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Chicken Fried Rice – By Vahchef @

Hello, Namaste, salaam Walaikum, sat sri akal Welcome back to another session with your vahchef at today I’m going to show you a very
simple fried rice with chicken so we’re going to make a chinese kind
of chicken fried rice to prepare this Chinese kind of fried rice cut your chicken into really small
pieces add little bit of pepper powder little of salt sprinkle little bit
of cornflour and then mix it add just two drops of egg make sure your chicken is cut into
small pieces otherwise it won’t be cooked in fried
rice you can cook rice by draining method you boil a
nice with training with the water and then you spread the rice on a tray see that’s when you get this rice you
know like individually even, fluffy and really good when the rice comes out
fluffy like this visit it is very good to make your Chinese fried rice first pour some oil into a pan once the oil is hot just put your chicken in this now you can see this chicken frying just
mix it a little bit since i cut the chicken into small pieces it’s going to cook really fast you can follow the same recipie if you want
to make shrimp fried rice also now that the chicken is cooked now I’ve drained all the oil you can see
just a few drops of oil now in this we’re going to add some finely chopped
ginger and garlic make sure it is very very fine Ok add
little bit just sautéed for a 10 minute because you want this to be
nicely cooked once this garlic is cooked add little
bit onion sauteing till it is slightly transparent now add egg you know I just beat one egg in this just pour egg on it ohk you know for this preparation if you don’t have a walk or anything you
just use a nonstick path ok eggs is cook so fast just in few seconds it will be ready I add little bit of pepper ok salt,
little bit of a Ajino moto ok and then add the vegetables add few drops of vinegar little bit of
soya sauce chicken and then add all the rice has to be kind of 95 percent cook and it should be fluffy otherwise you know you will never get a you know rice like this ok now we can check the taste I can add
little bit salt little bit salt little bit soya sauce whenever you go to
chinese restaurant and you ask the Chinese fried rice to be very spicy what they do is add a little bit of
chili garlic sauce you know what I recommend keep this
cilly garlic sauce on the side do not add it but if you want to add it you can add a
little bit and finish it off with some spring onion and mix it up hmm !!!! so dear friends this is how you make
this very simple chicken fried rice we’re going to learn a lot more chinese
dishes we’re going to make hot and sour sweet corn soup, chicken soup You’re going to make many of those dishes pretty soon so I hope you have enjoyed to learn chicken fried rice with your Vahchef
remember that Vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please post your recipes and cooking tips so others can benefit from your great cooking. Thank you !!!!

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100 thoughts on “Chicken Fried Rice – By Vahchef @

  1. sir please stop making that noice while tasting the food…it makes me jealous for not eating the food….but really nice video..thx

  2. At 2:45 what is the ingredient please? Also should the Vegetables be pre-cooked?


    Superb videos – please keep up the good work!

  3. I love this Chicken Fried rice.I made it several time after watching this video. Thank so much Sanjay Thumma.

  4. I cooked this recipe today using shrimps. And using less oil.Thanks so much chef SANJAY . (You look like your son in this video.)

  5. I have used slightly defrosted frozen veg. They use small chopped veg so even if you use fresh it will cook through. You dont want it mushy either. Aginomoto is a brand name of MSG – Monosodium Glutamate. Many ppl these days dont use it for health reasons. Its fine to omit it

  6. i cooked exactly the way you showed in the video and it really turned out yummy……my boy friend is impressed……thanks a lot and please show more of indo Chinese recipe in future….GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR GREAT TEAM

  7. hmmmmmmm……….. very nice and mouth watering…….. chef can you please keep beard it looks really nice for you please chef………. im waiting to see you with beard in next vedio

  8. I have to say it made me a bit squeamish when you tasted the food and some dropped into your hand and you threw it back into the food. That is definitely cross contamination. If you had put it on a separate plate and then tasted it, no cross contamination.

  9. This is a dry version, i usually do which is abit moist….with mix of dark soy sauce ,light soy,seasoning sauce(Maggie). The garlic,ginger paste finely chopper and blended…its basically to make the base more soggy then use the moist to mix in with the rice.

  10.  @omi12798: first of all the chef here didn't say "hajromoto" and the way you wrote it's not correct either it is "AJINOMOTO" u wrote aginomoto. the Japanese name of monosodium glutamate. try to correct someone when you know the correct thing. he pronounced completely right way. try to listen to this video to make sure. but i saw somewhere (at any of his video) the name was written on the screen, 'ajinamoto', which is not correct.

  11. Dear  Vah Chef,

     since you are so famous, popular and favorite to thousands of people i think you should little bit of careful of posting your recipes like ingredients and the directions.because in this video  at the beginning,you only put minced garlic and in the ingredients you mentioned  about garlic and ginger both and in the direction you said to put only minced ginger. so confusing!

     i know whoever has common sense should figure this out, but how many are they. not everyone is house wife or very brave to cook!

     you didn't put any pear in this recipe but in the ingredients you mentioned that. and for the eggs, in your video there were more than one egg according to the amount of beaten egg. but you mentioned in the ingredients only one egg. although you also mentioned in the video only one egg. In the video, you used frozen vegetables but in the ingredients you mentioned about celery which is completely absent in your video.

    please please please  be little bit of careful about mentioning the time for marination, frying things and the exact amount of the ingredients except salt. who are ladies or very much used to for making food is not a problem for them to figure out your missing or unmatched ingredients, but for inspiring lots of new people to cook their own food, your video should match with your posted ingredients and the directions.

    hope i don't sound very rude or nosy. i cooked your chicken 65 today and it turned out soooooooooooo good. thanks a ton. now i'm going to make this fried rice.

    thanks to your team and to your wife and family too.may god always bless you. 

  12. you added green onions very less which is the heart of Chicken fried rice 

    apart from that when I cooked my chicken fried rice at home – i always add little bit of chilly sauce and white vinegar to make it little more tangy 

  13. wat kind of a stupid fried rice is this? wat u did is put everything in and let it cook.. plz dont call urself a chef, moron.. guys, if u try this at home, its gonna be all soggy, wont be like the real thing at all.. this is how u make it if u just know the ingredients but dont know wat to do with them.. pffff

  14. Hi, chef may I know how much chicken we should put to this fried rice. …. coz chef u aak to put 1/4 cup chicken is it enough..????

  15. Hi.I try your chicken fried rice, very excellent. My family especially my daughter likes it a lot . Thank you very much

  16. Hello Chef, thanks again!!! tried the fried rice and it turned out well.
    used some of the chicken pieces to add in the Manchurian gravy shown in your veg / mushroom Manchurian dishes. Turned out well!!!

  17. vahr evah bhaiji is one of the best i have seen in nv cooking ur the best
    my husband loves ur nv the most
    thank u so much bhaiji.

  18. Hi chef yu have become my guruji, and i get compliments from my husbaand ,,all over my relatives thankyu very much for being my inspiration

  19. Hello sir, ur caption is just true.. It definitely inspired us to cook….my sister tried chicken fried rice and it's yum. . Thank you for all your cooking techniques and delicious dishes…. just loving

  20. Vahchef, You are the best chef. I tried it was awsome. you are million times better then all chef from india ,
    you are india no 1

  21. Hi Sir thanks for ur videos I living and working in Dubai when I came here I don't even know abcd of cooking but with ur videos I learnt great about cooking now my dishes are being admired all time…thanks to ufor this

  22. Very good.. easy.. thanks… and I think the way you check taste is fine if the food is only for personal use… 🙂

  23. Hi Vahchef, i love the way you cook, i inspired by you.I watch your recipes when then i get time.

    Fantastic Chef.

  24. Hii sir…u were saying in every recipes whenever u add vinegar then you must add sugar..but y u didnt add sugar in this recipe??

  25. I tried 10 times.. but it's not tasting as cooked in restaurant .. something is missing.. can u help with that.. what we are missing to get restaurant style..

  26. Tried this today. It was nice, tasted home made 🙂 mine came darker cuz of the dark soy sauce. I had used one day old cooked rice, and added chopped carrots and capsicum as my veggies. Am still on the lookout for restaurant style fried rice.

  27. I tried this dish n was Fantastic!!!!! I Love the way u teach us Sir!!!! The way u cook n taste the food makes me try that dish asap!!!! You are soo innocent n very Interesting n Lively to watch ur Amazing!!!!!! Videos!!!!!! My Special Thanks 🙏🏽

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