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CDT thru-hike 2018 EP4 Roads & Canyons

Today I sleep in a caravan Mr and Mrs Thomas are Trail Angels I met today They invited all hikers I was pretty lucky with this lovely place… There’s a roof, walls… Awesome Awww… A shower I’m in Grants, at the camground They call campgrounds recreational vehicle parks in this strange country Funny Last days three days were almost all roadwalking When I made it here I took a 1 hour shower I’m afraid that there’s no more water in the Rio Grande… Maybe it will rain soon? I hope I’m going to eat all of this And then I’ll continue walking I will start with a visit at the post office and the library And then somewhere there Something really nice to see – flowing water Unfortunately I will have to carry 6 liters for today and tomorrow That’s life on the trail… This is Ojo Frio spring That one is much better, it’s the water source rather then the cow tank This is Jones Spring Water comes from between the layers of rocks And it flows here into this ditch It’s all under a cliff And there are many swallows’s nests

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5 thoughts on “CDT thru-hike 2018 EP4 Roads & Canyons

  1. Потрясающее путешествие!
    Я – ваш зритель и подписчик из России. Нашел ваш канал когда готовился к поездке в Финляндию, у вас были очень красивые видео. Теперь путешествую вместе с вами по США, очень интересно.
    Искренне восхищен вами! И большое спасибо за английские субтитры!
    Буду еще писать вам в комментариях 🙂

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