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Cheung Fun: Chinese Rice Rolls 肠粉 – Morgane Recipes

These Chinese rice rolls called Cheung Fun
are part of the Dim Sum. They can be served as a starter or during a Yum Cha to accompany a cup of tea. They can be stuffed with shrimp, Char Siu
BBQ pork, beef or vegetables. I prepare the rice noodles, for that I invite you to watch my video explaining how to make them. I peel the shrimps I put 1 tbsp of oil in a pan heated over high heat When the oil is hot, I add the shrimps I add a pinch of salt I stir for 1 minute Then I cut off the fire I cut the Char Siu BBQ pork into slices I also invite you to watch my video explaining how to make it I cook my rice noodle. Meanwhile, I prepare the sauce, in a bowl,
I put: 1 tsp of sugar 1 tbsp of light soy sauce 1 tbsp of sesame oil 1 tbsp of water I mix I spread some oil on the board I take out the rice noodle from the tray, I put it on the board I oil the surface of the noodle to keep its
soft and elastic texture I put 3 shrimps I fold the first quarter of the bottom of the noodle towards the middle Then I flap on the shrimps I close my roll by folding the top quarter I turn the roll over to make the contents visible by transparency I cut both edges The method is the same with the Char Siu pork I add the sauce The Cheung Fun rice rolls are ready! Serve hot. Bon appétit !
Thank you for watching and sharing my recipe. Rendez-vous in my next homemade dish video.

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  1. Miss Morgan I'm looking you brings your experience on YouTube showing any steps with yourself I still bring for me largely happy and saying Thanh you because your receipting was bring for me very much food from your country and then myself learning with today plus too much I made for me eats and for my threes boy eating they are says mommy your foods very good l just minced when they said your receipt l writing on my book keeping save all my life or me be transfer to my boys when I not going to kitchen thank you again miss Morgan by

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