Castles , beaches and Lighthouses …. all in a short hike in Scotland

this being a Sunday we’ve got something
slightly different again and today the skies are absolutely clear and the Sun
was out but don’t be fooled that was still cold for a spring day and I was
headed along with three (well four) of my favorite girls to route that Ive done a few times and
involved a part of the Fife Coastal Path coastal path between the villages of
St Monans and Elie (Earlsferry ) and the fife coastal path is a well-known long-distance path
that as you can gather follows the coast of Fife and it goes from the Firth of T
to the Firth of Forth and stretches for a round about a hundred and 120 miles
and this sort short station here you do lots of these missions short sections on
a daily basis or just if you’ve got an afternoon free and I was starting in the
picturesque village of St Monans fantastic but a breezy day and today’s
video is gonna be something although but the front as opposed to going up the
mountains we’re gonna do a short coastal walk and what in a place called St Monans at famous pier the zig zag Peir as you can probably tell that’s my
daughter playing at the end of the pier in the distance here so we’re starting here
that’s the mornings I’m gonna head along the coast to Elie just for a short walk
and the way that’s fantastic it’s gonna steal it so after our wee jaunt along the
zigzag pier we were soon straightening along the frontal part of st monans
and all these villages along the east you come beautiful and the start of the
walk kids over the voyage to the waste to waste the
it’s exact peterhead along I hope it’s lovely cracking we’re eating village and
the Sun is our own look silly animal another cow it’s actually quite cool but
in there what D is the middle of April then we called snap and the wedding’s
coming from the east there’s going to be a breezy walk along here and it’s gonna
be our back any leave that history in this walk as well so hopefully I will
tell you some of the history in the old castles our moods will have you just in
the short stretch of course they’re so beautiful as soon as you leave this town of st.
morning’s another famous landmark rears up a nuts
the famous st monans parish church and this is a landmark of the area and it’s
summer waste on fringes of some woman’s and the path drops down until we be at
low tide anyway height hf to take a higher path and you head towards the the
church and skirt room the front of it before picking out the fair coastal path
once more well isn’t it that’s in woman’s parish church and this that’s
history behind this as well and sin mooning apparently some of his bones
were buried here and the ninth century or i thought it was this whole body or
just some of them but there were 40 that i sport and then we throw in a boat and
through the 14th century I think it was King David the second David the second
their little views a king but he led the Scottish army the battle oh I can’t
remember what it was nosed thing towards Donald MacDonald me anyway the Scottish
forces had their invaded England and what have you got
they got wiped out just north of doddle and they were saying back up but during
that battle david ii got there got wounded by some arrows and in canoes
they were well embedded and they couldn’t get a moment apparently visited
the shrine here before the church was what was there was built and
miraculously the Adams fellow saw an homage he decided to spend his money on
building this church here and it was built I think for the grand race of 600
po and back in the 14th century and it’s
studio ever since it’s almost had some modifications and modifications on
grades about how the other thing there’s a beautiful beautiful looking building
and they’re after the zig zags that’s like that’s a fine place to start the
short walk all in the course later as well what I did we’ve got for it today
as well as absolutely beautiful so an affair enough talking
basically I walk it off the sole to eat my history isn’t great apparently the
battle that I was talking about there with David the second was called the
Battle of Neville’s cross and it happened in 1346 when the old alliance
between Scotland and France came into being and France asks called for some
help they’d been invaded by England so they asked us to invade England to help
them out and the king went down and yes a set battle on the English and ravaged
some towns in northern England before being heavily defeated at this battle
the Battle of naval strong anyway next up a bit more history we were soon
approaching another castle or the first castle on the the route here which is
called Newark Castle and the ruins remain here in a prominent piece of land
so magnificent views over the sea and he still get in and explored the rooms
although kill doesn’t need to be taken as the structure looks a bit unstable at
the moment so enter at your own risk but breezy see if I can get in the shade here
is another piece of has to hear this newark castle I’ve been here a few things
before and it’s just a rude in this life no we can get in that was fencing round
about it but it was a it was quite a gap to get through so I don’t think yeah I
think you don’t like to come in but storing it at the moment or what have
you but sound like insanity anyway this needs taboo I think it’s
with the 13th century as well so they give back a mystery here and I’m not
putting the camera around that I mean you can see what I’m lookin I Rea able
to see it’s absolutely fantastic and the most famous thing about this was just
after it was built in the 13th century in the 1200 I think King Alexander the
third was brought up here or at least spent some of his childhood in this
castle so we met more history here than you think you really have to dig deep
into the Google services to fade these things I wish you think of everything
how long people have been here and enjoying these views over the the fourth
that’s absolutely fantastic and we’re gonna crack on no never cut down onto
the beaches and the we’ve got platforms and head along towards a really
absolutely brilliant what a place leaving New York behind we headed along
bone into some bees and beaches and back on to the path and before long we were
reaching another rune of a castle at this time it was that a means of art the
ross castle and once again the history behind this i think it beats back in the
14th or 15th century and some of the books I read suggest that Robert the
Bruce’s sister who was married to William dishing ttan perhaps Butler say
that they both are their son William the second filter here anyway it’s just a
room that’s left here again probably better run to most people know is our
dross farm this just sits and from the rooms of the castle there’s lots of
these weebs bays and coves on this part of the faith coastal path that lovely
Beach you a quick Waits and most lovely especially they’d be late today
although we’re not going far I really do think that less severe yeah
cracking multi-day learning the course taught me to put some more details off
the nuts this is just a very short section which I’ve done many times and
it’s lovely it’s actually cracking I can see ahead even over we’re gonna
hopefully finish the walk at the lake house and ladies tower at the moment
we’re just sauntering along enjoying the sunshine walking on some sandy beaches
some payable he beaches and enjoying the blue skies and plastic oh you guys enjoy
where that like this when it comes in Scotland because it doesn’t often last
as we all know great enough waffling need to watch what I’m doing my feet can
get good eyes on this part of the walk certainly has our
nooks and crannies feel about all these little bees and secret beaches and coves
and what-have-you but as you get further along the coast and get towards Julian
else Ferry the the rubies petter out a bit and the large expanses of sand open
up in big long beaches which are absolutely beautiful I’ll get near the
end of the walk towards the hilly side and you don’t want these pictures you
see this big sandy beach behind me straight you know salmon
that’s part of a walk in sets always be isn’t this all Patricia beach they just
I just love these beaches on the East Coast I mean everyone quickly saw nose
and was all about the fearless good beaches on the west coast up on the
arrow to her but isn’t a beautiful weight sand or the turquoise water you
certainly don’t get that here but you know what these bitches are crazy I look
around me there’s not a soul there’s not another soul and that’s under faithful
coastal path so you can get them to yourself and some of the ones full
adorned are usually really busy but just these need to get another 10-15 minutes
worth of a walking effort and you’ve got the whole place to yourself it’s
absolutely great and fast it you see over beyond this are we’ve got platforms
here on the boulder of the Seas got some big rollers coming anything
it’s a keen easterly breeze hence why we were there the Hat one and what have you
but it’s not to buy than this of what it being absolutely beautiful next opposite
or and then the lighthouse and then you Lisa about catch up with me the rest of
the crude investor wave me behind I was taking some photos there sure I’ll get a
quick march on right high school after straightening along these empty
beaches next up is the ladies tower and this tower was built in 1764 lady Janet
and Strava and she was a daughter of a rich merchant and wanted a bathing house
or a summer hosting it jeans before her morning our morning Duke in the sea was
supposed to be in brave a failure and there’s apparently the family was
crushed because when they built the sea ice Li not they were small Hamlet’s
apparently a hamlet the villages nearby to improve the view and one of the
residents crushed the family and said only six generations would live in Ely
and apparently that turned out to be true spooky yeah Wow
so this is a this is a the ladies pillar I think the story goes with this is it
there was the Lydia Vance trouble this was bull I dunno what team period of put
off screen officer Lucy are you sure the lady Anstruther wish to use this as our
changing room before going for a Duke and the C and there used to be one of
our servants would go around the surrounding area ringing a bell to
Wharton locals to steer wheel excuse while she was getting chains that’s what
I still dig lose lady but it’s a well-known landmark Rinda Bert Ely and
you know uh I’m the really keys you’ve actually come down here and see see
dolphins and what have you ever seen them once and it was an amazing
experience to it there I think you’ve been struggling today because it’s a bit
choppy yeah so we’re nearly there after all how you said I’ll be us Oh before reaching the lighthouse there’s
another famous location of many many an hour as a child down here in ruby Bay
and we were told when we were kids if we spent enough time sifting through the
gravelly sand here with faint real real or rubies however as I got older and
yeah you learn things don’t you it’s actually red garnet gemstones yeah
who cares I still took my kids doing here I’m able to be and had them see
reason for revision you know what we actually found some after finding my
fortune and Ruby Bay it was on to the final stop on the sweet shop the early
nest lejos wait the blue sky behind this and that no Gillian ELLs fairly you know
be able to see it behind the camera oh dude it’s not thinking wrong so as I
said it’s a very short part of the the faith coastal path if you go beyond here
the exciting parts probably one of my favorite there it is or desu with the
Highlands is it the le chien walk which is another couple of miles on another
phase of your life it’s well worth there having a look at as long as it takes it
but as for today I’m gonna stop here I’m gonna call ID here because once here
once I’ve finished Italy who so I’m gonna head back up to up to the house
and get some bacon sandwiches for lunch I think I’ve heard them today I’ve also
lost the end what’s the other companions out how do think I think they got fade
off and what the lunch oh they’re a little ahead so I’m gonna wear yeah I’m
going to call it quits now and head off back home

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