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Ciudad de Big Bear en California

Activate subtitles for your language We are already reaching Big Bear Around 2 hours driving from Los Angeles Some places look very pretty The houses covered in snow We’re going to walk before we get where we’re going. We are going to walk a little through the forest Here are some traces of an animal. What animal will it be? I think they are the tracks of a dog There are the traces of a person It seems that someone brought the pet for a walk. We come to walk to admire the beauty
forest. The forest covered with snow. It is a beautiful view We almost reached Big Bear When we get to Big Bear we will have fun
and we talked for a while. We are already in the city of Big Bear. The Big Bear Mountains 2 hours driving from Los Angeles When we reach our destination we will
talk for a while. We already arrived my dear friends. Let’s walk around here while I show you the
place. Let me tell you that the reason here is called
Big Bear Big Bear means huge bear. In the time of 1900 and before that date. Here the Native Americans lived
the tribe of Los Serranos. Here there were many grizzly bears. At that time, grizzly bears abounded. The last time they looked at a grizzly bear
in this area. Supposedly it was in 1912 With the arrival of the white man in this area. The grizzly bears disappeared from this area. Black bears can still be seen in
these times. Sometimes they roam the city. Here in the Big Bear Mountains almost everything
the year is cold. Here the snow is very common We are at a height of around 9000 feet. This height varies in several places. In this area there are two large resorts where
You can ski or snowboard. There is a cable car to climb the mountain. There are several special places to ski
and snowboarding If you do not come prepared do not worry. There are many places where you can rent
everything you need. There are also many places where you can take
lessons. Since I’m telling you about this. So that you do not make the same mistake that
I committed My family and I went last week to
the Baldy Mountains. When we left Los Angeles. There
There was a bit of heat. We do not dress appropriately for
cold. When we reached the Baldy Mountains. On the mountain it was very cold. It’s like being inside a freezer. We can not stand the cold very much. We came back very quickly. On that mountain there is also a cable car. We did not get on the cable car because it was very cold. I’m telling you this so you can prepare well
if you want to go enjoy the snow. You must wear good shoes You can get special clothes for the
snow Warm clothes like scarf, hood. The weather is cold and very humid. Do not forget to bring extra socks. This hill is a little inclined. Let me tell you that you really need to bring
special shoes. Here it is very slippery. In the night it is around 20 degrees Fahrenheit In the day it is around 50 degrees Fahrenheit The sun melts the snow a bit and makes it
ice That’s why the whole area is very slippery. You need special shoes for ice. Some parts are too slippery. The city of Big Bear is very close to Los
Angels Around 2 hours driving depending
of traffic. Supposedly this city does not even have
10,000 inhabitants. But in a single weekend there may be
up to more than 100,000 people. It is a very touristy place. Many people like to ski and do
snowboard Camping or hiking in the mountains. It is a really beautiful place. Since this place is very close to Hollywood Here they have recorded many movies and series
of TV. Some examples are: Daniel Boone Here they filmed many chapters of Daniel
Boone. The last of the Mohicans An old movie of 1920 Ever watched the Rocky movies Rocky’s films are several I think Rocky 3 is when Rocky box against
a Russian In that movie he trains in the cold
Of snow. Supposedly to be hardened in
the muscles. Several boxers in the 1990s made
the same here. Some of the most famous that trained
here in the cold. Mike Tyson and Oscar de la Hoya. They used the same rock strategy and
to train in the cold. Supposedly that hardens the muscles. We are going home now. In the distance you can see a large lake. I can see some ducks. The lake is a little frozen It’s not all frozen. On the way home, night has fallen. Keep in mind that on these dates
dark very early It gets dark around 5 in the afternoon Above the mountains the cold is stronger The panorama is very beautiful Today our adventure in the mountains ended
of Big Bear. See you later, friends We were here a week ago Mount Baldy Ski Lift Manker canyon Thanks for watching the video First person videos Around Los Angeles Exploring Los Angeles Subtitles in several languages

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  1. eres muy aburrido para hablar tu video esta bueno solo habla con entusiasmo no como que ahuevo tienes que hablar si t gusta mi comentario que bueno y si no t gusta no me importa.

  2. Bellísimo!!! Felicitaciones bello lugar,hace poco estuve ahí,como se llama la montaña que fuiste y se regresaron? Please!! Gracias !!!

  3. Precisamente acabo de descubrir ese lugar en un video de youtube y pienso ir quiero conocer la nieve en vivo y a todo color jijijijk gracias contigo e aprendido bastante de los Ángeles bendiciones

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