100 thoughts on “China deal could boost Dow 10,000 points: Art Laffer

  1. China has never ever honored any treaty, or agreement with the United States. If you keep getting wacked over the head decade after decade, administration after administration, don't you want to know why and what is causing it? Disengagement is what we should be doing, not engagement with the people who are at unrestricted warfare with us. The Chinese are the biggest abusers of human rights, who harvest the organs of political prisoners in their internment camps. Disengage not engage.

  2. A lot of the economy is based on consumer confidence..Democrats know they aren't going to win in 2020 mainly because of the economy. So, the democrats and their criminal conspirators are now trying to talk us into a recession…Keep talking it long enough, people quit spending money and start tightening their belt, which in turn causes the economy to become weak…

  3. The common sense thing would have been to do is trade with nations that have similar wages. So with Tariffs etc things will be to expensive just like american made products are to expensive for most

  4. Bring the Red Menace down now. It's a big world. There are other markets. Check the "Made in" labels, folks. Eshew Chinese-made goods.

  5. I will not be shopping at wal-mart anymore, so I don't care if China makes a deal or not. Communist slave labor in China is bad for the Chinese people!!
    God bless the Hong Kong protesters, and the Hong Kong people 🙏🙏

  6. I buy as much made in the USA as possible. It takes me awhile going through stores checking what I buy to see where it's made. You would be surprised at how much we make. The Dollar stores are getting more made in USA. I'll pay a little extra for made in America. I've harassed family members to check theirs also and they are. Most we get from China is junk, but they didn't want to buy our stuff. It's their government not the people.

  7. Dow wouldn't go up 10k points. Those companies won't have their cheap Chinese labor with a fair trade deal so their margins will be slimmer. So stocks will rise but not no 10k.

  8. Hardcore Absolute Fact: Here comes 10,000 point drop in stock market! Here comes an already sick economy about to turn into a virus spreading like wildfire! US government is getting desperate because they know they are not producing much! No livable wages = very unproductive and dying economy!!!

  9. Mexicans COULD pay for the wall. But you are.

    The Dow COULD go up.
    Or it could plummet as soon as trump leaves office because trump set it up that way.

    Blame a democrat for it after, trust me. It always works.

  10. Art Laffer I agree with you 100 % we are headed to another 10,000 points on the Dow . People want to work hard and to be rich . End of story .Hard work wins all the time !

  11. President Trump. Please Please sir stop this winning! I’m so exhausted of winning. Sir could we take a break? Maybe for a few weeks? But I know after Thanksgiving and during the Christmas holidays that we will be spending because we have more money to spend. Please slow down on the winning. Okay? Thank you President Trump you are certainly the Best President of our lifetime. 🇺🇸

  12. Can we build a cottage industry right here that actually builds stuff cheaper and better than china? sure invest in american small buisness. If trump wants to superheat our economy on an incentive basis backed by loans for manufacturing we once again would forget China ! This is what China is affraid of. All of China subsidizes industry by the Chinese Communist party ! Thats why we get ripped off , because there really arent any price controls, and they manipulate thier currency. We could have chose to keep manufacturing here, but that would have meant corporations would have to pay a livable wage. In china picture a chicken coop dorm setting for workers and wages so lo that the worker is totaly dependant on the state, from cradle to grave Just like plantation workers and gold miners. Corporations have a stangle hold , They own everything now , but not DJT.

  13. The numbers: The economy added just 130,000 new jobs in August, marking the smallest increase in three months and offering more evidence that hiring has slowed amid a broadening trade dispute with China that’s disrupted the U.S. and global economies.

    The soft employment figures are all but certain to keep the Federal Reserve on track to cut interest rates later this month, even after another sharp increase in wages. Hiring fell well short of the 170,000 MarketWatch forecast.

  14. Can you imagine the amount of progress this president would achieve without all the obstruction?? If he wins back the house and keeps the senate, there is more likely a chance that more RINOS will be voted out and new republicans with sincere support for Trump will follow through on practical solutions for the american people. That WILL BE PROGRESS!! And maybe, just maybe, the criminal justice system will be realigned to what it was originally created for, to put away criminals as opposed to supporting them. Looking forward to 2020 with HOPE!!


  16. If Trump fixes the trade with China won't we lose more jobs so why would he fix it wouldn't go back to the same old same old American jobs leaving think about it

  17. So the liberals and democrats are taking over fox business too? I’ll ask it here, did CNN close down? Why all the aggression since they landed? What are they trying to accomplish by starting arguments over at Fox News and Fox Business? People need to ignore them or block them and they will go away, they love to cause chaos.

  18. Art Laffer is a moron, him and his stupid Laffer curve. The Chinese are stalling. These people are laughable.
    The US is $2.4 trillion in debt to float the economy, Trump will add $1 trillion more next year, GDP growth under Trump is lower than Obama, unemployment is only 1% point lower than Obama, US businesses paid $68 billion in Trump’s tariffs, the US farmers lost over $26 billion in sales to China and next year will worse as China has ordered soybeans from Brazil, and Brazil is burning their forests to grow soybeans.
    2018 stock market lost the most money since 2008 recession. Employment numbers have been dropping for 4 months now. The Fed is cutting interest rates for the first time since the 2008 Great Recession.

  19. It's good to see an optimistic economist for a change, instead of those leftist, anti-American Trump haters predicting doom and gloom on CNN and MSNBC.

  20. Fox new forgot to mention the 4 MILLION jobs lost in 2012 to 2015 that was sent over sea. GDP only grades by A.I and automation not humans ….. MATH

  21. Love to see the media and democrats’ reaction if it spiked that much🤣🤣.
    All the never trump Bush/McCain Republicans on CNN & MSNBC wouldn’t show their faces

  22. China in my opinion will not make a deal with Trump because they know if no deal is made it will hurt his chances for reelection. China would prefer a Democrat in the White House so they can continue to manipulate America.

  23. Real GDP growth is still way below the Clinton years and most of the Obama years. Look it up. Trump has done nothing for the rust belt voters and Wal-Mart clerks who elected him beyond symbolic gestures.

  24. We gotta start testing Poland springs for toxic stuff and see what we can do with that if its Illegal

  25. How much would the dow boost in 5 years with end of trade with China all together? Sure there would be a near term drop and recession but in 5-10 years we would be free from China and retain a lot more of our technology industry as we wouldn’t face Chinese competitors selling our same patented tech back to us cheaper than we could sell it for. How much long will Apple even be around if Huawei and xaiomi ect are allowed to sell knock offs? Whether you like America’s big tech companies or not, they are the lifeblood of our economy and without them there will be millions out of work and a downward spiral economy as we negotiate away our resources to stay relevant on the global economic scale.

  26. Look everybody look how good it's going an you want socolist wake up we are free an we are rolling stop the Dems now they want you to be a slave to them don't you understand it time to show them an the world we are free an going to stay that way time is here an now to vote the Dems out to stay free don't you see what they did to you an now they have forgotten you an want only illegaly people that have came here an broke our laws time to vote them out now they want you to be a slave 😠

  27. BREAKING: Trump ends US China trade war; swaps Hong Kong for California in unprecedented deal

    Washington DC—After months of growing trade tensions between the US and China leading to an impending global recession, along with mounting strife in Hong Kong prompting dissidents to wave American flags, US President Donald Trump has negotiated quite possibly the biggest deal of his life.

    The US will trade the entire state of California for Hong Kong in a flat exchange.

    “Basically everyone in California wants to be commies and Hong Kong wants to be American, so we did what we call a win-win-win and traded the two in a tremendous deal,” Trump said in a press conference announcing the unprecedented deal.

    Markets responded with a complete turnaround from recent declines and posted record numbers.

    Californians and Hong Kongers were dancing in their respective streets—Californians happy about the 1-child-only policy and finally being run by the Communist Party—and Hong Kong happy about being part of the free world once again.

    If only it was true.

  28. Pump the brakes Art! You may be right, but the best thing we can do is pass the USMCA and create new bilateral deals. Dump China CCP once and for all!

  29. The republican way. A better deal with a communist country will book our investment dollars. Our workers won't be making any more money, because we are still buying products made by slaves, but our investment class will do great. Our nation is bought and paid for and run by the devil.

  30. And if i had a 12 inch !#*& most women would run in fear. Go Trump. You brought on a REGAN finantial consulatant? Just no.

  31. Yeah it will make all the people that invest in the stock market, aka people with money, richer….yay??? literally does nothing for the average Joe

  32. Forget china we have more then enough to handle. with the crimes against america right here. Clean up our treasonous criminals then think about china

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