcarne Inn

It’s about the provenance and the
quality that I become known for but in an informal setting that is accessible
to everybody so families with, you know, children and dogs we
welcome everybody in here. I’ve done this all my life all my
working life and predominantly what I’ve done up to now has been fine dining and
i’ve got to a point in my career where I wanted to do something a little less
formal, bit more relaxed. I thought there was a golden opportunity here in Newlyn
as no one was really focusing on fish and we’ve got obviously a lot of it
being landed and just on the other side of the wall there. I’ve had success by
way of accolades in the past and that’s been great but now I want to do
something that fulfills me, gives my guests a really enjoyable experience but
ultimately is a financial success. Produce, you know talking to the fish
market every morning, getting the list that’s been landed, knowing what I’ve got
coming from Trevelyan farm that I use. It’s the ingredients that inspire me. Creating
something that’s got flavour that I’m going to enjoy cooking that I hope in turn my
guests enjoy eating that’s what gets me going. Five words describe the food: honest,
simple, robust, flavourful, affordable. It was a no-brainer I knew before I even
started negotiating with anyone that when it came to needing a solicitor it
would be Christian. It’s great to be involved in the sector
it’s one of the most important areas for the Cornish economy. Stephens Scown
recognises that and is putting in the resources to make sure that the help
and support is there. He knew what I was about and I wasn’t just a client I
was someone whose business he understood, from the experience of enjoying it
as a guest, as opposed to, you know, just being my solicitor. You need someone you can gel with who
gets what you’re about, you know, you want that relationship that means it’s fluid,
the conversation is easy, you understand, you can ask questions. Do you see what I
mean? It’s about a relationship that makes easy to understand the
complexities. Knowing that I could pick up the phone to Christian and he would
explain things to me and have ultimately my best interest at heart
making sure that i didn’t get stiffed on the deal. I will certainly be a regular
customer here it’s going to be a knockout business and the fact that
Stephens Scown is going to be able to support him on that is very satisfying. It is my plan to to expand from this
site to do others and there’s no question it will be Christian than I use
in the future.

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