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previously on searching for
Kristopher Zitzewitz: In the fall of 2013, a severe storm hit the Gifford
Pinchot National Forest huge amounts of rain fell in the valleys and several
feet of snow covered the higher elevations people were caught off guard
altogether four hikers went missing two were rescued by helicopter and after a
week another made it out on her own but the fourth Kristopher Zitzewitz was
never seen again in my previous searches for
Christopher Zitzewitz which we spent time searching several areas near where he
was last seen at the north end of the big lava bed in Skamania County
Washington we also did a search heading straight towards the crater from the
point where Zitzewitz was last seen on the way back we found a water bottle
near the eastern edge of the lava bed we did another search spreading out from
that location and found some more litter mylar balloons and an oddly large
footprint but none of the specific items that would connect it to zitzewitz like
his backpack climbing helmet jacket shoes and bones after a hard day
searching, Jacob and I are making camp before starting two more searches
tomorrow one for Kristopher’s Zitzewitz in the morning and then in the afternoon
heading about 20 miles north to search for Austin Oldfield who went missing in
2015. Hang on. I got a message from the other guy that was going to join us
tonight to do the searches tomorrow and he said he can’t make it it’s too bad
but we’ll be ok here we’re just setting up shelters I’m trying to do that
enclosed tarp shelter it has a door on it can’t remember what it’s called but Jacobs gonna do survival shelter with
the foil wraps the emergency blankets so that’ll be interesting to see how that
turns out the reason I want to do an in closed shelter tonight is because
they’re just so many mosquitoes out right now I want to have a little bit of
a barrier against them I’m going to modify this a little bit
I’ve got extra tent stakes and I want to keep the mosquitoes out of my tent so
you know give the little extra room not do it as tight as I could from the top
and then I’ve got some extra stakes I’m gonna stake out each of the sides all right Jacob tell me about your cozy
abode here all right well I got one emergency blanket and 25 feet of 550
cord I made two steaks for the bottom end on the back all this with probably
$3 $3 that’s outrageous and build my fire right in the front keep me warm all
night and use the shelter itself to radiate the heat back just sticking in
my hand in here I can feel the heat radiating back these are if you’ve never
spent a night in one of these you should try it just putting my hand next to it
like that and it feels really warm it’s amazing so behind me here Jacob is gathering
enough wood to keep him warm all night he’s wearing cotton pants and he’s got a
liner for his jacket and he’s gonna be using the emergency blanket plus the
emergent one that he asked for shelter but one for blanket actually two so I
think it’ll work pretty good but he’s cutting a lot of firewood up tonight
last time we were out he was pretty cold during the night but it was a lot colder
a month or two ago so yeah so I’m letting him do all that work because I’m
gonna be snug in my cozy little shelter I brought lots of extra here I’m not
doing a survival as much of a survival shelter I think it’s a good idea I
should probably do it sometime and I really admire a little the knots that
he’s gotten on the corners which I’ll show you here in a second that using
wood to secure the blanket so it doesn’t rip because those are really fragile
blankets I know a great number of you have been
impressed with my bushcraft cooking skills and so I wanted to surprise you
with another gourmet meal the best tonight not only am I having a squished
peanut butter and blackberry jam sandwich but I’m also having a spotted
brown banana compresses I know but I’m really hungry so these are gonna taste
really good I do not want to get out of bed because there I can hear the mosquitoes buzzing
around here and the first one actually just made it in but so far I haven’t had
a single one get in all night yeah this is just worked really well I’m always
surprised to the shelter doesn’t have dew on it like I normally have on it in
a tent I thought it’d be really wet this morning since there’s not as much
ventilation there’s a mosquito trying to land on the camera we’ve got a busy day ahead of us at 6:30
in the morning and we’re gonna try to get out of the woods here at by 2
o’clock today I want to do two searches second search for zitzewitz this morning
and or we did our first Chester name a second one today out in the first shoal
of the lava bed on the other side of a big boulder field and then I want to
head up midday late morning I should say to look for Austin Oldfield I haven’t
been up there for a long time and I want to there’s a whole new area that I
haven’t looked since finding out weren’t you went missing and we just haven’t
heard anything about that for a long time or from from the end and I I thought that he was still alive and I
thought that he was still alive and I think that’s still a possibility but I
think it’s more likely that since he’s been off of the radar that he is
deceased and still up there so I want to check that out this morning I went to head out into the
big lava bed here at the North End first shoal on the other side of the
boulder field look for zitzewitz and then late morning when I head up to the
north end of Indian heaven up to Cold Spring camp which is the approximate
area where he was dropped off and the Sheriff’s Department did a dive there
but that’s the only search that’s been done so I want to head down into this
first ravine the closest stream there yeah because hiker statistically are
more likely to go downhill and he was looking for water I wonder if he was
following a stream or Widow’s at all I’m not sure what’s around there anyhow whoa
check that out coming back through here this time it’s
a lot different than last time their brush this grown-up changes your sense
of where you’re at here yeah quite a bit here’s one of these features
that are treacherous at the big lava bed and it just looks like scrub brush but
it’s actually pretty a pretty good drop off you can’t see down in there very
well he’s you know four to six feet deep and deeper in other places that’s good
not a big fissure in here it would be really hard for somebody the size of
zitzewitz to get in there but it’s you know six feet deep eight feet deep hey I’m going in here alright so this space here is this
what’s would have a hard time well you keep it in here but whether you go
anywhere I know guys who would love to go through the spot who could fit
through here and go through it but I don’t think way is actually quick oh I’m
trying to shine a light back here man it’s hard to tell how big that is on
camera two feet high four feet wide this cave
is about ten 15 feet deep curves around the corner there I’m not gonna go
through there because it dead-ends in the center I’m pretty sure I can see
where it meets in the middle and from either end it clear but in we’ve entered a pine flat where
there aren’t a lot of rock features it’s pretty open so we’re headed back south
to try to meet into some more significant features the dwarf forest then calling it the trees our bonsai but
that’s actually incorrect is you know people aren’t actually doing it I think
that’s actually a specific technique if something’s more interesting Jacob Jacob okay head more West I think
head more towards the Sun right now in mylar balloon sorry tag nervous sorry
take all right we’re running into a lot of features they’re right next to the
boulder field so we’re headed a little bit further and Jacobs just said he’s
found some features like of a collapsed lava tube so we’re gonna check that out
this interest it’s like something climbed this tree ship the bark off yeah yeah we were running into a lot of
tags right along the edge of the boulder field so we thought we’d head out a
little bit further into this this dwarf pine forest here and Jacobs come across
features of uh features like a collapse lava tube so I’m gonna check it out this
is these features are like spokes on a bicycle it’s a kind of a search
technique and all the major spokes out from the circle the center circle which
are roads water features things like that have been searched so there are
there are spokes that are natural terrain as well something like this holes and the features are going to
attract and looking on the map I noticed that there’s a you can see a slight
recession like there’s a flow what is it a concave not a valley or a dip and a
groove that runs up all the way towards the volcano I think this might be the
base of it we’re going to just continue on up this
feature a little bit see if it’s an isolated feature or if it actually does
continue on up that feature turned out to be kind of a finger of love at the
end of a finger of lava, where it was coming out and pushing a lot of rock out
oh but it’s kind of leading this off course that’s good to know but it kind
of ended there those are things that could lead somebody off course I have a
feature like that sort of a land Ridge or Valley is your cave skinny person going to get
back in there they’re people so to be down there it
keeps on go Jacob says he can’t fit down there so I guess we’re not exploring
this cave no I think it’s pretty short just be sure of it here it is so we circled back around to where we
were yesterday now we’re headed back out for the day hey I was gonna go do a search this
after or midday for Austin Oldfield but I’m just beat
I think we’re both beat it’s it’s rough terrain and warm and two days of
wandering around the woods is he’s a yeah anyhow I don’t know today at one
point when I was out there I felt like them the most just excited or
enthusiastic about finding Christopher’s it’s like I just really wanted to find
him and I’ve kind of put that in the back of my mind there’s through all of
these because I don’t think that that’s realistic the goal here is to to educate
tell the story teach about how to survive and be safe when you’re out
there and so and also teach about search and rescue as well as best I can and
just to show nature it’s just beautiful out here and incredible and you know I
of course the story is really really important to me and and I would love to
close this for myself and for the family and just the community that’s looked for
him alright that’s unlikely still it’s a good day it’s blue sky get to spend some
time with a buddy so it’s it’s nice to get out of the house and have a lone man
time and good good times alright so we saw those Bigfoot tracks
the track the other day obviously they were a Bigfoot tell me about that what
do you think they were my first thought was not Bigfoot I want
alternative explanations is what I’m looking for I’m going to put that out to
hunters on YouTube to say what is this if you want to watch the video where I
came across that large footprint I was just talking about I’m going to put a
link to that video in the description below you might also be interested in my
Sasquatch stories playlist here’s the link to that and if you notice my
terrible camp cooking at the beginning of this or my sketchy meals you might be
interested in my camp cook fails video here’s a link to that till next time get
out there be safe and enjoy the while

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38 thoughts on “CAVES OF MISERY & BIG FOOT PRINT REVISITED, Searching for Christopher CH 13

  1. Absolutely love that intro !!!

  2. Thanks Nakia! A good video as always. Even though Gifford pinchot is a huge and daunting place, it still has a charm that makes me wanna camp in it

  3. PS are there any national forest campgrounds in it (Gifford pinchot)?And can someone camp on it following BLM rules?

  4. Wonderful video ! Great effort on your part. I have to say, the quality of your videos is spectacular ! May I ask a tech question ? Do you change codec to export your videos And if so what one do you use ? I am learning these things but could use some advice ! Thanks man !

  5. Aloha Nikia! Its awesome that you have not given up looking for Kristopher or any of the others that have gone missing. One technique that the Paranormal investigators I follow use for locating certain graves (while in a large cemetary), is dowsing rods. They are surprisingly accurate at pointing to the area where the person they are looking for has their gravesite…I know it sounds silly, but it couldn't hurt, especially if you are in the forest & start feeling "creepy" feelings, thats generally a Spirit trying to communicate, the forest is full of them, (among other things). Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum of Idaho State University Anthropology dept. is the expert on bipedal/Human/Ape foot morphology. His 300 Bigfoot casts have revealed that their feet are still prehensile, (as are their hands), therefore on soft ground, their prints have a defining feature (besides being huge). Its what is called the "Mid-Tarsal break". There is a signature or trademark "bump" feature in their footprint halfway between toes & the heel. This does not exist in human footprints, because of evolution, now its just an arch(even on flat- footed people). It would be great to make plaster casts next time you find a print. Just curious, any wood knocks or unusual noises during your time there.? At 10:12, I think something was watching you from across the creek. Great video!๐Ÿ‘ฃ๐Ÿ˜Š

  6. Do you see tree structures out of place? Do you ever hear tree knocks or screams? You ever feel watched?

  7. Amazing country but understanding how ppl can go missing.

    I'm going with Bigfoot for that track, But I'm no expert lol. I chucked at how you said "holy cow" when you first found the print. Think I would have had a similar response, given the size of it.

    Great vid. Thanks!

  8. You should take photos and be surprised what following you and donโ€™t harm you because they feel the good in you, eery feelings is somebodyโ€™s lost soul trying let you know they getting close to the body. Things travel from top of trees why canโ€™t see other things!

  9. Thanks for another great video Nikia. Well done as always. Stay safe out there. ๐ŸŒฒโ˜€๏ธ๐ŸŒฒ

  10. Out in the middle of God's creation you find a very random footprint as I said before to me that hits home a little more than what other (researchers) find . I think that print is genuine dude .Who is going to go out there and hoax a print .Great video "RIDE ON'

  11. Out in the middle of God's creation you find a very random footprint as I said before to me that hits home a little more than what other (researchers) find . I think that print is genuine dude .Who is going to go out there and hoax a print .Great video "RIDE ON'

  12. Hi there! I just stumbled across a ten month old video…and one other prior to that one! YouTube must've been hiding your channel! This is awesome stuff here. ๐Ÿ˜Š seems I've got some binging to do, just wanted to say hey. Interesting work. Very interesting. Thank you for sharing it.๐Ÿƒ

  13. Great video! I've got your channel on my notification list (via the bell icon). Keep up the good work! These search and rescue videos are my favorite.
    A thought: probably very unlikely, but I wonder if he could have actually crossed the road unknowingly during the snowstorm, and is somewhere on the other side. I don't remember if that area to the northeast of the road has been searched before, though. I'm from the area, too. The GPNF around that area feels like my own backyard, even though I am from the PDX area. I've hiked and traveled those roads and trails so many times.

    At the beginning of the video, where your search partner was downing standing deadwood for firewood, I can't lieโ€“ I was rather uncomfortable with, haha. I've always been raised with the Leave No Trace principles ingrained into me, so I have always heard never to cut down standing deadwood, or gather firewood larger around than your wrist (or larger than you can break with your hands). I know that this isn't technically in a wilderness area (where gathering standing deadwood is illegal), but still, I am not used to the notion, haha. I don't mean that as a critique, but just something I thought I'd mention. I always assumed that type of stuff are typically frowned upon, so I try to avoid doing things like that, lol.

    I am a Bigfoot skeptic. Maybe that is because I have never seen or heard anything odd on my hikes or backpacking trips, or whatever, but I'm open to the possibility. It just feels so odd that with all the hundreds of thousands of hikers, campers, etc., that not a single skeleton, DNA profile, or proper photo/video have ever been captured.

  14. You culinary skills are beyond par! So Excited to watch another video! Your video skills are amazing!

  15. Are you going to join SAR at your new location? I really like watching your videos. I think this summer I may try and go to Austinโ€™s last known location and do a search of my own.

  16. Looks like a Sasquatch print to me , it doesn't appear to be a double bear step and has the correct mid break in the right position. Good find ;0)

  17. i know i'm late to the party, but just want to say that what you do, looking for missing people, restores my faith in humanity.

  18. Re the emergency shelter and fire, he could have built a reflecting wall opposing his shelter to bounce the heat going away from him back towards the shelter, helps tremendously!

  19. 100% Bigfoot print ! , Great videos as always , Nikia , what is your email i can send the screenshots too ? thanks

  20. Such beautiful country!! I'm going to visit my daughter in CO. In a month. This Fl girl has never seen huge mountains! Very excited! I'm not in good health so hiking days are over. But I enjoy watching your hikes and seeing country I've never gotten to see! Thank you! But selfishness aside, I commend the work you and others are doing to search for those missing! Prayers that Angels protect and guide you!!

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