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My name is Andrew and I’m a teacher in a school
in the West. I teach Physics and I’m married to my wife and she is also part of the 3 man
team in kans.vintage.cams. I’m Benjamin and I teach in a local university in Western
Australia. I’m actually an exercise physiologist and basically my major is in Sports Science. So that’s
what we do. B: You’ve got to start with him. It started
with him. A: It started because of my wife, the idea
was to propose to her using Polaroid film. That was one of the highlights. We were hoping
that after the proposal, we would take a photo using the polaroid, and each year after that
we will keep taking the polaroid shots and compile the pictures together. But, it was
really expensive. [LAUGHS] So that didn’t work out too well. I think that was the thing that triggered our love for vintage cameras. After the proposal was done, we were planning
for our wedding theme. We wanted to do vintage as well. That was actually where he [Benjamin]
came in. B: Yeah, so I think that point in time Andrew
was thinking that there is quite a high demand for vintage cameras and we can’t really find
them at a very cheap price or an affordable rate and most of them can only be found in
really expensive shops. So we were thinking, why don’t we sell our cameras. We don’t actually
need it anymore, we have already enjoyed them but if other people can enjoy it at an affordable
price. Why don’t we just sell what we have. B: We work quite well together. My brother
and I are really really close, and my sister-in-law, I have known her for the longest time already.
So we are pretty much like family. Okay. We argue a little bit… No we must sell it now,
or we cannot sell it now. A: I’ve got no time. It’s so expensive.
B: Other than that, not a lot of interesting things happening on the managing side. A: When we sell the cameras, we do take a
fair amount of time to research the cameras as much as we can. It is more than just a
camera-pedia web pages, to go deeper and look at forum pages. See where the camera came
from, the stories behind it, like certain movie stars who liked this camera and certain
genre uses that particular camera. Carousell has been an integral part of our
lives. I mean, the whole concept behind scrolling endlessly is pretty much the shopping experience
that you don’t really have. I mean if you try craigslist and gumtree, you really need
to have a dedicated search to know what you want. From there, then you can browse and
you can find. You always have this feeling, that maybe you will find the thing that I
want. B: Yeah, I think we are spending more money
than we should. I feel the first thing is be really honest
about your product. You don’t falsely advertise because if you get one really bad review then
that’s basically pretty much the end of your business. A: I think Carousell really requires a lot
of trust, so I think that the reviews are really important part of the selling experience
as well. Yeah, be honest. If it works, it works, if it doesn’t, then we will say as
it is. I mean, if it’s not an iPhone 6, don’t tag that it’s an iPhone 6. B: Yeah, please don’t spam tags and stuff
like that. It annoys people. I think another thing that is quite important is communication
as well. Take some time – a little bit of kindness goes a long way – so if you’re kind
and the way you reply, you don’t just say “yes, no, um what do you want?” That kind
of replies. I think it basically is more service that you can provide for others, it might
be a small business by yourself, but it is a starting point. A: I think human touch is important.

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