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CAPE FLATTERY | Olympic National Park Hiking Vlog

Alright guys so we are out
here at Cape Flattery we’re at the trail now and we’re going to go hike down to
the Cape here and just see the ocean hopefully see some whales Alright ya’ll, so we’ve made it all the way up to the
Cape now so this is the tip of Cape Flattery got a little lighthouse out
here on this island back here and it’s just open sea over here and a really
cool background with the rocks at the bottom and everything here is the waves
are hitting and splashing up making little waterfalls down them we’re
looking out for whales we’re on the lookout now but I don’t see any back
here the water is super blue it’s really awesome look at take some pictures and
hopefully some whales will pop up I’m really hoping for some orcas ID under
then I will never beat up close to hi guys so we are walking out now
getting out of this forest this little forest path it’s been all
uphill on the way back so I’m a little tired here but uh we’re going to go eat
and we’re not yet sure yet I know I’m walking through the jungle I know you
can’t see me I’m not sure yet if we come back for sunset or not we might come
back to photograph sunset we’ll see

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