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Chalaadi glacier hike ATTEMPT IN SNOW|Mestia, Georgia | Hiking in Georgia (E2)

welcome back everyone we are hiking
at Mestiachala valley to try and find Chalaadi glacier in the snow. You can
watch the first part of our journey through the link in the video
description by this time we were the only ones
remaining in the hike After this point, there were a lot of rock falls that
made the hike more riskier now just imagine that you are lost and there
is something we could not find the glaciated we did
not want to give up so we decided we will continue till we cannot continue
anymore Do you see any tracks here? I can see all the steps there you see? no. Its just like I don’t feel to go back although we don’t have time Exactly! Is this the glacier now? I think this is the glacier man Because
I cannot listen to more water there unless there is a Lagoon there I don’t know man I think it’s a lagoon seeing you in
the photos I have not seen any photos so by this time we were even confused how did the glacier look like I don’t think so this can bring such amount of water yeah I think we will climb till the top Now you want to go first? give me just one minute Yeah okay we had to cross this part but each step
we took let off some snow down we did not want the rocks to slip down and
cause a horrible chain reaction Just 50 meters Yeah we go there, Finish it’s falling. Its falling We have to find some way we had finally made the climb before my
friends leg was sunk underneath the snow it was a breathtaking adventure that we
would never forget even though we could not find a glacier we could not continue
climbing anymore so we started our descent back we had already passed the glacier
It was somewhere over here we could not find the glacier due to the thick snow
that covered it. we were sliding we were the glasses on the
top of that you will see with this this there’s like you see like there is like a
serpent remember where we went sitting down and getting down yeah you see it
there okay so it’s like yeah ove r there yeah we were on over there man thank you for watching this channel have
grown to more than 500 subs cribers and that is really important to me thanks to
everyone who have supported me and been with me in my journey good bye

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