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Caterpillar Casual Stiction Hiker Ice + Waterproof TX SKU: 8926354

Hello, everyone! My name is Richard from And today we’re checking out these awesome boots from Caterpillar Casual These boots are really going to keep your feet protected all season long They have a waterproof full-grain leather upper here All of it held together around the middle there with that cement construction which is gonna give you awesome flexibility right away You don’t have to worry about breaking them in or anything like that It’s got a soft fleece lining in there which is really gonna help lock in that warmth and keep your feet as cozy as possible with a footbed on bottom that is very soft and shock absorbing and of course, you have that really thick midsole there, very lightweight, will keep your feet feeling energized And then you have that sturdy outsole down here with that awesome design on it with that tread throughout to keep you steady on just about any type of surface, including icy surfaces So don’t miss out on these guys! They’re from Caterpillar Casual

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