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Castle Crags Hike

We’re off to Castle crags today. Castle crags is about an hour north of Redding by car just north of Shasta Lake, up in the mountains it’s an interesting place with tall towering crags …… but you’ll see as we go along. We are on our way to Castle crags now just about to go over the bridge at Bridge Bay and as we come over the bridge you’ll notice the lake itself is down aways. We are at the beginning of the water year. The water year in California starts on the first of October or the end of September. Notice as we go across the bridge look out over the lake. You can see that the water is down quite aways. Well the reservoir is doing just exactly what it’s supposed to do this is actually 101 percent of historic average. So at this point …. as soon as it starts raining again — it’s supposed to rain this week — we’re going to start seeing water rising in the reservoir, hopefully it’ll come up to near the top as it did earlier this year here’s a good view of castle crags from interstate 5 we’re just about to make the turn off and Estella and climb up there that dome right be required for entrance into the park and climbing up to the crags which you can see above the entrance station here it’s not always manned but there is a place to pay as you come into the park but we have the castle crags trail you’ll find this crosstrail this is the Pacific Crest Trail and go to Mexico and Canada on this trail this is the first part of the trail still still going a little bit steeply uphill not too bad and it’s also beautiful with these very nice trees about 50 minutes into the trip now and this is the first real view of the crags it’s been pretty much steady uphill all the way along here and it continues as we go on up into the cracks but you get an idea just looking at this just how pretty this trail is castle crags is partly a California state park and also part of shasta-trinity National Forest here’s the boundary between in the forest service area this is actual wilderness we’re just on the edge of the trail here’s were nearing the about as far up as we’re going to go another 20-30 minutes and off in the distance of course is not chest as we go higher you keeps on getting better it’s not chest again and Castle dome joke know the pictures we go on up the trail have the tree in the way otherwise would be a lot of sunshine dramatic spires along the trail here most of these trails fairly safe but this one little spot right here is one area where you can fall and ruin your day so it’s just going to be real careful as we walk along this one is one of my favorite spots along the trail castle dome on the left Shasta in the distance we’re going to just write up their interests in this bowl created by the spires and there’s the trail run the ball now it’s just the top of the trail is possible to go further in multiple directions but here we are where most people stop and where I have typically stop there are some places that I like to sit up the way up here and then look behind and take a look at jagged those spires are they are so jaggedy if you look over this way you can see castle dome some people climb that but I think climbing that is a bad idea actually it’s very steep and one little misstep and along with the bottom and on the other side over there there’s a very steep drop-off up a little bit more i started at the top here this gasps of cracks is a really interesting place whatever you don’t see these mountains you see this I mean you can see this one minute this is really the only place in this immediate area I understand for reading about the geology of this is this is a igneous intrusion is in this rock is all granite if we look down was wrong right here you can see that it’s it’s a different color than a lot of rock around running which tends to be read this is what i understand happened on this is that this was an intrusion like I said that came up through the crust wind as the glaciers in this area years ago when you look at the way it’s so different this is it gasps of rags for trip this is the hikers reward sitting up here looking at overall this country okay well we’ve come to the end of the trail up to Castle crags the whole trip probably took about three and a half hours of walking we’re really up and back for hours we spent about a half hour just sitting up there enjoying the scenery this is the trail to beginning gets tougher as we go up as you saw and then this is where we park this is the the Vista parking lot and our cars parked right up there and then go down this narrow little road and come back to back to the main road interstate 5 well this is the end of this video if you liked the kinds of videos i’m doing just please subscribe and if you would also like my video that appreciate that to you later

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