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Case of Legionnaire’s disease, potentially fatal type of pneumonia, confirmed on Oahu

THE STATE HEALTH DEPARTMENT HAS CONFIRMED TO KHON2 THAT ITS INVESTIGATING A NEW CASE OF LEGIONNAIRES’ DISEASE — THAT’S A SEVERE FORM OF PNEUMONIA. HOWARD: THE C-D-C SAYS .. ONE OF OUT 10 PEOPLE INFECTED WITH THE BACTERIA DIE HOW CONCERNED SHOULD YOU BE ABOUT THE RECENT CASE? JENN BONEZA TELLS YOU WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW…JENN? I’M TOLD, THOUGH LEGIONNAIRES DISEASE IS RARE IT IS ALARMING BECAUSE IT CAN BE FATAL AND ITS KNOWN TO OCCUR IN CLUSTERS. OUTBREAK OF PNEUMONIA STRUCK A GROUP OF PEOPLE ATTENDING THE AMERICAN LEGION CONVENTION IN PHILADELPHIA. legionnaires disease is a potentially fatal type of pneumonia. And queens medical center and the department of health confirmed a recent case here on oahu. JENN, QUEENS MEDICAL CENTER: ” the patient is being treated at queens medical center they tell me they’re currently investigating potential sources of the disease.” I learned that Legionnaires called Legionella. Those infected have severe flu-like symptoms-muscle aches, fever, cough or loss of appetite. But how do you get it? I spoke to Dr. James ireland to find out. He tells me you can’t get it from another person. It’s transmitted through contaminated soil at digging sites but most often through contaminated water sources. CLINICAL PROF OF MEDICINE AT JABSOM: “but not water that you drink but water that is aerosolized and you inhale.” that means water mist out of Showerheads, sink faucets Cooling towers Hot water tanks, heaters Hot tubs any water reservoir contaminated with the lagionella bacteria. the good news is JAMES IRELAND, ASSISTANT CLINICAL PROF OF MEDICINE AT JABSOM: “once someone who has the infection is in a hospital or some other environment it would unusual for them to transmit the disease.” the bad news is ireland tells me the disease is often seen in clusters. that’s why finding the source is very important, especially since it can be fatal. the number of cases diagnosed in hawaii have increased in the last two years I wanted to know who is most at-risk DR. IRELAND: “people who use tobacco, cigarettes, people who have lung disease such as COPD or emphysema or people who have a lowered immune system.” legionnnaires can be treated with antibiotics but it’s difficult to prevent DR. IRELAND: “there’s no vaccine and it is very rare so usually prevention is not something that we talk about or think about.”

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1 thought on “Case of Legionnaire’s disease, potentially fatal type of pneumonia, confirmed on Oahu

  1. smdh.. its alarming that this is happening after the "lava outbreak" as you all have coined it.. Is the CDC on the island too???

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