CDT thru-hike 2018 EP3 The Gila Route

This is the first natural water source that I’ve had on the trail After 170 or 175 miles There are Cliff dwellings I think Acoma people used to live here (I was wrong, it was Mogollon culture) We’re trying to climb up there with Aaron But it pretty steep… Aaron made it and I’m a bit worried… I made it too A hot spring! Next one is probably in Yellowstone! (I forgot about Jordan Hot Spring) A hot spring! (Again! It’s Jordan Hot Spring) One of the best places around the Gila Canyon Nice and warm 500 km (300 miles) today Around 1/10 of the trail I’m a bit confused with counting the miles but something like that Let it be 300 miles here! Hello from Pie Town, New Mexico! A famous town at the end of the world There’s not much around, just this cafe And the fruit pies They also have ice cream And that’s it… 3 churches, 10 houses They have just closed the post office Fun place in the middle of nowhere I’m going to eat my pie now… Mixed berries, cherries, currants That’s how the place looks (the Toaster House) My place is here There are many people, so we sleep on the floor I’m in Pie Town, the Toaster House is behind me A house for hikers, the owners don’t live here Every hiker comes here, it’s always open A really cool place Many hikers have many zeros here I obviously don’t have any I’m hiking out tomorrow The sun set, it’s getting cold like usually This section was pretty boring after I left the Gila Canyon It should get better now Some rocks, canyons, stuff like that I switched insoles in my shoes I hope they’ll be more comfortable That’s it for now… Onward to Canada

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